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3 month 13 days, according to the well-known Spanish media "soccer gentleman" the latest reports, the Spanish giants Barcelona, launched the ultimate purchase to Atletico Madrid's famous French striker Griezmann, Barcelona out of the seller and the players can not refuse the offer. Griezmann in 2016 to help the French team won the European Cup runner up, also help Ma Jing reached a new height in La Liga and the Champions League, he could move to leave Atletico last summer, but because be banned signings, Griezmann left the club in recognition of his loyalty, allowed him to leave in the this summer, the penalty is only 100 million euros. media, Barcelona have been issued 100 million euros, and give out a lucrative Griezmann personal treatment: the French will get up to 20 million euros after tax salary, the contract period of 5 years, 5 years of wages is 1 hundred million, in the Barcelona squad after superstar Messi ranked second. not only so, Barcelona also promised to arrange Griezmann wearing a team jersey No. 7, from the transfer fee paid to the jersey number, all in all, are fully described Barcelona for Griezmann, it is of considerable importance.The playoffs have second games in the semifinals of the playoffs, and No. three seed Dallas cowboy for the cold Blaupunkt stadium to challenge No. two seed Green Bay Packers. The packers trailed the case 26-21 victory over the cowboys, promo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tion in the National League Championship Series, they will visit the Seattle Seahawks challenge. on the first half of the game offensive by cowboys, but their first attack suffered a blow and a shout. In the face of three 5 yards under quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) was the packers linebacker Julius peipers (Julius Peppers) captured and killed to drop the ball, fortunately he snatched off the ball, but the Cowboys ended the first attack wave. The Cowboys punt gave the packers a good kick off position, this wave of attack let packers running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) took over most of his offensive task, in this wave of attack 7 times to help the team to punch the ball 45 yards, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers calf injury (Aaron Rodgers) is responsible for the score in the last minute, he found nearly 4 yards passing end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Leeds boast complete 7-0 touchdowns, leading the packers. The cowboy who got the chance to attack again began to attack from the 38 yards of his side by attacking Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris), which is similar to that of the packers. This wave of attack ran Wei dema branch - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 7 red ball 17 yards passing forward Romo but also very effective, directly from the cowboy packers 17 yard line to the 1 yard line finally packers pass interference at 1 yards passing foul, Romo found guard Taylor Crewe Mainz (Tyler Clutts) completed a touchdown. The cowboy equals the score. The second - wave attack on Green Bay also relied on the kick back to get a good start. I do not know why in this wave of attack before play an important role in running Wei Lei Xi did not play, so the packers running back James Starks replacement (James Starks) undertake to punch the ball task, this wave of attack continue to use the packers to punch the ball and pass the way forward, but the packers in advance to the cowboy mistake in kickoff the 27 yard line, Rodgers snatched off the ball again after dropping the ball, cowboy was right to get the ball back. The cowboy is also used to punch the ball and pass the offense, but on the offensive to the packers 38 yard line, passing over Romo found outside the Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams), the latter way into the end zone to complete a 38 yard touchdown. The cowboy is 14-7. The wrapper, who started the attack again, was unable to work this time, and had to choose the kicking after 15 yards. The cowboy ushered in a golden opportunity to expand the advantage, they rely on a stable and rushed the ball to play Murray Romo pass from time to time steadily forward, but the score in the game with 48 seconds once confused. This time to face the second 7 yards, Romo completed near end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) 8 yards to the new.Suzhou Huo Feng century August "evergreen Cup" old bowling competition results | Bowling Suzhou Huo Feng century August "evergreen Cup" the old bowling competition ended, a total of 44 people participate in, with an average age of 62, won by 72 year old Ms. Mao Meifeng, 3, a total of 632 points!The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - don't say goodbye (final) | football November 30, 2015, all-powerful NBA star, 37 year old Kobe Bryant announced the next will be my last season, then all the games, Kobe was the hero's cheering fans. The winter of 2015, MLB slugger David Ortis Torre Pro for the 2016 season is the last season, I believe he would have been similar to the same courtesy of Kobe. In this season, the NFL world will not calm, veteran safety Charles Woodson frankly, will retire after the 2015 season, and 18 years ago in the Heisman award in defeat to the man Woodson -- Payton - but Manning was still thinking about fighting even dream. in the spring of 2015, placid, fresh young blood into the occupation League, two quarterback Jamis Winston and Marcus Mario Kobita as the first and second information into the league, people Namanning and Ryan leaf story teasing two young people in the future, this time it was discovered that Manning had for 18 years. experienced less happy 2014 quarter horse in the offseason do adjustment, John elvy early cut coach John - Fawkes, Gary - back to the old acquaintances in kubiak. In 1983, the 22 year old quarterback Kubiak was eighth round of election, life for the first time to join the Denver Mustang camp; in 1995, 34 year old Kubiak returned to the Mustang, as offensive coordinator, guidance than he was a year old older John elvy, then go through two consecutive years; finally in 2015, the 55 year old elvy already ingrained the general manager position in the Mustang, tour Kubiak third career to join the Mustang, and this time, become a coach. defense group, Jack - Del - Rio to Raiders coach, elvy was forced to find new defense commander, to finalize the successor is the same old acquaintances, coach Wade - Phillips elvy occupation career peak period, Phillips has been a wild horse defensive coordinator, Wade as coach bud Phillips's son as a coach, no achievement, but coach defense always immediately turn bad into good, the 2011 quarter and Kubiak people in Dezhou together, the new season and Cudicini came back to a dream place to start. compared to the spring of 2014 on 2015, during the offseason, the Mustang in the free market can be described as disastrous losses, for the privilege of leaving de Ma Liusi label - Thomas, but could not stop Julius - Thomas, Weiss - Terrence, Orlando - Wilk, Knighton - Franklin, Manuel - Ramirez, Raheem - Moore have to leave Ryan Credi the injured will also miss the entire season, leaving a long list of star list for the Mustang from bright stars into night long stars. 〉

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