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The official website of NFL | Romo ready to fight the game for | football day before the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) said that as long as the team needs him, he can play in the regular season. Last week after the intervertebral disc protruding operation, he first took part in the game and completed a total of 14 offense. ROM said: "obviously, I will be different after the operation, but there is no problem in finishing the competition. If I don't think I can play a complete match, then I will not know whether I can finish every offensive in the preseason, and this is rugby. Romo is likely to take part in the match against Miami dolphins this week, but his time is still unknowns. This he said: for every game I don't think what happened is a hundred percent sure, we will discuss the game and make arrangements for the match, and finally to make a plan, and I'm going to carry it. cowboy coach Jason jialite (Jason Garrett) has been poin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ted out by game time can be expected, but it is not guaranteed, because of his back injury is uncertain factors. We are trying to get by, every player is ready. We didn't use the word of caution because we really wanted him to be ready as the first match against the 49 people in San Francisco. During the period of in fact in the training camp, the team has been very cautious by training time, he almost no training for more than 2 days, have always been given sufficient time to rest. in the rest of the time he said he felt made good preparation for the start of the season, like last year at this time. I felt I had a lot of rest and time, and I had a rest season over last year, and now I feel a part of the team. There was a time, Romo feel from surgery may not be able to reply, but last week of the preseason, so many people believe that he can freely by moving in the pocket, even made a touchdown pass. said he: I don't think what is the key, I feel more and more health and try to do some things, I just do what I can do, maybe one day I will finish it, what if I didn't do it, then what will happen. But he also said there is no one thing can always prove his health as well as the game. He did everything he could, and then it was better to work with the attack team.The official website of NFL | Atlanta falcons player: we know Norman | football Carolina Black Panther's Josh Norman (Josh Norman) is now the league's undisputed best corner guard. It is also known that he likes to talk trash to his opponents before and during matches, such as the dispute between Odell and the New York giants who took the Odell Beckham Jr. last week. Beckham was banned from after the match. Norman was fined 26000 dollars, and the Atlanta Falcon players who were going to face the challenge of the Black Panther revealed their understanding of Norman before. falcons linebacker Obrien Schofield (O'Brien Schofield) said: "we've had his loss, he had crossed our area before the game, and then we who are warming up, our linebacker coach asked him to leave at that time, Norman slowly to the coach, then he looked at our coach then, slowly walk, this is obviously a hint. believes the alliance won't let it happen again in Atlanta.The official website of NFL | Iraq will still missed Hassel Beck may continue to start | football on Monday, Indianapolis Pagano Pagano Chuck Pagano Beck Matt Matt Beck, a quarterback, was injured in Houston's competition in the last match. is not enough to allow Hassel Beck to rest in the next game against the Miami dolphin. He said on Tuesday that he thought Hassel and Beck, who had already left the field in the past three games, could still be the first to make their debut, completing their eighth start of the season. ????????????????????????????????????3?????????????????????????|????????????????????????????-?????????Charlie Whitehurst?????쨢???????3?????????????3????????????????????????????????? if they win the next match and have the hope of entering the playoffs in the last week, the pony will face the question of whether the Andrew Luck is ready to return to the match. Andrew. Pagano didn't want to make such a distant estimate on Tuesday. But LAK himself said he wanted to pass the doctor's examination and play the battle of Tennessee's regular season, no matter whether he had the chance to enter the playoffs. may have different opinions on the idea of LAK, but that's the subject of the next week.Jan 23, 2018Who should have made the All-Star Game this year?Here were my picks for each conference, including who I found most deserving but was left off by the NBA coaches, as well as which All-Stars I left off. Insider To read Kevin Pelton's full ballot for the 2018 All-Star starters, become an Insider today. Subscribe Log In View Insider Benefits Magazine subscribers:activate your Insider account.

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