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The official website of NFL |12 year veteran linebacker Johnson retired from football | played crow and lightning veteran, outside linebacker Garrett Johnson (Jarret Johnson) announced the end of their 12 years of occupation career. He posted on his own Instagram that I would retire from his favorite sport. Next year is his contract year, and lightning will save 5 million of the cap space. Johnson occupation career 12 season total of 9 years to maintain attendance last season, only because her daughter was born out of 1 games, primarily as a linebacker he ran against type 523 stalls played in 15 games, a total of 51 tackles, 1 sacks, 1 manufacturing dropped the ball. Johnson was selected by the Raven in the fourth round in 2003. He worked for the crow 9 years later and switched to lightning. His career went on the market 184 times, and he got 506 tackles, 25.5 hits and 11 the new season for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is around the Dakota - Preiss Court (Dak Pr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping escott) the construction of the team. but since the spring to the summer, the cowboy off press there, first ran Wei Yi gathered at the Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) were investigated, the turn of quarterback Prescott recently. ESPN reporter recently pointed out that Dakota was accused of using the machine to complete personal signature, "Preiss court use the machine to complete the signature by the souvenir company sold to collectors." The famous expert Stephen notes (Steve, Grad) - Gerald said Dakota signature most from the machine, he said: "there is a feeling of the mechanical signature, you can clearly see the start and end position, then I realized this is done by a machine, I have never heard of any occupation the athletes will do so." in fact Preiss court is not the first NFL player using the machine signature, early Atlanta falcons rookie also have been found personal signature card is used to complete the machine. , we understand that the daily life of NFL players is very busy. Sitting there and finishing thousands of signatures is not what they want, but claiming that the fake signature is genuine signature is out of date.The official website of NFL | Graham: occupation bowl will decide whether to accept | football shoulder surgery Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) plans to repeat the dunk celebrations in a professional bowl, but the fun may be so far. the New Orleans saints tight end this week said he was still in the choice of whether to undergo surgery in the offseason get entangled long shoulder disease. This is what we have discussed and is still in consideration, Graham told the media. The job bowl is in some way a place to test my current situation. I have been resting for 3 weeks, and this gives me a chance to recover. It's a great feeling, and I'll continue to get the shoulder back and return to 100 percent. Graham told the media that he had not planned to undergo surgery by Thursday, but he had discussed a possible treatment process. The offensive players reportedly has spent most of the season by Lara shoulder injuries, but refused to clarify the injuries were aggravated, he said: even if (coach) Sean (Payton) (Sean Payton) did not stand here, he will be in 10 minutes to call me and asked what I said. Graham has never been out of play this season, but his 85 catch of 889 yards is the least since the 2010 rookie season. The injury obviously restricted his play in the second half of the season, making the career bowl the final test of his injured shoulder. , I will go back to Miami. I will take many planes and spend some time in the sky. I will finish as much rehabilitation as I can in the next 4 weeks, Graham said. It was an important week for me, just to see where I was. I feel good, this is good news, I will try not to accept the operation.The official website of NFL | Newton may enter the supermarket | football quarterback Carolina's quarterback Caim Newton (Cam Newton) doesn't seem to be in a hurry to finish the contract with the team. has learned that Newton's agent is expected to talk to the top team on Saturday in the United States. According to other sources, Newton seems to be waiting for the completion of their new contract by Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), waiting for the restart of the quarterback market. NFL media news shows that Wilson will get a full guarantee of the contract, and that LAK will be the most profitable player in the league. So Newton will probably use his influence to win a $14 million 700 thousand contract in the 2015 season, and he personally doesn't like the incentive mechanism contract, just like last year's Colin Kapernick signed contract. Newton as the Panther 4 year starting quarterback, completed 14426 yards passing and 82 touchdowns and 54 were steals, while he finished 2571 yards rushing and 33 touchdowns and ran the ball, the most critical is the 2 times Newton led the team to the playoffs.

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