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The NFL website, JJ W is expected next week to return to the team training in football nest previously Houston Dezhou's star defensive line player JJ Watt (J.J.Watt) claimed that he would miss several games in the regular season. Watt recently announced that he will return to the team training before the fourth pre-season match. , according to news news, may be able to train next week, which means he may be involved in the first week of the game. last month Watt end back surgery, originally expected recovery time is 8-10 weeks, 10 weeks if it means Watt will miss the first regular season and second weeks, if can return to training next week so Watt in the first week of competition will be much higher probability. Houston, Dezhou coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said he thought Watt would come back earlier. Though he wasn't sure Watt's recovery, it clearly represented the voice of Houston fans.Cleveland Brown's new rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) has attracted much attention from the entry of NFL. Before the start of the season, he had just topped the top of the shirt sales list. And now, he has broken a NFL official record - the pre - season record. according to the "sports economy" magazine's John - o'rand (John Ourand) and Dani cheap nfl jerseys free shipping el (Daniel Kaplan) analysis, Kaplan Saturday night against Brown lions game created new preseason record ratings. The report said about 2 million 820 thousand spectators were paying attention to Manzel's first game, which was 40% higher than the record of the 2007 Hall of fame. At that time, about 2 million 70 thousand of the spectators watched the game. With the attention of so many spectators, is not disappointing, too. He pushed 63 yards from the 11 pass 7, and got 27 yards for the 6 ball run. Although not able to get the array, but "Jonny Johnny (Football)" still left a deep impression. At present, Manzel is in the upper hand with Heuer's quarterback quarterback. If Manzel performs well in the next match, he will probably occupy the position of the first quarterback. It is believed that such a game will attract more audience's attention. [related news] Manzel's first show of Brown's first quarterback of the quarterback of the white hot Beijing time on Monday, September 12th, at 8:30 a.m., NFL ushered in the first Sunday night game of the 2016 season. The lack of star quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of the new England patriots at Feinikesi University Stadium, the Arizona Cardinals in the home court challenge. Tom Brady as "bleeding" incident was suspended for four games, Jimmy Poirot's backup quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo) the game will serve as the Patriots starting quarterback. In addition, the Patriots star tight end rob lattice (Rob Gronkowski) Longkaofusiji injury will miss the game, Hugh season to join the main former Chicago bears tight end Matruh J - Bennet (Martellus Bennett) will be a tight end appear in the team name list. It is worth mentioning that in order to commemorate the 911 attack 15th anniversary, former president George Bush and now president Barack Obama have made a video speech and broadcast on the major TV stations before the eve of the eve of the National Anthem ceremony on Sunday night. with the Patriots kicker Stephen kousky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) kickoff return array, the official start of the race. The Cardinals didn't take the lead into the attack rhythm, had to punt early. The Patriots, who got the right to get the ball, were blocked on the ground, but they pushed through the ball and scored for the first time. The unmarked receiver Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) after four minutes Did Gallo Polo pass, 37 yards touchdown, the Patriots quickly set up a 7:0 lead. Cardinals quarterback Carson again attempt to attack, Palmer (Carson Palmer) - Freud Michael cross found (Michael Floyd) for 39 yards, but then they failed to get the first attack, again to punt the ball. The Patriots way advancing to the Cardinals 29 yard line half, kicker Guest Kowski with a 47 yard free kick will expand the score to 10:0. main running back David Johnson (David Johnson) became the Cardinals offense. At the beginning of the second quarter, Johnson helped the Cardinals to kick a range, but then Palmer was defensive end Chris long (Chris Long) captured and killed, the other cardinals in the 39 yard line had to punt again. Subsequently, the Cardinals defensive group stood out, before the Patriots, the Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) four Weijialuoboluo three captured and killed the old club, and caused Poirot off the ball in the Garo patriots 39 yard line. However, due to the Cardinals during the celebration to eat a taunt opponents in violation of the spirit of sports (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) foul, can only start from the 46 yard line of attack. Fortunately, the Cardinals did not waste the opportunity to advance their way to the new England 3 yard line by red ball David Johnson, and eventually.Kansas City Chiefs finally decided to take over foreign Dwyne powe (Dwayne Bowe) said goodbye. Local time on Thursday, the chief official sacked Bowie, ended the 8 season both sides a cooperative relationship. Previously, the Emir had announced the signing of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), which also accelerated the vagabov leave. as the 2007 season first round picks, vagabov once considered the most dangerous in the League wide receiver. The 2010 season, he finished 15 touchdowns to lead the league, but then his data is decreasing year by year. A disastrous 2014 season, he finished only 754 yards to advance the ball, failed to complete the 1 touchdowns. Before the 2013 season, the Emirates and Beauvais on a period of 5 years, 56 million of the value of the contract agreement. The next season he will enter the third years of the original contract, the basic wage Boweiben can get 10 million 750 thousand, resulting in 14 million impact on the salary cap. After the release, the team can make up more than 5 million of the salary space. vagabov downturn and chiefs quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) and the ability of playing style are closely related, experts believe that still have the ability to become the first-class vagabov alliance outside over again. If you can find a suitable new owner, vagabov has the strength to stage a comeback.

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