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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company and the Italy AC Milan club together today announced the team's 2014-15 season home court and second Jersey, New Jersey will debut this season in Serie A in the last two matches respectively. As the club has done in recent years, the New Jersey is completed by competition. the first time Adidas AC Milan shirt design into different colors and width, black stripes center more benign than four black stripes on both sides of the two kinds of different shades of red stripes will bring more rich visual experience. New Jersey shoulder Adidas victory three stripes are white, behind is the representative of Italy red white and green stripes, these constitute the main melody of "Milan Adidas" brand.The official website of NFL | Alex - Smith absent because of injury | football match Kansas City Chiefs will be in the final game of the season against the San Diego lightning, and they have the slim playoff hopes suffered another blo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping w. The team training division g Barker (Rick Buckholder) de Hou told reporters that starting quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) were torn, will not play in the next game. Smith in the play lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game belly hit. The quarterback didn't feel good, but he took part in the training earlier this week before he was found to be injured. Of course, it wasn't an injury to my movement. I didn't feel it was a muscle injury, but I felt uncomfortable. Smith said on Friday. I had a feeling of nausea and then disappeared again. I know something is wrong, and I think it's probably this place. I had all the training. I felt great in my body and was able to run around and pass the ball. I have been feeling uncomfortable and the doctor asked me to do a check. I did the examination very reluctantly yesterday. I said I was very good, and they wanted me to check, and then I got a call and said that I had a tear and the crack was getting bigger. substitute Chess Daniel (Chase Daniel) will be the second starting chance of his career. Coincidentally, the 6 - year - old quarterback first started in the seventeenth week of the 2013 season and was faced with lightning. In the season finale, Daniel 30 passes 21 successful (70% success rate) gained 200 yards and 1 touchdowns, 24-27 team lost to lightning. Emirates need to get rid of lightning, and hope the Baltimore crow and Houston Dezhou both lost to the playoffs. And lightning can rely on Daniel again to beat Daniel for the playoffs in a row for 2 consecutive seasons. even before Smith got hurt, we thought the chieftain should rely on running Jamal Charles (Jammal Charles) and attacking the ball to attack the poor lightning ball defense. The latter 8 games in the past 10 games made the opponent pass the ball over 100 yards. The Sheikh's attack on the ball will now be more important.No one will overlook the strength of city. Guardiola's aggressive tactics and encouragement to the fans and players helped them to make a perfect start in the new season. City looks unstoppable in the new season. invited fans including the British rock band Blossoms member Tom · Ogden (Tom Ogden) and Joe · Donovan (Joe Donovan), the famous singer Bi-Polar Sunshine, the famous boxer Marcus · Morrison (Marcus Morrison) signed skateboarder Joe · and Gavin Nike. Each of them talked about the significance of the Manchester City Club to them. For James Faulkner, who was born to become a Manchester City fan, James Faulkner is more like a school in his life: "my parents are all Manchester City fans, so I have no choice." The world is changing, and life is impermanent, but the city is always standing there, and it makes me feel more realistic in my heart. "The official website of NFL | Capet Nick continued to wear the other brand | football headset San Francisco 49 quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) last week because of wearing an unofficial Bose sponsored headset to attend the press conference and punished union $10 thousand, and the NFL alliance have been dealing with comments from the Bose headset: prohibit the headset manufacturers now in front of the tv. But it seems that all of this does not affect Capet Nick's continuing to bring his own headphones. Capet Nick signed the endorsement contract with the earphone supplier, so he continued to wear the pink earphone at the press conference on Monday evening, but just put the label on the sticker. this has become less clear, and the alliance is not sure whether it will be able to punish Capet Nick without a trademark headset. But before we should blame Capet Nick is not mature, do you still remember Tom Brady (Tom Brady) also because of commercial reasons in the game and the conference and was wearing the trademark behavior. What these players are concerned about is their endorsement contract, not the alliance telling them what they can do is what they can't do.

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