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Xichaluote high school recently received $200 thousand in donations from the Carolina Panthers and the NFL foundation of grassroots plan, so that they can have a new stadium. the Carolina Panthers team president Danny - Morrison (Danny Morrison) said in an interview with WSOC: "high school has a proud history of West Charlotte, the football field served their students and their families and community, from the glorious history of football shows its glory, but the need for new construction of the stadium." 's money comes mainly from the NFL Foundation's grassroots plan to raise $200 thousand to build Rugby farms by local companies. According to the foundation website, "the project is nonprofit, worki cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng with financial and technological support companies to help improve the quality, safety and availability of the local courts." The grass-roots plan began in 1998, and NFL and LISC invested $35 million to 273 project cities. Those who have been helped to the court are now in use. With these funds, local organizations can improve fitness equipment, group activities and community activities to help improve the health of the community. Xichaluote high school is just a school benefit many projects, more will be help to the football players.Atlanta falcons after a disappointing season, and coach Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) part company each going his own way. Many fans believe that the general manager of the team, Thomas Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff), is the most likely person to leave. But the falcons still haven't ruled out the possibility of dismissal of Dimitrov, according to a lover. , according to NFL official website reporter, falcons boss Arthur Blanke (Arthur Blank) had previously disclosed to relevant personnel whether Dimitrov could remain in office would depend on the idea of the new coach. This also means that in the search for new coach at the same time, the Falcon plan in accordance with the ideas and characteristics of the new coach, equipped with a more suitable for the general manager. As for whether Dimitrov can be the man, Blanke will give the decision to the future coach of the team. in determining the coach before, Dimitrov will continue to serve as the post of general manager, but he may also be fired. There has been a rumor that the falcons will only cut out one of the coaches and general managers, and the team's patience with the two people has been exhausted. the hawk is now one of the most active teams in the search for a new coach. More than the unemployment and the current coordinator with the marshal of the Falcon spread over the scandal, but insiders revealed that Blanke in the hope of Xuanshuai more careful, the team did not hurry to make a decision.The official website of NFL | Steelers veteran Cassell | football season for fear of triceps muscle tear Pittsburgh Steelers lost in today's game is not just. According to media reporter Ian - NFL Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that the team veteran defensive end Bret - Cassell (Brett Keisel) the triceps is likely to tear the season, but had to wait until after the nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the answer. this season Cassell played well in the team's starting position, young Stephen Todd (Stephon Tuitt) had to be left on the bench. In fact, the Steelers to Todd anti running ability still not assured, so the two round pick Thomas Kamm (Cam Thomas) may also get the opportunity to play. Cassell, born in 1978, was 36 years old, and the injury does not exclude the possibility of an end to his career.

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