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buying a shirt is undoubtedly the simplest way for a fan to express love for the team. The value of the fans is more on the shirt badge, may ignore the Jersey brand. However, it is a battlefield for the game of life and death for the garment manufacturers. It is because the battle between the shirt sponsorship brands can sometimes make the club gain and gain more money to strengthen its strength. "Red Devils" shirt sponsorship record , let's not see Manchester United's performance in the Premier League has slipped. But the brand value of the red devil has always been the highest in the world. Until May this year, it was caught up and down by second in Bayern. According to British media, Manchester United will sign a new large Jersey sponsorship agreement with Nike, which has a total value of 300 million pounds in 5 years, almost 3 times the current bilateral contracts, which is also a new world record. In addition to the annual sponsorship fee of 60 million pounds, Manchester United continues to have the right to sell the shi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rt, which is equivalent to about 15 million pounds a year. As a result, the actual total value of the contract can actually reach 375 million pounds. also made a sponsorship agreement with Chevrolet. From next season, the LOGO of Chevrolet will appear on the United Jersey. The contract will reach 357 million pounds in 2021, and it will be about 51 million pounds per year. Manchester United and Nike's present contract was signed in 2002, with a total of 13 years of sponsorship of 303 million, and about 23 million 300 thousand pounds a year. The biggest football sponsorship contract in the football world is Real Madrid, and the value of Adidas's contract is 31 million pounds per year (the annual sponsorship contract of Barcelona and Nike is about 28 million pounds). Manchester United will be signing a new contract, with a total value of two times the Real Madrid contract. There is no doubt that Nike is called "KO" Adidas, Nike also considered retaliation for the old rivals in the defeat of the peninsula "for". "old woman" is the most expensive although the recent Juve in Serie A and Europe Guanlian defeat, but recently there are good news: from the beginning of the 2015~2016 season, Adidas will become a Juventus shirt sponsor, the two sides signed a 6 year contract, worth 190 million euros, an average of more than 30 million euros per season. In this way, the top 3 of the Serie A, Adidas from the original only to sponsor AC Milan into the simultaneous sponsorship of Juve and AC Milan, Nike only a piece of land left. AC Milan has recently renewed its contract with Adidas 1〉The official website of NFL | packers coach Mccarthy | football years contract renewal Green Bay Packers announced on Monday that the team has signed a long - term contract renewal with coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy). packers coach Mccarthy has entered the ninth year, during which he led the team to get 1 Super Bowl champion, 4 National League North title and 6 times in the playoffs. We are very happy to extend the contract with Mike, Ted Thompson, the general manager, said in a statement. In the past 9 years, as an excellent coach and leader, he has brought excellent stability and outstanding achievements to the packers and fans. He is a good coach and we expect Mike to be the future of our coach. Mccarthy won 93 victories during the period of being a packing manager, which is the third best record of team history, behind legendary coach Vince long Bardi (Vince) (98) and team founder Cory Lombardi (212) (212). since the two sides in the offseason to negotiate a new contract. But before the renewal of the manager, the team renewed the contract with TAD Thompson, the general manager, for several years in June. This is one of the best general manager of the league, chief coach, has led the packaging workers to become a strong force in recent years. Since the 2008 season, the team has never had a much less season. Green Bay is 5 - 3, second in the north, and their attack team is expected to lead them into the playoffs for sixth years. Mccarthy and Thompson will continue to build a team around the quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers). Rodgers's contract will expire after the 2019 season. The combination of the three made the packers excellent for the three most important position of a successful NFL team. After signing a new contract, they will continue to win together in the foreseeable future.that's right. It's called Easter eggs. Are you sure you understand it? it is hard to believe that the game was not in Newton (Cam Newton) - Kamm was banned in the contract, but we believe that the team management would like player in basketball matches and cycling or fracture concussion rather than fracture in the inflated bubble. , anyway, the impact is not very big. Maybe for a Newton who runs in a strong defensive group all his life, it will be a good solution.The Irish national team, with the spirit of equality, is a team soul and has a lot of pride. UMBRO subtly integrates the soul and pride of the team into the shirt, allowing it to flow quietly on each line. There is a string of special code in the Celtic neckline. It's the latitude and longitude coordinates of the national team's Dublin Aviva stadium. What a smart design!

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