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Mark Davis, a Oakland raider, seems to be reluctant to play in Oakland next season after missing the chance to move to Losangeles. Mark, Mark. is reported that Sanantonio is now available to the Raider stadium to ensure that the Raiders in 2016 do not need to pay the rent for the site. has learned that Davies might be able to let the team play at a new stadium in Austen and Sanantonio. It seems that Auste cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n or Sanantonio can provide 2 million 300 thousand of the American football fan market for the Raiders, which is much better than Oakland.Ron on Tuesday, Ron Rivera, told the media that the main line Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) will not be restricted to the fiftieth Super Bowl. in the January 24th National League finals, Davies's arm fracture, 25 days he had surgery, only a week, that is, in February 1st, he appeared on the training ground, and in the training field performance is excellent. Rivera commented: "his training is good, his arms are in good use, and his feedback on the arms is good. In the tenth season of career, Davies has not yet left the court. His biggest contribution this season is anti biography. He completed 4 intercepting, 12 quarterback, and impact. related news: Leopard line guard Thomas Davies regression trainingnew England patriots recently signed the old veteran to take over Nate Washington. Washington's 2015 season spent the 2015 season in Houston, completing 47 matches and advancing 658 yards and 4 yards. In 2005 he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers player to defeat, occupation career completed 458 catches for 6594 yards and 44 touchdowns. In 2011, he came to the peak of his career in Tennessee's Titan to finish 74 hits, 1023 yards and 7. , who is 32 in Washington this year, is likely to need to work hard to get into the list, but at least he can guarantee the depth of the position of the Patriot for the Patriots. , in fact, Washington can quickly integrate into the patriot's offensive system, because last season, Dezhou's coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) is the success of this system.

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