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The official website of NFL | Manning missed the full training, return air | football Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) quickly faded out of the field in a week. After deciding that he would not play in the Chicago bear game this weekend, Manning didn't even attend any training this week. revealed that Manning was not involved in any activities related to the team this week, including training and meetings, according to the NFL official. The 4 - grade quarterback, Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler), will have his first career. Manning is not on any exchange and Oswald Willard, as this week's game has nothing to do with him. related reporters have told a number of players that the wild horse players will return to training for Manning and when to return to the first issue. At present, the team has not arranged any timetable for Manning, and the legendary quarterback may have a more serious injury problem than it had imagined. News reported at the same time, coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) that will be Manning's health as the first objective of the present. Local time on November 29th, the Mustang will be against the new England patriots, fans are looking forward to have the opportunity to see Manning and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) grips again.The official website of NFL | New York jets signed tackle Ryan creditOn | Rugby a few days ago the New York jets left Jiefeng de Braque Shaw Ferguson (D Brickashaw Ferguson) sudde cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nly retired from making jet management group be startled at. But the jets are ready for the next few days. according to NFL media news, jet has signed Denver Ryan's Clady Ryan, also includes a 7 round of draft, and the jet has given a fifth round draft. The deal was also seen as a wild horse to make pay space for the trade in Colin Kaepernick. Credi is 29 years old. He has had a history of injuries. In the 2014 season, he only attended 2 games because of tarsal tarsal joint injuries. Last season, cruciate ligament laceration was absent. in his 6 season of health, Credi was the top left off in the league. He had been selected for the first team of the professional bowl 2 play switch automatically play the Winter Olympics which is the most popular item? 90 seconds let you know that the hockey is loading... Tencent sports news Pingchang Winter Olympics begin in Beijing on February 9th at 7:30 in the evening held a grand opening ceremony in Pingchang on February 10th, ice hockey (women's) officially began, the men's competition will be in February 15th opened Zhanmu, we first look at the group match between men and women man: A Czech, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada B Slovakia, the Russian Olympic team, the United States, the Slovenia C Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden women: A Finland, the United States, Canada, the Russian Olympic team B Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea and Korea the Olympics hockey game will have teams from 13 countries and regions to participate in the competition, because the drug problem, Russian national team can only participate in the women's game with a neutral status, in addition to the Japanese national team, the other 7 teams in the country will participate in the men's game, in addition, the women's competition will be a team in North Korea and South korea. The contest is approaching, although the Olympics hockey game because of various reasons lead to very big players can not play on the pitch, will make many stars seem bleak, but the major international events held every four years we still have to moderate concern, especially the team jerseys, also highlights their characteristics. Today let us tour a shirt design team, to see which team cut more new in order to be different which team jerseys, and worth a tucao. Czech national team team uniform 1. Czech Czech is a country with both domineering and aristocracy, which can be seen from their shirt. The Czech team continued before the Winter Olympic Games shirt style, the middle is still the coat of arms of the perfect fit for this shirt, shirt with sleeves in half and made minor adjustments, explains how to break the style of pure red jersey has been. Korean national team team uniform 2. Korea South Korea, as the host of the tournament, naturally wants to make a breakthrough in its performance. However, although many famous professional players in men's competitions did not come to Pingchang, the deep ice hockey in Europe and America, as well as a large number of talent reserves, are enough for Koreans to have a pot. Results may still be abused, but has to face the South Koreans don't want to lose and lose their shirts in the design but under the foot work, even sent officials to the United States and to provide the Olympics Hockey Jersey for a leading Brand Company to discuss related design concepts. Although a lot of sports facilities near the host are still quite imperfections with journalists, but the appearance of this shirt is still higher.headline: Rugby holds black technology, and NFL implants the data tracking chip to the game NFL has been progressively pushing forward its own data collection program. The US Zebra Technologies Corp (Zebra Technologies) has announced that in the 2017 season, the company will provide hardware support for NFL, and all rugby balls will be embedded in the chip. The chip embedded in the game has a radio frequency identification function (RFID), which can be used to collect real-time data on the field. The alliance will put these data in the "Next-Gen data program" that is developing. TV commentators can also use these data to broadcast the matches. The data will also be sent to the league competition committee for analysis and review to determine the use of the ball in the game. However, at present, in this way the collected information accuracy is not enough to assist the referee for some of the decisions, such as whether a touchdown, the ball in the attack in the exact location and whether the ball out of the sidelines. last season, NFL tested microchip microchips in rugby in the pre - season and quarterly regular Thursday night games. Considering that in the past three seasons, the accuracy of free kick has climbed to an astonishing 85%. The league wants to reduce the distance between goals to make it more difficult to shoot and free kick, so that the game will be more exciting. So the key point of the test is to record the distance between all successful free balls after entering the goal, so that the league competition committee should consider whether the goal distance should be reduced according to the test data. since the 2014 season, similar chip implants have been used on the shoulder pads of the NFL player's shirt. Regarding the use of this technology in rugby, the alliance commissioned Zebra Technologies Corp to cooperate with Wilson Sporting Goods Co (Wilson Sporting Goods) to develop the chip to ensure that the chip will not affect the movement or change the shape of the ball in the competition. Gil, · and Staier Fox, the vice president and position solution manager of Zebra Technologies Corp, said that the chip was light to 3 grams and was implanted in the production process of rugby, Jill.

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