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Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus - Bradley (Gus Bradley) at the end of May to attack the hand of Saunders said Esther (Ace Sanders) in the offseason's performance is very good". But on Friday, the team announced that it had cut the three - grade player. Saunders was selected in the fourth round of the 2013 draft, and he was considered to be a role player. In 27 games for the Jaguars played in his 57 ball 539 yards and 1 touchdowns, 57 punt return average 6.4 yards. He finished 51 hits in the 2013 season, but the number dropped to 6 times in the last season. He was 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighed 176 pounds, and he never became a back - tapping player to change the game. However, layoffs still surprise, the original local media that he can leave the team as a punt returner. Saunders was banned from playing in the first four games of the 2014 season because of his violation of the drug abuse rule, and it was difficult for him to compete in a group of young Jaguars. Alan - Robinson (Allen Robinson), Li (Marqise Lee) - Kido, Alan - Hearns (Allen Hurns) - Green and rookie Rashard (Rashad Greene) will become the first team this season took over No. four.The official websi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping te of NFL | trial of | Mustang rugby and bass two kicker ferry The main Denver Broncos kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus) in Miami last week in the face of dolphins game missed a 33 yard shot, almost let the team lost the game, but before Macmanus tried 5 times more than 40 yards shot 3 times missed. After Macmanus's shooting, he could see that his teammates were very angry and disappointed. As for the coach and management, they began to think about finding new kickers instead of Macmanus. According to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the Mustang will be on Tuesday on as a free agent veteran Jay Faria (Jay Feely) trial, another veteran kicker Kono - Bass (Connor Barth) will also be on trial. After all, every shot in the playoffs may determine the trend and result of the game. It is imperative to choose an old future instead of the rookie.Seattle Seahawks rushed the ball because the horse Sean - Lynch in the last season (Marshawn Lynch) leave, injuries and bad line performance. The number of other parts of the team has a chain reaction that can not be obtained by the attack. In the last season, the Seahawks have more than 60% of the attack is the ball attack, and in the 2015 season, this figure is just over 51%. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said the Seahawks plan took more rushed ball in the new season to ESPN. "we're sure," Carol said. "We cut the ball more than 100 times in the last season. This basically explains everything. Basically, this is the reason that all things have become so. The defense team has to play more time. We have to pass more. We have to carry on more pass protection because we have trouble in the attack. Carol also said: "when the quarterback position is in a mess, plus the running position is in trouble, everyone is injured, so we can't find the rhythm. So I think we're going to get the ball up again this year. sign Eddie RESINES Haiying (Eddie Lacy) in reinforcing have Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) and C.J. (C.J. Prosise) general Seth running back position, if three of them can stay healthy, then they may be running back can be composed of the most powerful union.A brief Autobiography of Newton Kamm, NFL official website: the sky is just my scenery, football nest American football quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) debut at the Auburn University to win the Heisman trophy and won the MVP regular season debut in the Panthers I know you can understand why everyone deserves a second chance - Kamm Newton outline 1989, Kim - Newton was born in Atlanta, 2007 was the top high school football program invited to join. After graduating from high school, because the love of Florida university system, he began to choose to attend at the crocodile (Florida Gators) after the team due to Tim Tebow for a starting position, Newton had to transfer to the Auburn University for the first opportunity, and in 2010 won the Heisman trophy and led the team to win the title. In 2011, he was officially chosen by the Black Panther as the champion and became a big star of the league. At the end of 2015, he was officially selected as the League regular season MVP and led the team into the fiftieth Super Bowl. early Cameron jerrill - Newton was born in May 11, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. Newton is the second of the three children in the family, from a sports and paid family. Mother Jackie pays attention to the children's learning, while dad Cecil focuses on the children's rugby training and housework. At 's West Lake high school in Atlanta, Newton quickly got the attention of University scouts from all over the country. Tall swift like black tiger, Newton also has the infinite strength, arm peers can match the cannon, the more abnormal is flexible and fast as wide receiver in his footsteps. By the second of the year, Newton received invitation letters and scholarship commitments from all kinds of top universities. Among them, the closest to his home is the University of Georgia, the Virginia University of science and technology, and the University of Florida. crocodile rugby eventually chose to start his NCAA career at the University of Florida. Many people thought Newton had made the most correct choice in his life. He thought Newton would play his greatest strength and start his gorgeous career in the crocodile team when he was under Urban Meyer. The success of the team behind the crocodile is the real devil training, team training includes a wrestling, one purpose of God covers tigers on the land, you give me to eat soil. The quarterback training usually does not contain vulgar violence but Newton, a six foot five, 230 pounds of nimble Han never taboo in this kind of training. As an older one.

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