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Newcastle United 2015-16 home court jerseys for the traditional black and white shirt, white five black bars design plus gold Puma trademark. In order to have a unique design, with a blue wave dark stripe Jersey design black bars, and eye-catching blue Wonga trademark is breaking the 2015-16 Newcastle shirt neat appearance.according to the NFL official website reporter, the former New Orleans Saint Ben front Ben Grubbs has agreed with the Kansas City chieftain on a 4 year contract worth $24 million. The 31 year old will enjoy a 8 million guarantee. grub was twice selected for the career bowl, and he signed a 5 - year contract with the saints in the 2012 season, worth $36 million. Grubrus is going to take 6 million 600 thousand dollars in the basic salary next season. The saints want him to accept a pay cut, and after the negotiations, the saints deal with the Sheikh and return to a 5 round draft. Then the chief and grous signed a new contract. despite his poor performance last season, grub has been cheap nfl jerseys free shipping steady in the past 8 seasons and is able to control his injuries well. During the period, he was only absent from 10 games. After the loss of Rodney - Hodson (Rodney Hudson), the chief hoped that the arrival of gwus would strengthen the team's defensive ability to attack the inside of the front."feels almost blind." The Philadelphia hawk quarterback Randall Cunningham. in the history of NFL, there are many competitions that are known for weather conditions. This battle called Eagle bear is known as "Fog Bowl". The Chicago bear team met the Philadelphia hawks at the Chicago warrior stadium in the NFL playoffs before New Year's Eve in 1988. The bears in the first half with a quarterback Mike Tomczak and Dennis McKinnon's 64 yard pass end ball and scored a game first touchdown. And the hawk went all the way to the 26 yards of the bear team in the next attack. But the eagle hawk Luis Zendejas took 43 yards, and missed the end of the hawk's offensive. But then, Eagle hawk Seth Joyner cut off a passing pass of Tomczak, and the eagle got the ball again, and Zendejas completed the 42 yard goal shot, then the score was 7:3. but next, the hawk had two serious mistakes in the advance, which made their two Atlanta null and void! Saikuang enters the stalemate, until Zendejas again for the Hawks scored a 29 yard free kick will be worse at 1 points! The bear team, in the subsequent attack, also took the color - they pushed 44 yards and completed a 4 - yard flush run by Neal Anderson, then shot into the additional shot. At the end of the half of the game, the two teams were in a separate set, at which point the score was 17:9 and the bears were ahead. accident occurred in the first half two minutes before the end of the stadium and the warrior to float over the will of course completely covered, visibility dropped sharply to fifteen yards to! Both sides can not even see the border line and the first offensive LOGO! After the game entered the third Festival, the bear team quarterback Tomczak was injured. The thick fog caused the two teams to start the full attack of the road, which also added a little trouble to the eagle's score. in the second half of the second half of each team shot into a position ball, the score was finally locked at 20:12, the bear team wins. under the influence of thick fog, the worst of all is the quarterback. The quarterback hawk quarterback Randall Cunningham has passed 407 yards in the match, but he hasn't got a touchdown and has been copied three times. It's not difficult to understand his complaint. The last thing has to say is that the fog is affected not only by the players but also by the audience and the broadcast. CBS explains Verne Lundquist and Terry Bradshaw to make a joke - about three p.m.: Lundquist: "Cunningham is going to pass the ball, oh no, it's going to run, but it was captured fourth times... The amount of the amount, wait. "The official website of NFL | Lamar - Houston: Rodgers is a bit arrogant | football in the past two seasons, Lamar Houston (Lamarr Houston) plays basketball in Chicago bears, but he is not stingy to share with you the character of Aaron packer quarterback Aaron Aaron. When recently interviewed ESPN reporters, he told reporters that he was a little arrogant in front of me and that he himself was a bit arrogant. then Houston did not stop attacking our trash North Union's old rival, of course also expressed respect for Rodgers, he said: he is the leader of the packers, and I'm the bears, so that he deserves my respect, he is a great player as a quarterback, I respect that however, the touchdown after the belt celebration is really annoys me. last time the two men met in last year's Thanksgiving war. Houston completed a capture on Rodgers. Houston said, "after catching up, I didn't see him because I didn't finish second. I really didn't like him. last season, Houston completed 8 personal arrest and 42 tackles. In the 2016 season, Houston had the chance to meet Rodgers 2 times, sixth and fifteenth weeks respectively.

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