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Bowling | eighth Chengdu female worker bowling competition was held successfully 2013-04-16 00:11:12 source: Sichuan online Sichuan online news (Sichuan online reporter Li Yuelin) in 2013, the eighth female employees' bowling bowl competition of Chengdu in April 12th was held in Chengdu giant bowling hall. rich female workers amateur cultural life, female workers show good spirit, to create a strong atmosphere to actively participate in physical exercise, the Chengdu Municipal Sports Bureau held eight consecutive session of female workers in the bowling tournament, received strong support from the city's various units of the majority of female workers. A total of more than 100 teams and nearly 400 players from 65 units, such as municipal authorities, enterprises and institutions and social groups, participated in the event. After a day's fierce competition, the representative team of the Chengdu Institute of biology, the wedding team of venter and the representative office of the Chengdu post office won the team championship, the second and second teams respectively. The 13 units, such as the legal office of the municipal government, have won t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he "excellent organization work Award" in this event.Minnesota Vikings took over Cordarrelle Patterson for 2 years and has always been unable to satisfy the fans. There have been rumors that the Vikings will try to deal with Paterson. The coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) still supports the talented young outside hand. Zimmer had previously said that Paterson's talent was his greatest advantage and that he could be a good player if he worked harder in the basic part. The is less than a week, and many experts believe that the Vikings should continue to use the first round to pick out an external relay. In a recent interview, Rick Spielman, the general manager, still kept up with Paterson: "there is no doubt that he can become an excellent player." (Spielman) Both his speed and his ability to exercise are unique. For the players, the setbacks in the growth are inevitable. To survive in the alliance, he needs to understand that physical quality is not enough. " for Paterson's future, Spielman also gave an affirmative answer: "I think he has grown a lot, his progress is obvious to all." He knows what he should do and I look forward to his future performance. " Related people said that no matter whether the Vikings chose to pick up the pick in the draft, Paterson will continue to compete in the next season as a Viking player.1979 season, American League finals, Pittsburgh Steelers Houston oil vs. The match gave birth to the most classic and impressive miscarriage of justice and led to some changes in the NFL rules that made the whole alliance more fair and more fair. Houston oil beat Denver Mustang in the wild card game, in the American League championship against Pittsburgh steelers. In the game, Steelers defensive intensity emperor level, the oil man team for the ground offensive code limits the number of 24 yards. The opening of the Steelers initiative, 2 and a half after the safetys Vernon Perry steals and a 75 return yards for the oilers before the next city. Then the two sides fought each other and each completed a shot. Before the end of the first half, Terry Bradshaw show wangba gas, scored two touchdowns, leading into the second half to 17:10. third we continue to play with each other, have no score until the third quarter before the end of the last few seconds, the oilers attack to end before the Steelers 6 yards, a touchdown to tie the score once. Quarterback Dan Pastorini received the kick-off, small steps backward, seemingly a free throw, the ball struck a high arc, just over the defensive player, Mike Renfro into the arms of Renfro then fell to the ground, slip out of the bottom line. Donald Orr made a gesture of the linesman, out of bounds penalty, pass fail. The requirement of NFL receiver in landing on both feet simultaneously, was sentenced to a touchdown. Mike Renfro thinks the linesman only has one foot in the sector, and then fly out of the end zone, the ball is not completed in the sector, which is not considered a touchdown. however, replays showed a clear, smooth and clean Mike Renfro to complete the feet in action. Even with such clear evidence, the referee failed to pass the pass, and the oil team had to shoot at the last 4 points in the last quarter. The team momentum fell, but the Steelers darling, fourth get 10 points, 27:13 to win the next game, and eventually won the championship. if the oil people were leveling the score, the situation was unforeseen. The oil fans thought the penalty made them lose the super bowl. Since then, the league has also revised the rules, requiring the referee to judge the disputed ball through video playback. After we all know that Mike Renfro completed a touchdown, but did not help the team to tie the game, a reporter asked him, whether on the fans understand that relief, Mike Renfro replied: "I only hope that the fans can respond more intense, perhaps can affect the idea." Author: David's PizzaThe official website of NFL | en Su - Damm hole not because of playing football for | the latest news, defensive tackle Damm - Miami dolphins hole en Su (Ndamukong Suh) will not because of the Washington Redskins running back Morris Everard (Alfred Morris) head contact behavior punished. NFL related responsible person told the reporter: this behavior was replayed repeatedly, showing no excess behavior, Su's behavior is not kicking. this scene occurred in the second quarter of the game, Morris completed the 9 yard running ball, was caught by Sue, and when Sue started, he had contact with his opponent's helmet. Su, who used to be fined 420669 dollars in the past in Detroit, was all due to dangerous movements in a variety of competitions.

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