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tiger news February 23rd according to NBA reporter Dave McMenamin reported that the Cleveland forward Larry - nance will give up the number 24 shirt in the next week, put on his father's No. 22 jersey. in the game against the wizards, small Nantes announced the news, he said: "from now on, I will wear the number 22 shirt, my father's shirt will be hanging in the hall above, so I can't be more satisfied, I think it will start from next week, I'm very excited. I've been wearing a long shirt for a long time, and it's really a dream come true for the knight to wear this shirt for the knight. " during all star weekend, Knight re discussed this matter, they obtained the market department, management, union and Nike agreed to replace the small number of people. Usually, the coalition would not allow a player to change the number in the m cheap nfl jerseys free shipping iddle of the season, but was approved as a special case of small nantes. "my father is a wordless man, so when he learned of the matter, he just smiled, he was very excited that." Small said nantes. in the next few games, small people will wear the number 24 shirt, waiting for his No. 22 Jersey made. He is expected to wear the No. 22 shirt in the Cavaliers' game against the net next Wednesday. Any to buy a small South Jersey No. 24 fans will be able to speed loan center Knight shop free replacement Jersey No. 22. Nancy quipped that he for his father's tribute not only reflected in the shirt. "I will wear shorts and white socks for high," he said with a smile, "it sure is." (Editor: sugar)'s big shuffle is approaching New York. with the New York jets owner Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) in Florham park called to discuss their future Council matters, at least one player said that change is a good thing, can help the team to 3 wins and 12 losses. Smith, the first quarterback Geno Smith, said in an interview on Monday: "if we change coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan), it will be a difficult task, but we are a professional team. We must change like this." and the biggest problem is John Idzik John's departure. He hasn't been recognized by jet fans in the past two seasons. , for Smith, has been in a good relationship with the Ryan manager, but whether the new coaching team will continue to focus on him is still a problem.The official website of NFL, and the falcons cornerback Desmond trufan special contract for five years, football wo Falcons have reached a long-term contract with their own horns. , according to media reports, Desmond trufan special (Desmond Trufant) of the new contract total value of $69 million, including $42 million security deposit. It was close to last year's $75 million, $50 million, $50 million, $75 million, $50 million contract for Josh - Norman (Josh) signed with Washington Red. The 2017 season is trufan super rookie contract for fifth years, he was in 2013 the first round of the season Falcon show, the original $8 million 26 thousand. But the falcons attach great importance to him, so they choose to give priority to the contract. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | news: 49 players think Capet Nick is lonely | football recently, a group of 49 players in San Francisco said Capet Kaepernick should communicate more with her teammates instead of wearing headphones to warm up on the sidelines of the Colin. us time on Wednesday, 2 49 - man players said the 27 - year - old quarterback was lonely in the team. One problem highlighted by the team meeting, they said, was that some of the players thought Capet Nick was very lonely, always wearing earphones to warm up and not to communicate with their teammates. At the meeting we were told that it was not a headset problem, but a more complicated problem. but not all of the teammates think so, attack line player Joe STEL (Joe Staley) thinks Capet Nick and everyone have a good relationship. also had news that Capet was unable to recite the tactics, and a 49 - man Hall of fame player accused Capet nick of his ability. If 49 people really want to let the news disappear, they need to improve themselves.

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