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The super bowl is one of the most solemn American football games every year, and its significance has gone beyond the game itself. Even the non NFL fans will be concerned about the game, but the non fans are always asking some big brain holes. So, before watching the super bowl, what do you want to know about it first? Who is the match? new England patriots vs Seattle Seahawks is a former champion Seahawks, aigo is a veteran team. The game was not at the home of the two teams, but on a neutral site, Feinikesi, Arizona. Is this yellow line on true? fake, that's video transmission technology. , first of all, establish a 1:1 digital model of the arena. Because the position of the camera is fixed, it can simulate the angle of the direct seeding lens alignment, and then add yellow line to the model to cover the broadcast picture. In general, this is the case. why is the super bowl so important? this is the world's highest level competition, comparable to the football World Cup, the Stanley cup of ice hockey. The game was paid more attention than the Grammy Awards and the NBA finals. Super Bowl in February 2nd, and did they have a holiday before? how can it be! They are all working hard. The biggest goal of the two teams is to get the super bowl. ads feel better than Super Bowl! can find advertising better if it doesn't understand rugby. Super Bowl ratings are too high too high, the entire North American brands want to participate in the competition, hoping to put their own ads in the game, the best to play at that time. how are they going to score? this is not football, alas... Score games have so few: 1. pass and move the ball into the end zone, 6 points; 2. shot, is to kick the ball into the middle of the end zone behind the two pillars, 3 points; 3. dozen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping additional touchdowns, chose to shoot 1 points, again touchdowns 2 points; 4. the offensive in the end zone captured, defending 2 points. why do these people look so fat? if you don't understand the game, take a good look at how strong these guys are. don't see them looking fat. They run much faster than ordinary people. They don't look so fat. It's no difference running up and flying low. how long will the match last? is a long and long time for the fans. It's not a very long time for non fans. a game is divided into the second half, each half.The official website of NFL | Raiders plans tailor-made for Murray to run | football attack tactics Oakland Raiders' new attack coordinator, Bill Musgrave (Bill Musgrave), is an expert on ground attack. He led the offensive team in the field, in the past 6 seasons, 4 of the top ten in the league. no surprise, the raider's first run next season will be 25 year old ratta Weiss Murray (Latavius Murray). Maas Griff is now very satisfied with the young runner, who said on Tuesday local time: his body is great and the speed is very impressive. He has proved his ability to succeed in college. I will continue to observe him, to find his strengths and weaknesses, to tailor him to run tactics. last season, Murray just finished the ball 82 times, for 424 yards, 5.2 yards to size. At the same time, he also completed 17 times, pushing 143 yards, and the performance of the team was a bright spot. Now, whether Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Maurice - Jones - Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) are very likely at the end of the season after leaving the raiders. Although it is not known why Murray can grow up in the future, the coaches and teammates have chosen to trust the very talented young man.The first week NFL wild card American League wild card race, by the No. 3 seed Pittsburgh Steelers home court against No. 6 seed in the same district Baltimore crow team. The two teams clash record this season in all 1 wins tied. The Steelers as the ACE Baer ran Weile viand injured knee had an emergency sign the tate. The absence of a strong attack on the road passing on the Steelers only more, while the crow team with aggressive and defensive front impact stable surface to punch the ball firmly in control of the game, eventually crow team than the 30 to 17 away win, head into the Midland semi-final. Before the start of the game, crow manager John Harbert invited his brother and the new director of University of Michigan Jim Harbert to go to the coach to guide the match. The first section in the Steelers - Roethlisberger ("big") instigated, hit two wavelength distance attack, but in the third key offensive to Wallace was sacked and ended in the first quarter, the Steelers only 3 to 0 lead. High efficiency in crow attack team, rushed the ball several times took longer yardage, and began shortly after the Steelers reached the red zone in the second quarter, and by running back Bernard Pearce finished 5 yards rushing touchdowns, helping crow team 7 than 3 counter ultra score. But this is after all the season pass most quarterback, through a continuous 10 attack the ball into the red zone, but the crow team again finished sacks, the Steelers had to shoot the end. Then the two teams scored for the next free kick, and the crow ended the first half with a 10 - 9 lead. in the second half of four advanced team crow attack, Joe Flacco thrust belt transmission basic person even led the attack on the other side of the red zone and finally completed before the shooting. 3 minutes later, crow team comeback, veteran receiver Steve Smith two times and Fraco completed a 46 yard line, the ball, then Fraco rushed out of the defense and find the Torre - Smith completed 11 yard touchdown pass in the end zone, crow team than the 20 to 9 expanded the lead. Due to the Steelers counter chase when the crow team "captured and killed the king" outside linebacker Elvis Du mervil immediately in the third key again captured and killed the big crow, regain the ball team. In section fourth of to twelfth minutes this season has not yet appeared off the ball Justin FST dropped the ball in red ball, the Steelers grabbed the ball. The Steelers immediately launched a far-reaching offensive line, the league this season first ball wide receiver Antonio Brown completed a 44 yard pass only because of a knee ahead of landing failed to touchdowns, and then rookie wide receiver Matvey J Bryant completed a 6 yard touchdown catch, then Steelers two steals were converted. Temporarily to 15 to 20 behind. But the crow team then with a 52 yard shot to keep the leading edge, 1 minutes after the big 6 team suffered another crow rushed, rushed out to pass ball slide out by Tate - Saggers Terrell used two legs after the ball finish steals. Fraco immediately finished with the new rookie near front krokate Gil moor, completing a 21 yard pass to help the crow.???????????????????????????????????????????????????? But do not think that is not wonderful wild card game, if you are concerned about the Dallas cowboys, this season the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers, you should understand the severity of the wild card game. Here are some noteworthy points. 1 4 March (Sunday) at 5:35 the Arizona Cardinals VS Carolina Panthers (official website broadcast) 1. in the last game against the Arizona Cardinals, Kim - Newton (Cam Newton) and a better state of the Carolina Panthers just got 6 points. Newton has been copied 3 times more, the success rate of passing only poor 53%. But this time against the Cardinals defensive strength did not fall but rise, the Panthers have the ability to open space for Newton, let him play the ball run power? 2. Kelvin - Benjamin (Kelvin over Benjamin) a lot of growth in the past year, but to win over the cardinals, the Panthers may need a more powerful Benjamin. The Cardinals have two outstanding cornerback, if Benjamin cannot get rid of their defense, Newton's situation may be as bad as last time. 3. quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) the passing rate reached 60%, and against San Francisco in the 49 team (Hargreaves coach farewell) completed two touchdowns, although one touchdown is a bit tricky taste. The match was the best performance of Lin Deli since the season. As Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) of the season, if injured Stanton No. 2 reserve Drew (Drew Stanton) can not play, the Cardinals still expect the 2012 six round pick. 1 4 March (Sunday) at 9:15 in Baltimore VS Pittsburgh Steelers crow (official website broadcast) 1. Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) attack group in the past few weeks do not look too much like a playoff team and some of the performance, the state is very unstable, four games five turnovers. The performance of the Super Bowl MVP Fraco (Joe Flacco) was also poor. The Raven team is able to squeeze into the playoffs, most of the credit belongs to the defensive team. But when faced with the Steelers powerful offensive team, whether the crow can also maintain the same defensive intensity? 2. can the state of Haloti Ngata recover quickly after a short suspension? Whether his return will be able to contain (assuming the column will play) - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) viand? In fact, Ngata doesn't need a full lock.

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