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NFL in the 11 season, wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) on Thursday announced his retirement. At the age of 34 Lloyd last season for the San Francisco 49 party, his occupation career has completed a total of 399 catches for 5989 yards and 36 touchdowns. "I am very grateful to my in NFL through these years," Lloyd said in a statement. "I have no regrets. I am lucky to be able to leave the game in such a healthy and happy condition. I will do my best to represent the league and the players in the rest of my life. " , who led the League of 1448 yards in 2010 for Denver Mustang, made him the only chance to get a career bowl in his career. Lloyd for 6 different teams (49, Washington Redskins, Chicago bears, Denver broncos, Saint Louis rams and new England patriots) played a total of 142 games. He was the four round show of the 49 people in San Francisco in in NFL, and even if you become a starter in a training camp, it's not necessarily a guarantee. defense end forward Kendall Langford (Kendall Langford) of the Indianapolis pony was released by the team on Wednesday. The reason for the t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ermination of the is due to the examination of injuries. The 31 year old Langford was absent from the 9 games last season because of injuries, and he has been unable to compete in the competition until the beginning of last month's team training camp. Lang Ford completed a 4 - year - 17 million 200 thousand - year contract with the pony in 2015, starting 23 games in the past 2 seasons and completing 7 quarterback killing. with Langford's departure, the third grade players Henry - Anderson (Henry Anderson) and rookie ray - Bassam tower (Tarell Basham) will compete for the starting not surprised? Is it unexpected? 2017????NFL?????????????????y???????????|????????????????????27??45??15????????????????????????????????????????NFLCHINA???????????????????????????????????????????????????? When I looked at the whole game, I was in favor of his views and came to some of my views: The first and fourth sections of are frequent. The era, the Patriots home court game as long as the lead into the fourth quarter, the final result is 105 wins and 2 losses only. The fourth quarter of the game was fired by the chief of 21 to 0, in addition to the real strength of the game, in fact, some accidents also affected the competition: accident: weak side using the regional strike, strong side retreat outside linebacker mark, this is the usual patriot routine, if Ninkovic retreat will be handy, but just from the transaction to transfer the Seahawks rushed hand marsh was arranged to retreat after Cassius anti running guard Kareem - Hunter, was not a group of reasonable counterpoint it was Arrakis Smith, also they are not good at long final blow to succeed, it is an accident. accident two: Oman before the three day of the accident Yuquyuqiu Dora knee injury led patriots offensive Zhise, this is the second accident. accident three: 7 last season to 5 successful four file conversion, the fourth section should attempt failed near the half, this is the second time the four gear failure forced the patriots. accident four: 8 left behind in the Patriot a slim chance of survival, the defense is like the ball, continuous negligence on the sidelines Miss grapple by Hunter from the left 58 yards out, ruined the last chase of hope. The Patriots' team training was "Do Your Job", but they didn't do their job well at the end of the time. football field never believe in accidents, but the fourth day is cold drinks another patriot. two, the Patriot attack pattern is slightly sick Aigo road attacking in the first half compared to normal, even extraordinary advantage of big defensive front road three offensive front Joe touni, David Andrews and Shaquille Mason and the other side of the confrontation, with Kowski and Dwayne Allen - Marcus lateral lateral cover, which makes the running back Mike Gillis Leigh the full release of a shock force of its own, three running back James White has also run fake fax work repeatedly, the first half patriots scored 91 yards of road. the chiefs to understand patriot attack mode, is to attack the main attack road and a short distance, so the two safety Eric - Berri and Ron - chief Parke is very quickly put on the completion of short distance defense grapple Berri relatively hard, after all, have to shoulder the task of guarding Gelon Sikorski. Safety support for anti 〉 runJed (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney disappointing rookie season came to an abrupt end. Obrien Houston, Dezhou coach Bill (Bill O'Brien) announced on Thursday that clowney will be placed in the injured reserve list, which means he is out for the season. The champion's right knee will be further operated on. "This is to let his health have to do," defensive coordinator Romeo (Romeo Crennel) Crennel said, "... When he was healthy when we know his ability." The news visited James - Dr. Andrews (Dr. James Andrews) in clowney after being released, the latter decided he must undergo second surgeries. Klauni underwent repair of a knee meniscus tear after a knee injury in the second quarter of the first war. Klauni missed several weeks of competition after the operation and was still in the starting list after the return. In the highly touted rookie season, he got 7 grappling in his final 4 games, and had not been arrested. Klauni has proved himself to be a big star in the professional arena in his regular college career at the dominant level. The Dezhou people's decision on Thursday is to protect this huge potential.

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