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even-even soccer equipment network in the new season of Jersey main sponsor WWK insurance company's headquarters is located in Munich, the German club Augsburg launched a new team in the 2015-16 season, and two Jersey road home court. Augsburg team Daniel (Daniel Baier) · Bayer, Khalil · Altintop (Halil Altintop) and Yingwo Yang - · Carlson - Braque (Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker) attended this event and personally show a new shirt. Away Jersey is red, below the "FCA" of the three letters on behalf of the Augsburg football club, the club badge in font source. the team new season second away shirt is black, and the front two Jersey in stark contrast, the details of the design and home court Jersey, red and white vertical stripes the front left side of the three slender form a group of double color ribbons.The Miami dolphins coach Joe (Joe Philbin) - Philbin in the round against the Oakland Raiders before the game for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping second consecutive days, choose not to clear their plans for quarterback. "At the end of this week, we will pick out 46 players who can give us the best chance to win in London (Note: dolphins will play in London and the Raiders)," Philbin said on Tuesday. Although the NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that the internal really discussed that dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Hill tower (Ryan Tannehill) on the bench, now at least let him look Philbin starting a week. NFL official website Geoff Darlington (Jeff Darlington) reported on Tuesday that many players in the dolphin team have been told that Hill will play the first in the match against Oakland Raiders on Sunday. The players also said that Hill in the tower was ready for the first quarterback. Kobita Hei Hill had a bad performance in the last three weeks and was difficult to lead the attack team in the team's game for the Kansas City chieftain. Philbin said Monday that he hopes to determine starting quarterback candidates in the team to london. , after the dolphin manager publicly refused to respond to his quarterback arrangements, was asked if he thought it was necessary to sit down and talk to Hill in the tower. "I've been talking to him all the time. So we have a lot of conversations, "he said. "So, I repeat that I have a lot of contact with him. And yes, any kind - I don't often remember the personal conversation between us. " Let the poor performance of the tower Hill Philbin hesitated, but during the season now give up a team considered will grow as iconic characters before a show some players too early. Matt Moore is a substitute for the game, but he can't save the season. The dolphin attack and Philbin's career in the team are counting on Hill in the tower to reach his expectations. And he couldn't do that on the bench.The official website of NFL | in next year before going to Iraq and the Colts renewed talks | football when the other 2012 level starting quarterback in the offseason is busy in long time and the team agreed on the contract, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) had to wait a year for a richer profit contract. Colts owner Jim - Elser (Jim Irsay) said Monday that Iraq and the negotiations did not need so anxious to start: the contract with Russell Andrew Wilson (Russell Wilson) and Ryan Tana Hill (Ryan Tannehill) the contract expires next year, it has two years, but no matter what I will be always on the communication between us is full of confidence, I think at the end of the season, we will begin negotiations. in addition to outside Iraq, the team will also be several other generals in the past two years inside of the contract, they are outside the TY- (T.Y. Hilton) took over Hilton, offensive tackle Anthony Kast R (Anthony Castonzo), the end Dwayne - Allen (Dwayne Allen) and Kobe vrinat (Coby Fleener).The official website of NFL and | Eagles quarterback Sanchez contract for 2 years | football NFL media (Ian Rapoport) - Ian Labobote reports, Sanchez and the Philadelphia hawks reached a 2 year contract, the basic wage income of $9 million, $5 million 500 thousand, and if you meet some of the contract performance can get up to $16 million. this is of great significance to both sides. The Hawks now have Nick - Fowles in the battle, but they still need a veteran and a rookie to compete in the position. Sanchez and Jack - Rock (Jake Locker) are the hottest two quarterback in the free market, and Sanchez is no doubt already in the Kelly system. and Sanchez's salary is not high, if want to trade off Kelly Marcus - his favourite pupil Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota), Sanchez's contract will not have any impact on the Hawks draft plan. The wage of the hawk's quarterback is half that of Jay Cutler.

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