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The official website of NFL | Raiders will activate cornerback Hayden | in football this week the Oakland Raiders did well in the draft this season, and they signed Khalil Mack in the first round. The line guard is now regarded as the top candidate for the best defensive rookie of the year. Now the Raiders need to put more eyes on last year's first rookie, which activated D.J. Hayden on Saturday local time. At the moment, he is very likely to play in this week's match against Cleveland Brown. Hayden was injured during his foot in Hugh, which made him all absent in the first 6 games of the season. Earlier this month, he returned to the training ground, with a gradual recovery. Coach Toni (Tony Sparano) - sparano said on Friday that Hayden is ready to. in the first 2 seasons of his career, Hayden has been troubled by injuries, with very few games in the first place. It was surprising last season that the Raider chos cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e to take him at twelfth, but it also reflected the team's expectation of him. In last year's draft, the 3 defensive players behind Hayden were Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), Starr Lo Turay Ray (Star Lotulelei) and Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro).The official website of NFL | quarterback Adams Kelly: for the offensive team effectiveness. | football a few weeks ago, NFL's official website draft experts who are optimistic about the over - Adams quarterback Vernon (Vernon Adams) and coach Kelly (Chip Kelly) - chip collocation, when former University of Oregon quarterback Adams in the East and the West all star game to play well. so Adams on Wednesday at the NFL test camp was asked about his familiarity with Kelly's offense is not surprising. , if Kelly, who teaches 49 people in San Francisco in the first year, wants to pick up the rookie quarterback who is familiar with his offensive system, Adams said he is the right person. I saw his attack on Philadelphia hawk last year. When I was attacked by 80-90%, I would take it when I was in University of Oregon, so I think I might really be able to play in his offensive team. has no doubt that the two person's collocation is interesting. Kelly, who once held the lead of University of Oregon, may work with a quarterback quarterback, who is familiar with Kelly's offensive system requirements. And Kelly doesn't need to pick up a high pick option to pick Adams. Adams, who did not transfer to University of Oregon in the last season of the University, was not one of the most promising quarterback of this year's show. 49 general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) said Wednesday that he fully expects to Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) in the next season to stay in the 49 'lines, the team did not look ready to replace the quarterback. But that does not mean that the team can't pick a young quarterback.in the game against the Seattle Seahawks game because of a neck injury and concussion halfway to the hospital a week later, the Arizona Cardinals left guard Mike Youpadi (Mike Iupati) will face the first Cincinnati tigers game in the end. Youpadi took part in training on Wednesday after missing training on Thursday Friday. Youpadi earlier this week by the inspection process of NFL concussion, he defeated the Seahawks in the 39-32 Cardinals game in the second quarter to leave. Upati said he was the Seahawks safety. Kham - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) feel very pain after impact. He then received the team's trainer's examination, and he was sent to the hospital by ambulance after receiving medical treatment and stabilizing the situation. earlier this week, the team coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said that he could experience such pain players in the careful and often let the players decide whether to play in the next game. "Sometimes players are hard to forget all this," said the arians. "He was restored to health, but it was hard to forget the injury. When he is ready, he will tell us. "Cleveland Brown's fans at last have good news, and the team's top player Meyers Gareth (Myles Garrett) is coming back. , this year's top champion Xiu has been recovering because of sprained ankle. Jackson Jackson Hue revealed that he was coming back to the stadium on Wednesday. although Brown won't restrict Gareth to play on Sunday, Jackson doesn't have to let Gareth play in the third week. Jackson said, "I am not yet ready to decide what to do about it. First look at his state and see how he has recovered. This is a long-term process, hoping to see him in the place we want to see him." Garrett high ankle sprain usually takes 4-6 weeks, his recovery speed is obviously very quickly, so fourth weeks to see his higher probability.

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