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The official website of NFL, safety Taylor Metz will be in the trial, the Patriots football nest safety Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays) throughout the 2016 season did not play, but he won't give up hope to NFL career. According to the NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Maes will be on trial this weekend patriots rookie Mini camp, trying to get the list of locations. mays a year ago in violation of the NFL doping was suspended for four games, the summer was suspended for four games and led the Tigers with punishment, he surrender. Maes fought 14 games in the Raiders in 2015. Aigo do not need safety, but Romes outstanding performance, he may be a patriot, and finally prove to them myself for a large list of roles. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Bowling competition | ring Yang Wei happiness back side competition circle Yang Wei's feeling of happiness back to Chinese sports newspaper reporter Du Jie in bowling matches, a little deviation of movement and a slight fluctuation of psychology and mood will produce different results, so it is very difficult for champions to predict. In other words, it is not easy to keep a fairly high level of state in a bowling match. ???????????????????4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? especially China occupation bowling tour final scene: the game between Yang Wei and Liaoning's Wang Zhiyong, two people ar cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e right-handed arc play, also seems to be the same level. The 3 games and 2 wins are nervous to hold their breath unconsciously... At a critical moment, it is more psychological than a spell. In determining the outcome of the third inning, Yang Wei finally hit consecutive victory locked 3 full, and became the first champion Chinese first born occupation bowling tournament. At this time, Yang Wei, to change the competition in the silent, excitedly waving the fist... Yang Wei was tied to bowling, a kind of unexplained and unexplained fate. 9 years old that year, the first time Yang Wei followed his father to go bowling ball played in life, the results fell in love with the sport. "I want to play every day, and it itches without playing. As a result, this play has been playing today, 21 years! " Yang Wei said. Yang Wei is a great talent. In 2004, China's Hongkong international open competition, more than 500 people competed, altogether produced 7 full marks, one of them was 17 when he was only 17 years old. "When I hit 11 in a row, the quiet to my heart in perfect silence, tears, I don't even dare to look behind him, because I know there are hundreds of eyes watching me a ball next." The feeling of that moment, Yang Wei remember, "I can't believe that I can shoot the last ball out of the whole!" 21 years of bowling career, Yang Wei tasted the sweet and sour, sweet and bitter. In 2005, the national team was selected and the top 12 were able to enter the national training team. Yang Weigang was well off the door - only 1 points from twelfth. The experience of the young Yang Wei is a little blow, but also let him understand that only to make himself stronger, will not be able to pass the opportunity. he had been lost. After the Inchon Asian Games in 2014, Yang Wei suddenly lost the love and passion of bowling. For more than two years, he rarely went to the gym and had no normal training, which directly led to a decline in his skill level. 〉Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist If wants to reach its peak, it must endure its pain; if it wants to move in its face, it must enter into it; if we want to live in peace, we must avoid its evil. If we want to live in a difficult way, we must give up our emptiness. If we want to be happy, we will develop our macro. If we want to succeed, we must have dreams. If we want to wear a crown, we must take it seriously. 2004 Manning, a seemingly towering, but slender sensitive, at this time of Manning are concerned, not only become the union of the king, but when will Indian city back to a Super Bowl trophy? To this, the unifying impression of the outside world is that Manning is of course very strong, to win the title? It seems to be a little bit worse. In the middle of the 04 season, all American fans are concerned about whether Manning and Brady can meet again in the playoffs. Just Brady and Manning two young name, eyebrows can arouse people, but people seem to ignore the point, two people at this time, is no longer the 2001 season Chuchu meet each other. Brady spent three years of time, let the six round pick from backup quarterback, become the two super bowl MVP, a shock the world, from the "game management" has become a "elite short hand" shot rate, he has compared to Manning's accuracy and competition ability of reading, and. The premier also in the history of the pocket footsteps. , on the contrary, Manning seems to have been challenging the curse, cutting off the curse, and then playing the curse of the playoffs and the Patriot curse that has not yet been broken. Manning's style of competition has been repeatedly replaced repeatedly between "depressive heart" and "release talent". from a technical point of view, Manning has two great trump cards: the field command and the bullets pass. Tom Moore every day in the old, if you do not have to wear uniforms on the pony, put him in the crowd, you can not imagine this is a football coach, so Manning almost take over the attack comes. The offseason, on a variety of defensive tactics of Manning will not to mind taking the trouble, all League defensive coach routines are figured out, in addition to his unpredictable Bailey Cheik, face the other competitors, Manning glanced at the opponent's defensive tactics can be grasped, immediately adopted piecemeal. So present command, high standard I'm afraid after it is difficult with no predecessors, who. but not fast breaking martial arts world, with a bullet passing quarterback is all dream of the league, although all passer all understand this truth, but really reach the peak of perfection but scanty. When Manning came into the League was questioned for arms lack of talent, after six or seven seasons of experience, like America in 1929 to reverse the economic crisis, not anxious, Manning used several years honed their own stunts, almost no arc, a 30 yard pass can in 0.5 seconds or less "FedEx" to take over the hands NFL, are able to react in the defender zero seconds of predators, but the face of such a quick pass, fast ball like baseball pitcher, Li Xunhuan also like knife throw, the defender cannot.The official website of NFL | Lynch interview incentive man to lose 170 pounds | football we all know Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is a man of few words, but this is a man of few words to help a fellow named Jack McCluskey (Jake McCluskey) to lose 170 pounds in 2 years. 2 years ago, Jack is a 380 pounds of fat, his amateur life is drink beer and eat candy, according to the Seattle reporter, because 2 years ago, the Super Bowl media day when Lynch told the media reporters said that I'm just here for my actions, bosses. (I 'm just' bout that action, boss) inspired Jack and changed his life. has changed Jack's life completely, and now he has almost half the weight of his previous life and began to run a marathon. He said: after hearing that, I began to think. After watching the press conference, I went out to start my first run. This is not what I pursue in life, but I say my inner thoughts. Since Jack began running every day just 2 months he began experimenting with a half marathon in 12 months when he was 140 pounds of fat. is told that he will still go to the video site to see Lynch's visit during this period. In the end, Jack said he wanted Lynch to know that he helped me a lot and even saved my life. Lynch said only one word after he learned: it was really scary (That 's gangsta).

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