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lacks the cream of the excellent Panthers: they just cut down Ben - Ben Vicky (Bené Benwikere). After an unbelievable layoff of , the panther was at the corner of the corner. James Bradberry, the new rookie, has even become the best choice in this position. And he should mark the Julio - Jones in the last game against the falcons (Julio Jones), but due to a toe injury before the game to play. Backup cornerback panther, three show Daryl Worley (Daryl Worley) so it can find the opportunity to play. At the same time, another player in the reserve team, Zach - Sanchez (Zack Sanchez), was also promoted to the 53 - People's list. 's disastrous performance of the falcons and Jones last week led to a dramatic change in the crew. Rivera (Ron Rivera), the Panther head coach, said that Ben Vicky could still win the competition for the next time. Interestingly, Ben Vicky said he was not in the best state of the game. He said that no matter Jones or other foreign players, he had been challenging his defense in a long way in the competition, which made him tired. Finally he watched Jones receive the number of 300+. "Knowing the opponent will pass, I was incapable of action. Second line defense can't provide enough support. Ben Vickie said helplessly. although the lay cheap nfl jerseys free shipping offs were somewhat unexpected, it was not beyond the control of the general manager, Dave - Gethmann (Dave Gettleman). Although he entered the super bowl with the defense team last year, he did not exclude the possibility of changing the whole second line of defence. Ben Vicky is the 5 round show in 2014 and is still able to get enough opportunities in other lineup with his strength. After all, the team that needs such functional horns like this in the league is not a few.The official website of NFL | [] expert perspective observation: the | wild card game defensive football Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist four wild card battle, colorful, in addition to a pony tiger war lost the suspense early, several other almost all fight to the last one, ADO, the following is the analysis of the process of the game I use data with the wild card battle: The Arizona Cardinals 16-27 Carolina Panthers 9: This is the breaking and catching times of Jonathan and Stewart in the game. In fact, it also objectively reflects the success of this game. The Black Panther passed only 198 yards, but they were 188 yards out of the road. The road is in the box with the defensive strategy of defender, by the way can be both offensive attack tactics, the first section of pavement defense is effective, but the second Panthers played some tricks: pavement offensive guard / center pull cover, proximal lateral front cover, transverse cross throw punches the ball attack, the execution of complex the road of offensive tactics let Panther guards can easily run through the front line of defense after the cardinals, want to easily grapple is almost impossible, so the Cardinals lost a lot of tackles and rushed the ball size. Cardinals defensive pavement part this season regular season last season - lost 388 yards, the injury is a very important reason, but no one cares about the playoffs is healthy or not, since the ground defense is the pit, will be focused on combat panther. The second half, the Cardinals managed to stage to resist the Panther road sudden strong, but emphasized Newton guided reading options rushed the ball hit again, because the Cardinals defensive strategy still intended to increase the impact of personnel quarterback, they did not have the energy to take care of Newton, Newton and bull type breakthrough style road the door opened a transparent linnet. 109: This is the game the Cardinals total offensive yardage, low value may in postseason history are very rare. The opening is worried that the Cardinals Lindley had tried to strengthen road attack stage fright challenge panther, but the attack line and running back capacity had to give up. When the attack is not knowing the Cardinals pavement strength, continuous two wave attack after a loss, the Cardinals began to transform the offensive strategy, Lindley began to lead the attack. What is the difference between the excellent quarterback and the ordinary quarterback? The excellent quarterback can find a fleeting opportunity to move quickly. While Lindley at the key battle, and he played a famous peer for speed, and give corresponding Panthers out 4 sacks, 1 times and 11 times the impact made haste to pass (including Charles Johnson's 2 sacks, 1 times and 4 times the impact made haste, let the ball) the red sparrow slightly progress this season pass protection a return to war before liberation. The group has the ability to significantly over the outside after blasting the Panthers defense after the line, but the Panther.even-even football equipment network you can not touch some traditional, some can not break the pattern, but apparently the Mexico national team jersey does not belong to that cannot be broken traditional. Adidas football has redefined the color of the Mexico national team's jerseys. The redefinition is to completely subvert our Mexico team's traditional Jersey. comparison, white jersey is more traditional, shirt collar also joined the metal button design, easy to wear. The original address:The official website of NFL | Jaguars quarterback Bortel J acromioclavicular sprain | football The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake announced that Boteersi (Blake - Bortles) in the team to 38-31 lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game acromioclavicular sprain. Bortel J finished the race, the team did not clearly indicate whether the injured shoulder is passing. coach Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) said that the injury was not serious, even though Bortel J was absent from training on Wednesday local time, there was no need to worry about it. The game, Bortel J ball 33 times, 23 times, 303 yards and 4 touchdowns, was intercepted 1 times, scoring 125.4 quarterback pass. A new career high in the number of pass and scoring. Bortel J is not lack of offensive weapons. With the return of the near end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas), he will partner Alan Robinson (Allen Robinson) and Alan Hearns (Allen Hurns) to lead the offensive team forward. On the other hand, the performance of the line needs to continue to progress, the game Bortel J was sacked 6 times.

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