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The alliance officially announced the 2015 season's salary cap limit of 143 million 280 thousand dollars in December, which is much higher than that reported in December last year, 138 million dollars. 's annual salary cap quotas have risen to the rise in television broadcasts, with a surge of $10 million in the past two seasons. With the increase of amount, a few pieces of "large wage" team into the free market in March 10th will become more rich and powerful. According to the calculation of the limit of 143 million, the Jacksonville Jaguars to pay $68 million 200 thousand to spare the first, followed by the Oakland Raiders, Clif browns and the New York jets, spare the amount of wages were 55 million 400 thousand, 53 million 740 thousand and 51 million 450 thousand. happened to be the deadline time and team salary cap space announced the privilege of using the labels coincide, alliance also gives each position salary: 18 million 544 thousand, franchise tag quarterback running back 10 million 951 thousand, nearly 8 million 347 thousand offensive players end 12 million 943 thousand, defensive end 14 million 813 thousand, defensive tackle 11 million 193 thousand, linebacker 13 million 195 thousand, cornerback 13 million 75 thousand, safety 9 million 618 thousand, kicker and punter for 4 million 126 thousand. and the position of the transition label (Transition Tag, the team retained an unrestricted free agent, the team will be able to match other teams offer a season of transition labels and tags can only use one of two privileges) amount respec cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tively: cornerback 11 million 82 thousand, defensive end 11 million 958 thousand, defensive tackle 9 million 314 thousand, linebacker 11 million 58 thousand, the line of 11 million 96 thousand players, kicker and punter, 3 million 716 thousand quarterback, running back 9 million 37 thousand, 16 million 155 thousand safety 8 million 263 thousand, tight end 7 million 71 thousand, took over 10 million 971 thousand.NFL official website, coach Handbook: make your players have excellent manners in football stadium nest , a former high school football coach, Mark oellers (Mark Ehlers ) sportsmanship is the most important skill for a coach to teach an athlete. It reacts to our skills in dealing with problems before, during and after the game. These skills can be exercised when we win or win or are happy and sad. As a coach, we hope that this kind of sportsmanship can be developed in reality and that these athletes can mature into the adult life smoothly. In order to achieve this goal, the coach must be very positive words and deeds of the sports spirit. I have some suggestions on how to promote sportsmanship in your team: pre season: has a single chapter in the team manual to explain the spirit of sportsmanship and make clear requirements for the athletes, parents and coaches. And let the handbook get the head of the sports director. convened a staff meeting to discuss the importance of sportsmanship. The various circumstances and continuing consequences of unacceptable behavior are discussed. Emphasize the role model effect of coach in practice and competition. During the parents' meeting, discusses the sports spirit section with parents and gives parents a clear expectation and demand for When set of lecture, and the players directly discuss the sports spirit, and let the captain play a leading role in the positive. Ensure that the whole team is aware of the importance of sportsmanship to themselves and the team. practice says 's expectations of the players' behavior gives an example of the positive and reverse behavior and gives a clear explanation of the does not tolerate dirty words and limb conflicts. Because the same behavior could lead to 15 yards of punishment and even lose in a formal match. with a positive attitude and other spirit in training (such as teamwork, proactive etc.) can sometimes find people who understand the sports spirit of the people on behalf of . rewards players with sportsmanship, pre competition introduce yourself before the game. Let the referee know that the spirit of sportsmanship is very important to you and your team, let the referee know that you want to know any possible violation of sportsmanship, which is convenient for you to act early,The official website of NFL, the general manager Simeon told the horse can be assured performance, football nest The team according to the sources, the Denver Broncos general manager John elvy (John Elway) and the first team four points waight Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) conducted one-on-one conversation, elvy told Ann do not have to worry about their position of sago. just show, elvy told Simeon. Don't worry about making mistakes. Don't worry about making mistakes. You can make a mistake. But it just needs to reinvigorate. team executives rarely at the start of the season and the players individually, but elvy and coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) has a long-term close relationship. He is a quarterback of the hall of fame, and he has a unique angle as a wild horse legend. Elvy want to know an sago safety degree of their starting position and guide them using any available methods, including the use of his strong arm. Kubiak reiterated this news, he said on Tuesday, we have to give him free. We have to let him show it. simian's replacement is the first round of this year's new rookie Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) was originally considered to be the first place in Cleveland Brown's quarterback quarterback competition, but now his advantage is constantly being eaten up. Brown boss Hugh Hue (Hue Jackson) announced on Wednesday that rookie four points, Wei De Sean Keyser (DeShone Kizer) will play the first place in the third pre-season matches against Tampa Bay pirates. He also said Keyser has given himself the opportunity to play the first quarterback in the first week of the regular season. , "I told our quarterback this morning that Deshawn will start in the third season against pirates," Jackson said in the team's statement. "He spent the necessary time to learn our offense, train hard and improve basic skills, and effectively led the offensive team in the competition. He made great progress. Growth is important for the young quarterback. This is the next step he needs to do. He deserves the opportunity. We are excited to see Deshawn as the first starter, and of course he has a chance to get his first chance in the regular season. it is hard not to see Brown's decision as to encourage Keyser's two wheeler. He could play against New York giants vhailor pre-season well locked starting position, but he gave up 8 of 6 passes were successfully steals the transcripts for a 25 yard pass 1. He did not reach his expectations, which made Jackson have to think about Keyser. Jackson will use this time to observe how Keyser will play the first quarterback and see how his excellent defensive performance for the pirates. If Keyser's poor performance, so Jackson will still let Osborne vhailor as a starter. Although was very young, Keyser remained at the same level as the other excellent quarterback in the preseason. In the preseason debut, his 18 ball 11 times successfully gained 184 yards and 1 touchdowns. Against the giants, he succeeded in passing 8 times with 13 passes and achieved 74 yards and 1 shots. Brown's quarterback didn't do well, but Jackson's latest decision made the team a chance to face a quarterback where they were satisfied. If Keyser did well in the next game, Brown might really be excited for the first time in the first quarterback for the first regular season.

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