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even-even football equipment network Emirates since the 2006-07 season began to occupy the Paris Jersey chest advertising position. But there is a reliable rumor that the armour house wants to terminate a contract with UAE aviation ahead of time. Qatar air will be the alternative to UAE. the news because the UAE and Qatar's diplomatic relations become very interesting, the United Arab Emirates announced in June 5th this year has broken diplomatic relations with Qatar, ordered to leave within 48 hours of Qatar diplomats. After the political situation, whether the foot of the foot will rise and go, wait and see.Atlanta falcons fans must be hoping to eliminate the memory of Sunday night and forget the fifty-first Super Bowl. but there is no "black man" in the world. The falcons players themselves need to learn to face it all. recently Falcon safety Ricardo Alan (Ricardo Allen) said he was not prepared to avoid all this, he will review the game to the video. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping AI Lu told reporters: "I may see 10 times a day, I will keep looking at it until I see what time I did something wrong and why I did it wrong. Such a memory can really hurt me. I will never forget such a game. We should have brought it back to Atlanta, but we failed to do that. We started doing well, then we relaxed. for the falcons defense team, they have to take responsibility for the 31 points that they can't answer, and the team's attack team is responsible for the bad tactical arrangement.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?In the base of | London Olympic Organizing Committee launched the "Olympic Truce" activities start from school According to International Olympic Committee news, September 21st is the UN International Day of peace, the London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee on this day launched for the Olympic Truce, attended the day's activities have recently won the bronze medal at the world championships on Britain's 110 meter hurdles Andy Turner & middot; and from the London Tower Hamlets swanley school the students. The whole event ended in a night of peace. London 2012 Olympic Truce, let young people have the opportunity to understand the importance of Olympic truce and participate in a series of sports and cultural activities, advocating and publicizing peace truce in their schools and communities. As part of the campaign, students from the school of Wang Wang attended a creative workshop to discuss the design concept of the London Olympic Truce medal and how to publicize the Olympic truce in schools and communities. The school in swanley pilot for the Olympic Truce campaign will serve as part of the London 2012 "education plan" to the British all large and middle school and primary school. · chairman Jacques ·, Rogge said that sports is a language that everyone can understand and can transmit information to many parts of the world. Sports can motivate people to work for peace and promote understanding through dialogue. Sports for young people always have a magnetic force, so the way through sports activities can achieve the purpose of education and incentive. From the Olympic Truce initiative, the younger generation can find that sports are higher than all disputes and prejudices. Sports include friendship, solidarity, fair competition and knowledge, ability and interest. Sports participation is everyone's right. The Olympic Truce initiated by the London Olympic Organizing Committee is commendable. has been the core idea of the Olympic movement since the promotion of peace through sports. Pierre, the founder of International Olympic Committee, ·, and Coubertin believe that a strong cohesiveness of sports can lead people to a peaceful world. The Olympic movement has played a role in promoting peace in many ways. The Olympic Games have shown the world a lot in common with people from different regions and countries, with different cultures and backgrounds. The Youth Olympic Games also promote cultural exchanges and understanding of each other through sports. for a long time, a series of activities have been carried out by the International Olympic Committee in cooperation with the United Nations and its subordinates. Although they are two different organizations, they have a common purpose, which is to promote peace and prosperity in the world. Since the end of 2009, when International Olympic Committee was officially recognized as the official observer of the United Nations, the cooperation between the two sides has reached a new level, which has made outstanding contributions to world peace and sustainable development. (Yi Wen)

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