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The official website of NFL | genius proximal winger Kell Rudolf and the Vikings signed five years | football After Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings have renewed their contract with the team's key players. According to Fawkes sports (FOX), the team has signed a renewal agreement with the talented near end Kell Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph). The two sides will sign a new 5 year contract worth 36 million 500 thousand dollars. After the completion of the renewal, Rudolf's annual salary will reach 7 million 300 thousand dollars, of which 19 million 400 thousand dollars of the indemnificatory contract shows the team's great confidence in him. As for the renewal, the 24 year old gifted player is very excited. I'm happy to have a renewal with the team and I'm happy to continue to play for the Vikings. I love everything in Minnesota, and most of all, I know that my tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m will be better. Kell Rudolf graduated from Notre Dame school. He was selected by the second and 11 place in the 2011 draft convention. In the 2012 season, Rudolf succeeded in catching the ball 53 times, advancing 493 yards and getting 9 teams for the team. Because of the good performance of the season, he was in the two year of the season's career bowl. In the 2013 season, Rudolf suffered from left leg injury. He played for only half a season. He still sent 30 passes to advance the 313 yards and sent out 3 excellent data. Now, Rudolf's injuries have been fully restored, and his performance in the fourth season is worth looking forward to.The official website of NFL | crow outside to explain why twitter over | quit football Baltimore Raven Steve Steve Smith recently announced its withdrawal from twitter. Steve found a good reason for her withdrawal by clever analogy. Smith said on the crow's official website on Thursday local time: the debate on the Internet is like being a corner guard to cover 2 (Cover 2) defensive tactics. It is as if the safetys stand behind you, you will feel very good, but if you have to face 1 to 1 of the situation, you have to step back. That's what I think of twitter now. Smith said one of the reasons for his withdrawal was that there were many meaningless accusations and even abuses on tweet. These statements are not only on the physical level, but also for people. Smith had always been unscrupulous in rebutting these criticisms, but his wife told him that he should set a good example for the children. This also makes Smith determined to stay away from the dispute and withdraw from twitter. Smith teased, "on twitter, I always want to kill them." So now I decided to quit.The official website of NFL |49 boss: Brooks all is well | football San Francisco 49 outside guard Ahmad - Brooks (Ahmad Brooks), because of the time problem, in last week's game chose to leave the field. Team coach John Harbert (John Harbaugh) today expressed his views on the matter. He thought Brooks was doing well and emphasized that he played an important role in the team. has reported that Brooks will attend the team's training on Wednesday local time and will play on the weekend against Washington's red skin. Harbert said he would not punish him for his actions last week. But the specific situation and Brooks's time problem, only in next week's game we can get the answer. if Brooks can return to the team, the 49 players will become more powerful. At present, Alton - Smith (Aldon Smith) for return, Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) will also participate in training this week. The performance of the new rookie Chris - Belland (Chris Borland) is beyond everyone's imagination. If they are all healthy, the 49 defense team will have the ability to change the trend of each game.The official website of NFL |: Wilkie help | Coughlin football for us recently the New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said he could see Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) ability. was unable to fight because of Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz), and the giant had to look for a reliable grooves. He said: we let Wilke to let him play himself, he will help us. At least he looks very fast. The giant is now unable to determine his own out of slot, and Preston Parker (Preston Parker) has lost 5 matches in 2 games. Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) is not playing well enough. now the giants are still waiting for Cruz's MRI results, and then decide the next step.

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