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The official website of NFL | activated the Seahawks cornerback Ryan, sacked Brown | Rugby local time on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Ryan announced the activation (Jeremy Lane), and add it into the list of 53 national people's congress. In addition, the team cut back the running guard Bruce - Brown (Bruce Brown). Ryan was injured in a super bowl, and he was injured in the anterior cruciate ligament after he finished the copy. Lane in the past 3 weeks have participated in the training team, not surprisingly this week will be played. His return to the Seahawks second tier is a timely supplement. This week, the Seahawks against Pittsburgh Steelers, in addition to the league's top wide cheap nfl jerseys free shipping receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown), Weiss - Bryant Mata (Martavis Bryant) the same can not be overlooked. for running back Brown, this was his second consecutive cut by the Seahawks weekend. Due to the operation of Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), the hawk re signed him back into the array. But a few days later, the team gave up again.The official website of NFL | Justin Smith to return to San Francisco but not | Rugby last year, 49 of San Francisco's defensive end Justin Smith (Justin Smith) retired after 14 years of occupation career. recently revealed that the veteran was going to return but did not want to return to the 49. If Smith chooses to make a comeback, 49 people have the right to leave him, perhaps this will affect Smith's final decision. The best example is the attack cutting front Anthony Davies (Anthony Davis). if Smith really decided to come back then it was unlikely that the 49 would be able to deal with him because he was 37 years old. over the past 14 seasons Smith has completed 613 escapement, 87 escapement, and 5 professional bowls.Xinbaoxun bargaining no results, the new season NBA may "game over", eager to find the money for new players. The day before yesterday, Lebron James said to the Rugby League (NFL), "when is the deadline for NFL to sign a free player?" And yesterday, the NFL team manager gave him a special shirt. source: Beijing Yuyuexinbao editor: Wang Xiaoyi _NE0011Time will not | pony running back NFL official website to reduce | by dropping the ball and football for Indianapolis's pony, whether it can limit the number of mistakes will be an important prerequisite for how far they can go in the playoffs. The quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) must reduce the number of intercepted times, and the running guard Daniel HLEN (Daniel) must avoid dropping the ball. with the Cincinnati tigers in the wild card race, Herron appeared 2 times off the ball, which caused 1 times the ball right away pony. On this point, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) said: "you can't do that, can't do this. He did well in the game, but the two shots were unacceptable. We have to control the ball, he knows, I know, every one of the team must be aware of that. The most important thing in the game is the right to master the ball. Of course, we will continue to use him and still trust him. He has a strong ability to learn, and he will realize where his problems are and that he has the ability to do better. Herron as the team's No. three running back in the beginning of the season, Ahmad - Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) for the season after he defeated Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) to become the first team. On the whole, his performance was satisfactory. For a little horse, Heron needs to give the team more support from the ground if he wants to go further in the playoffs.

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