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ESPN reporter Adam Xie Taft (Adam Schefter) according to the informed sources reported that Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) has signed a one-year contract with the new England patriots. Wayne finished the 64 time of last season's acquisition of the Indianapolis pony and scored 779 yards and 2 times. But in March this year, the pony announced that they would not renew the contract with him. Wayne was picked by a pony in the 2001 draft and has been playing for 14 years for the team. coincidentally, Wayne's last game as a pony player was the United States Champions League match against the Patriots. The quarterback didn't pass a ball to him in the match. After the was hit by a wounded patriot, Wayne could solve their needs. Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) since August 2nd due to a calf injury, but he can play in the first week of the game. Brandon - Rafael (Brandon LaFell) is still unable to play due to injury in the list, and Aaron - Dobson (Aaron Dobson) in the past two weeks and was sidelined by a hamstring injury.The official website of NFL | Drew Bracey claimed to play the next game | football , if the four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) failed in the failed season, the last two games were understandable due to the laceration of the plantar fascia. Just don't tell him about th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is idea. said on Thursday he wanted to fight very much. After facing the competition of Jacksonville Jaguar, Bracey was more determined to face the local reporters: I will play. , it is worth noticing that Bracey was very confident of his ability to play in the face of the shoulder injury before facing the Carolina Black Panther third weeks ago. But the team finally gave him a truce, and Bracey returned in the next week. Bracey missed training on Thursday for the treatment of injury, which may make the saints feel obliged to be careful and make sure their ace quarterback to keep healthy in entering the offseason. Bracey said the team had a good plan to control the pain in the foot and did not want to miss the last two weeks of the game. This is bad news for jaguars, and they still have a weak playoff seat at the time of the saints. I want to fight for my teammates. This is the bottom line. Bracey said.The official website of NFL | Silver Black Legion: the dark times will | football past The 2015 season of in so far, in addition to attract the attention of outstanding figures, some obscure underdog is rising, and the challenge for the playoffs. The spring of 2003, the Oakland Raiders just lost the super bowl, but people did not need not Bay depression, depressed, the Raiders for third consecutive years over ten regular season wins, and reached the playoffs, lost super bowl, people thought perhaps slightly better luck can win. But the fact that the bay area people is too optimistic, 192 regular season games after the 12 season, the Raiders won only 56 games, winning less than 30%, they all missed the playoffs, draft story and the selection standard also become a byword for. The 2015 quarter of the United States general unrest, Raiders disarray 5 wins and 6 negative results, bad team competition to burst table? They can relive the dreams of the playoffs? This article makes an analysis for you. 1. NFL official website has done a documentary film "the ten big picks", which put the raider's show story in sixth, which is why? Well, the Raiders draft can say a joke, almost overnight, for example, in 2000 the first round choice kicker (Sebastian Jeni kousky), 2004 - Robert pick to choose the cutting front Gallery, in 2005 the first round of selection of cornerback Fabian Washington, 2007 No. 1 choice to sign Jia Marcus - Russell, the 2009 first round selection over Daliusi - Hayward Bay, 11 years and 12 years continuous out of the first round in 2013, was third choice to sign cornerback D.J. Hayden, in addition to the draft, the draft also long-term strategy on being criticized, you're a big guy? The Raiders love it; do you run fast? The Raiders love! Will you play the ball? Indifferent?? So this Daliusi - Hayward Bay High and fast but even basic skills are doing well the Raiders took over by the first round pick was no surprise. As far as the league is concerned, as long as the Raiders play in the talent show, they are relieved. In the years, domestic fans called the Raiders to the Oakland track and field team. in 2012 and 2013 twice almost fired general manager Reggie Mackenzie, until the 2014 offseason, like suddenly opened eyes, wonderful work continuously. The summer of 2014, Mackenzie in the free market is mainly introduced: Charles Woodson (brilliant career, returning veteran Donald Bay), Paine, Austen - Howard - Barnes and Califf (three people become the main offensive front, the rotation) Justin - Tucker, Lamar Woodley and Antonio Smith (winner the experience of the old Chuan Chong). The draft, the fifth overall pick linebacker Khalil Mark, the second round of selected quarterback Derek Carle, almost no one can think they took two days to find the core of attack and defense in the future, then select Gabriel Jackson (now the main support.The official website of NFL | tiger and left Jiefeng Whitworth 1 | Rugby Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth) do not have to wait until five years after the contract to fulfill the contract for the new. and the Cincinnati tigers left Jiefeng 1, he will play for the team until 2016. NFL official Ian - Rapoport, according to the news of the insider, said the contract was worth up to $9 million. Whitworth in this offseason because he said the tiger wanted to pick his successor and headlines. The team chose not only Cedric Ogbuehi (Cedric Ogbuehi) in the first round, but also the selection of Jack Fisher (Jake) in the second round. they may be the future of the team, but Whitworth and Andre Smith (Andre Smith) is now. is the oldest League starting offensive tackle, Whitworth start outstanding performance in the first two games after he was offensive tackle occupation Football Focus Network third score. The tiger attacked the front line and had not yet captured the opponent, but it showed a strong performance in the ball attack. It helped the tigers to hit the ball third in the league's third place. Whitworth will make $5 million this season. Smith's contract expires at the end of the season, so it will renew Whitworth's contract for another year to ensure that the tigers will retain at least one veteran's offensive front when promoting young attacking frontline players.

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