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There may be a lot of good players in the run free players market. we already know that Matt Forti (Matt Forte) will enter the free agent market. It looks like Doug - Martin (Doug Martin). Tampa Bay local media reported that Martin would be a free player and a test water market. It is reported that Martin is "hoping to get a big contract" after his best season in his career. Martin has ranked second in the past season with 1402 yards of punching numbers, second only to Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson). He has 6 other shots, as well as the number of 271 yards. "we had a good discussion, I think both sides believe that he is willing to stay here and we want him to stay," Pirates general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said. "We have to look at the development of the situation." It is reported that the two sides are not close to reaching a new contract. NFL officials believe that the pirates may use the privileged player label to leave Martin. But they may not be willing to open the $11 million 500 thousand one year label contract - even if they have a lot of wage cap space. pirates need to leave Martin. Martin Charles Sims (Charles Sims) running back combination is the last season the league's best running back one of the. 's entanglement in pirates is that they spend a lot of money on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a player that can be replaced. Although Martin is likely to seek a $8 million annual contract, the pirate's opening price may be a few million dollars lower than that. The pirates may allow Martin to get into the free agent market to figure out his value, and then decide whether to leave him. in many of the running guards will be a free player in March, each of the running guards may lower the price of the others. But Martin is one of the free players who are most likely to have a big contract this year.Dave - Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) returned to New York. New York giants Thursday appointed Gayman to become the new general manager of the team. Guttman accepted the team boss John Mara in December 20th (John Mara), Steve (Steve Tisch) - Tisch and served as a consultant and former general manager Ernie Akasi (Ernie Accorsi) interview. The giant also interviewed Kevin Abrams (Kevin Abrams) as the temporary general manager and Lewis Reddick (Louis Riddick), who served in the management of NFL team. Gethmann, a 66 year old, has a profound origin with the giant. He had been in giant management for 15 years between 1998 and 2012. Then he became the general manager of the Carolina panther and helped the team get into the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. has won 40 - 23, 1 - draws in his panther and won the National League Championship in the south for 3 consecutive years. After he took office, he solved the problem of the Panther's salary cap and unearthed a lot of excellent players. But he was unexpectedly dismissal of by the team in July this year needs to be responsible for reorganizing the team's lineup, making a bad offensive front and solving the team's future quarterback. Another big thing he needs to face is the extension of the Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham). The latter will be a free player in 2019. Hetman will have the opportunity to find in the 2018 draft quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) possible successor and shape the future development of the team found. But it remains to be seen whether the giant's conservative decision to hire an old man can work.tiger news August 19th the Seahawks will need to find a new Jiefeng left. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) confirmed Friday against the Vikings game was pulled out of the car while George (George Fant) - ACL tear, need surgery. George - where the injured really sad." "It's too bad," Carol said. "He made so many contributions and achievements... Everyone will support him and help him recover. But his knee injury needs to be operated on, and this season will be more troublesome. " Although did not say whether the season where the Seahawks, but generally will be the result of ACL tear. is where the former college basketball player, last year with the Seahawks signed as undrafted, he became almost zero based starting left Jiefeng haiying. The Seahawks believe he has become the backbone of the potential attack.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl: 50 Americans will eat what to buy what? | football in the United States, whether or not it is a fan or not, it has long been a tradition of the United States to enjoy the super bowl. According to the U. S. retail alliance, more than 180 million of the Americans will watch the fiftieth NFL Super Bowl in the morning of February 8th Beijing time. is a very exciting match, so how do Americans spend the day on the super bowl? party If you are in the United States , whether you will host a Super Bowl party like the other 43 million 300 thousand people? If not, you can also participate in a party like the other 70 million people (data from the US retail Union's in-depth analysis and Research on Super Bowl consumption). With the rapid development of digital media, the televised video of fans has been more and more clear. The sales volume of TV in the US is very impressive on the eve of Super Bowl. About 8 million 700 thousand new TVs will find their buyers in the near future. statistics show that the total spending of Americans in the super bowl can even reach a double 11 level -- 15 billion 500 million dollars, and on average, everyone will spend 82.19 dollars on food, decoration and team costumes. The meaning of the super bowl has been far more than one entertainment, and it is a great stimulus to the economy. drink Nelson of the US market survey company has 2000 to 21 year old (legal drinking age) the drinking habits of Americans over the Super Bowl conducted a poll, the results It is as expected: 53% of respondents said they would drink beer and watch the game, choose to drink wine and spirits of the people accounted for 27%, and 8% respectively and 12% of the respondents chose the wine and flavored malt beverage. food is the same as Thanksgiving Day. Most people will suspend their diet plan and ignore the calories on the table. Very few people will care about how much potato chips or chicken wings they have eaten. Food has always been a popular topic on the Super Bowl day. Especially after losing a game by a supporting team, they turn their attention to all kinds of snacks, which can definitely forget the distress of losing. Below is food related statistics: - the whole American Hotel will receive 48 million on the day of the super bowl.

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