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The official website of the Seattle Seahawks: NFL | won't give Werwilson 20 million contract | Rugby Seattle Seahawks and their quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) in discussing their contracts when encountering obstacles, Werwilson and year ended his rookie contract. , the problem is that the gap between the two sides is huge. It is reported that Wilson hopes to get a contract worth 20 million dollars a year for 5 year cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s. The Seahawks completely unable to do so, but the Seahawks will allow Werwilson will last year of the completion of the contract and not additional contract. If this happens, the Seahawks can give Werwilson privilege sign ensure that he stay until 2017, for Werwilson is when he was 26 years old, is a very insecure age. Wilson's first 48 games in the last 3 seasons, the pass rate of 63.4% completed 9950 yards, as well as 72 truncated and 26 copies. His career score was 98.6. And he also brought a super bowl to the team. But we still can't give him a top quarterback.Our football equipment network 2017-2018 Europa League tournament has been published, still sponsored by Adidas made. The new football has an amazing appearance.The official website of NFL | Carol: I hope Erwin can play for the team longer | football Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Erwin (Bruce Irvin) in the future of the team is not clear. He had been involved in speculation, on the other hand, the Seahawks probably won't perform the team option in his contract for fifth years. But coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) still believe that the defensive players can stay in the sea. Carol said, "if we carry out the team options, that's a good thing, and if we don't do that, it doesn't mean anything." We all hope that he can play for longer for the team. Carol also revealed that the team and Erwin had met on Friday local time: we exchanged views and talked about their plans. Everything went well. We will try to keep him, and he is very important to us. was the 15 rookie of the 2012 season, and Erwin finished 16 escapement in the last 3 seasons. The official said, compared with the executive team option, the Seahawks tend to direct with Erwin about.

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