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Detroit lions 2015 season a mess, even last season with first-class defensive alliance also Its loopholes appeared one after another. Before the start of this season, the team and linebacker Andrea de - Levi (DeAndre Levy) is a 4 year, $33 million 700 thousand contract agreement. But it looks like it won't be any gains in the match. on Tuesday local time, announced the team last season the lions defensive player in the injured reserve list, this also means that the levy has been ahead of the end of 2015 season. Later, the lion announced that James Michael - Johnson (James-Michael Johnson) was promoted to the 53 people's list. this season, levy has appeared only a very li cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mited number of files, and then choose the surgical treatment of injured hips in October. The 28 year old guard apparently takes longer to recover his injuries. This season has been difficult to have as a lion, hope that the next season can see the new Levi lion group led the defensive back.The official website of NFL | Hester was unable to determine their own role in the Falcon attack group | Rugby in the last season for the first time playing for the Atlanta falcons, German - Hester (Devin Hester) to find their role in the attack group and the Falcon falcon, using his unique skills, this is Hester occupation of his first eight seasons played for Chicago bears hard to do. But made 38 catches for 504 yards last season, Hester was unable to determine this season if he can still play the same role in the Falcon attack group, is now the new offensive coordinator Kell - Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) in charge of the attack. is still unknowns, Haist told ESPN. We are studying the attack, finding out who is the most suitable for which position and which route we should run. We are now new in the new attack system, so we try to figure out who can run the best route. When the training camp is over half, you can see it. Hester is the history of the NFL best back to attack the player, he will still hold back the kick-off from Falcon attack expert. Any contribution he made to the falcons attack group was an extra harvest.even-even soccer equipment network Benzema endorsement Display New Madrid retro casual shirt, Adidas will be the popular fashion element perfectly ported to Real Madrid retro jerseys. Design badge and leisure shirtThe official website of NFL | alliance set up sports spirit award | Rugby The NFL Alliance announced a new annual award -- athlete sportsmanship award, which will be voted by the players and awarded the day before the super bowl. has a huge negative impact on the NFL alliance because of a large number of ugly field news, and the alliance needs to improve the positive image of the players. The sportsman's sportsmanship award will be awarded to the league's Walter - Payton award, allowing the spotlights to be concentrated on the players who have made the right rules of conduct. Other alliances, including NBA and NHL, have similar awards, but for the first time for NFL. then each team will recommend a player to participate in the selection, the alliance will organize 4 former NFL players as the selection of the group, to help out the list of 32 people, and 8 people selected from, then the players voted the 8 players out of sync with the occupation bowl voting time. The award-winning player will receive a $25000 award from the NFL Federation foundation.

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