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The number of money action player instead of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) but the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive spike Sendelike - Marx (Sen'Derrick Marks), he made this celebration at the completion of a quarterback sack, then the hand is the Tennessee titans. This sack after Marx was fined $600 thousand, because his sacks hung to the quarterback's neck which is considered to be a dangerous action and after the celebration of exaggeration, the game of the season he is captured and killed in 8.5, but this time the end of the game eventually captured and killed the end, Titan even hope that he is a considerable threat to attack across the line of players. Marx signed a contract with Jaguar last December for 4 years and 27 million dollars, which was the level of his sixth year career cheap nfl jerseys free shipping bowl.The official website of NFL | Redskins tight end Paul suspected concussion to quit the game | football Washington Red Leather near end Niles Paul scored a strong impact on New York's giants defensive player when he caught the ball at the second quarter of the night race on Thursday night. He might have suffered concussion, and the second half will not return to the field. Paul after receiving team quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) not ready to deal with the giants defensive player of the long distance after passing the grapple Colossus of Quentin - Danps (Quintin Demps) and Andrea Rolle (Antrel Rolle) a quick hit Paul, Danps with his helmet to hit Paul's helmet was whistled for a foul. The catch was not completed at the beginning, but the penalty was changed after returning to the video, and it was found to be valid. After came to Paul, Rogan Paulson (Logan Paulsen) became the main force near the top of the team, but then lost the ball in the giant red area, which made the red leather miss the scoring opportunity. Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed), the first red skinned first - end front, has been absent for several weeks.Benjamin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) from the Black Panther of the Carolina was injured in Sunday's match in the United States. the game the Panthers lost to the New Orleans saints, and Benjamin in the game are grabbed left knee was injured, then did not return to the stadium. , but it seems that his injury is not as serious as the outside world guesses. According to NFL's news, Benjamin's injury is not serious. There is news that his injury is "fairly clear". , which is good news for the black panther. The Panthers are suffering from the injuries of key players this season, and Benjamin has completed 7 passes in the first 2 games of the season, advancing 102 yards.The official website of NFL | jets coach dirty face heavy fines due to a burst | football New York jets coach Rex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) against Pittsburgh Steelers in the team last week after being captured at the swearing, he will pay a huge price. NFL media sources Labobote - Ian (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday, the League announced on Ruian's swearing incident fined $100 thousand. Is so huge, because Ruian is incorrigible repeatedly violated the same regulations. Ruian is in the conference to be taken about the referee or someone on the Steelers defense under the. In 2011 he was fined 75 thousand dollars for abusive fans, and in 2010 he was fined 50 thousand dollars in the vertical middle finger. Ruian saw the final touchdown to end the game with their time, the Steelers safety Mike Michel (Mike Mitchell) on the wall skipping team, he said the move was rubbish and disappointed in Michel. After the game, Ruian was joked when asked about his curse: I thought I was saying 'thank you'. Obviously, I had a good control of my emotions, but since it happened, I could only be sorry for the offending people. Ruian is not only one person being punished because of Sunday's game, the jets linebacker Jason Babin (Jason Babin) because of illegal hit the quarterback was fined $16537, Michael Vick (Michael Vick) for unsportsmanlike conduct was fined $8628.

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