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NFL film company founder Ed (Ed Sabol) - Cyber Monday died in Arizona, a DELL home, at the age of 98. , who was elected to the Professional Football Hall of fame in 2011, led the NFL film company to revolutionized the way of sporting events with his vision. While he was in charge of the company (1964-1995), NFL film company won 52 Emmy Awards. at first, cyberspace was just an amateur photographer and filmmaker. In 1962, he successfully competed for $5000 to the right to shoot the New York giants against Green Bay Packers' NFL championship in 1962. The result of his name as "the longest day of professional football" made the League buy his Blair film company and renamed the NFL film company. has many innovative elements under his command. For the first time, let the coaches, referees and players use microphones to add pop music to the clips, and, of course, videos of players' disgraces. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , who graduated from Ohio State University, served as president of the NFL film company until 1985. He later handed the post to his son, Steve, who died of brain cancer in 2012, at the age of 69.The official website of NFL | Raiders re signed safety Alan | football for salary cap reasons cut safetys Nate Alan (Nate Allen) two days later, the Oakland Raiders with a salary cap on a more lucrative contract to re sign him. signed a contract of 4 years and 23 million dollars with Alan last year. He secured a $4 million 900 thousand income next season. If he was still in the Raiders on Wednesday, he would get the money. But the details of the contract have not been announced. in the second round of the 2010 draft, Alan, who was selected by the Philadelphia hawks in the first round of the first season of the season, only played 5 games after the tear of the medial collateral ligament of the first season, and the first 3 games. , 28, was put in a short list of short-term injuries, and then came up from tenth to thirteenth weeks and was put in the list of injuries. He has made 1 copies of the season, 2 passes and 11 grappling. in the tour guard Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) announced his retirement and two other safety Larry Asante (Larry Asante) and Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays) will be a free agent after the Raiders defense is the second this offseason concern.new England patriot defensive end forward Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) hips injury is now in the positive direction. In October 16th, he injured after the first choice on the sidelines. According to the judgment of the media at that time, he is expected to resume training in half a month. As the media had expected, Jones took part in a part of the basic training this week. It was the first time he got into the training field after he was injured. 's lover revealed that Jones's performance was not enough, but he had made an important step in terms of previous injuries. After training, the team officially declared Jones a "doubt". At present, Jones has gone to Green Bay with the team, and even if he can't play, his return is an incentive for the team's defense team. In the and the Green Bay Packers after the game, the Patriots will be non-stop to San Diego to challenge the lightning. The team will be selected to carry out training in San Diego next week. Jones is expected to take part in the full training next week and expect to be able to play at that time. Before he was injured, he completed 21 personal grabs and 4.5 escapement.The official website of NFL | Maurice Claiborne: my ring was stolen | football Cornerback Louisiana's State University Maurice Claiborne (Morris Claiborne) recently sold his $100 thousand SEC championship ring press attention in social media, including tiger fans accused the items will be most valuable in life for sale behavior. now fans of this behavior is not the only surprise people themselves are also very surprised at the Claiborne news. , the present Dallas cowboy's corner guard, was released on the US time Tuesday through the official channel of his alma mater, claiming that his ring was stolen. The selling behavior on the Internet is not his own operation. eBay on sale is released in the United States on Monday at 9:36 in the evening, the address displayed is the official home of Shreveport, Claiborne, so at first it all that this is my behavior claiborne. not long after the announcement, the ring's sales information could no longer be queried, and the seller is now closed. news: Maurice Claiborne University champion ring $100 thousand

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