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the new season, "gunmen" will continue to write by Herbert · Chapman (Herbert Chapman) a red and white history, New Jersey has a classic appearance, combined with the trend of design of Puma and the one and only exclusive details inspired "every one gunman in the big family. new shirt in red deeper than ever, derived from the right side of the club badge, exudes a deep sense of history. The double color Polo collar with buttons is elegant and stylish, matching the identity of the big team who has been fighting in the top league since 1919. to commemorate fifty years ago (1967) cannon badge first appeared in the club, the new ball collar after introducing the cannon, the symbol of the white, now it has become the exclusive pattern of Arsenal Footbal cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l club. as before, the New Jersey with Puma in the front and back of the ACTV Thermo-R technology, to help the players to keep the optimal temperature in movement. The unique phase change material is used in the motion stick of the inside of the shirt, which absorbs excess heat and releases it back into the body. Sticking to the body can also play a micro massage effect on the skin, help athletes play the best level, and provide athletes with faster and more effective energy supply. "gunmen" the new season with green jersey goalkeeper home court, introducing fashionable decorative circular dot shoulder. Like the home shirt, the white cannon marks were placed behind the collar, remembrance of the artillery badge for the first time fifty years ago on the club shirt.when the patriots are second preseason games, star tight end rob Gelon 'is preparing regression combat training, got a few big friends support his rehabilitation in knee surgery in. He exercises the ball in the side and Brady, star cornerback as Lyle ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis.) "defense" is certainly not contact him. Gelon 'ready to crash before, this is a good training. after training on Sunday, Gelon Sikorski said: "some people defense than one single run line ball training is much more interesting, bypassing the front defender, started a little like the game. Lives sometimes gave me a little bit of pressure, forcing me to deviate from my own running route, which all made me recover faster. asked if Lives only in the block, and work in the new team, Gelon kousky replied: "this is the basis of practice for me, but he can also have feeling. He's just giving me a bit of defensive pressure now, and in fact, after I'm back, he's going to practice against me. The basic training of Jean G Ron Kowski and Brady more tacit understanding. news: Gelon kousky resumed trainingin the 2014 season, De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) was the biggest boost to Toni - ROM (Tony Romo). Their friendship not only on the pitch, in the course of the relationship is also very good. When was interviewed by a Dezhou reporter, Romo expressed his idea: "it all happened, so we had to face it. Until today I assume that we can leave Murray, obviously this is not the best solution. I lost a close friend. I was very sad. We had a salary cap and other things to decide. So the team just played their role. Of course, Hawks attached great importance to him. In the off-season when Romo has been expressed hope that Murray's desire to leave. Murray finished 1845 yards in the cowboy last season and 13, let's look forward to his new season performance.The League vagrant Jordan Todman (Jordan Todman) found a new home. , according to the media, has signed a contract with the Dezhou people, two days ago, who had just been dissolved by the jet. Todman has removed a lot of teams, lightning, Vikings, jaguars, panthers, Steelers and pony has his footprint. , a fairly reliable back - tapping player, finished a 99 - yard kick back attack last year in a pony, winning the award for the best team player of the week.

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