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the rhythm of modern football is becoming more and more quickly, so the high visibility of football is very important, when Nike Ordem V rotation during the flight, flicker effect, help players see the flight of the ball, so that they can make quick response in the game. The sphere uses a new 3D printing ink technology to enhance texture and grip. The contrast of colors ensures that football has excellent visibility in the game. The same as theThe official website of NFL | [] attack group attack group members | football coach Every team in the NFL League has a large coaching team, and the coach is undoubtedly the most authoritative. For the offensive, he is mainly responsible for the attack team coordinator, the attack front coach and the quarterback coach and so on. attack team coordinators are generally arranged for tactics or direct contact with the quarterback. His job is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to develop new offensive tactics and discuss with the coach how to organize training, especially for some new players and special members. Most of the offense coordinator's work coincides with the coach. attack frontline coach, as the name suggests, is responsible for attacking the frontline of the team. He has a very deep understanding of the whole team's running ball attack. He often works with the offensive coordinator to study and run the offensive tactics and analyze the strength of the attacking front. quarterback coach is the assistant coach for quarterback sports. He usually trains the quarterback's footsteps, passing skills and mobile passes. He wants to ensure that the quarterback is in good condition. Besides , there are running coaches, foreign coaches and so on. Basically, there are corresponding coaches in each position, and each team has relatively different coaches.China national team in November 11th will be put on the New Jersey against the Iraqi team, New Jersey in science and technology and beauty in one, the new design concept, the Adidas headquarters in Germany Chinese designer Jin Zhongjing penned this new shirt more than ever with China characteristics, more representative of the Chinese of Chinese football expect and hope. left chest signs in the new football shield shape instead of the traditional round, the Tiananmen sign is cleverly embedded in the football center, surrounded by auspicious clouds from the meaning of football, China wishes. After leading the latest design "China" two characters is the Dragon punchline, is a special font combination trajectory of calligraphy and dragon and the bold strokes, the spirit of the Chinese nation, the charm of football close together, full of sense of design. New Jersey used Adidas TechFit technology and Climacool technology, to help athletes always maintain the best condition, get better performance. With the Adidas TechFit version of clothing technology players can help athletes to improve the speed, endurance and sensitivity enhancement. It uses pressure belt throughout the whole body, not only can play a great role in stabilizing, but also force the pressure belt along the muscle fiber into the body, resulting in a strong explosive force and the largest energy release. Adidas TechFit technology applies only to the players in the game. New Jersey also uses the Climacool technology, through the use of open pores, breathable mesh material and three-dimensional structure of cooling dehumidification system absorbed and transported the body heat and sweat, and the rapid evaporation.for a number of later round show players, they need to wait for 4,5 years to prove their value. and now the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) has become one of them. Since 2012, the third round was chosen after the quarterback has won the super bowl is in pursuit of their contract with the Seahawks on has stagnated. 's latest news shows that Wilson has bought himself an insurance deal for the 2015 season, just to cope with a possible injury and lead to a career termination. It's very common for professional players, just to secure the value of the loss. is currently Werwilson want to obtain a copy of the contract is $100 million, because the last few young quarterbacks such as Newton Kamm (Cam Nweton) and Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) are Taney to complete such a contract. according to the latest quarterback salary assessment, Wilson was ranked forty-fourth, and the quarterback around him were some of the more people you could not remember.

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