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Wei Jianglei is attending NFL super weekend! Reveal a new model of future cooperation! Wei Jianglei and NFL Chinese district manager photo star network Beijing on November 7th news, the 2015-16 season of American occupation football league NFL is like a raging fire of today, sina sports together NFL Chinese at the place held a brilliant star challenge at the same time, the highest honor symbol of NFL Super Bowl trophy Vince - Ron Bardi Cup debut, Sina senior vice president Wei Jiang Lei in an interview that sina will support the development of sports as in the past NFL. Mr. Wei Jiang Lei, senior vice president of sina , said in an interview: "as a Chinese who has lived in the United States for many years, Nfl has a different feeling for me. Sina sports NFL has been broadcast live for 5 years. Since 2015, Sina's live broadcast of NFL has been adjusted to every Wednesday field every Monday. Sina sports will show more exciting events. Sina sports is very honored to continue to cooperate with NFL and work together to promote and publicize NFL events in China, while promoting Chinese fans' understanding and attention to NFL. "maximizing the content of copyright is the current and future of sina sports. In the Premier League, for example, sina sports fans not only for the majority of users present live Premier League matches, depth reports of premier league matches, sina sports is also associated with the club fans will be watching activities held by the Sina night Premiership line, for college students English voice also received wide acclaim host selection. Next, sina sports will promote NFL events like the promotion of t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he Premier League to promote the development of NFL in China. " Wei Jianglei said. Wei Jianglei said: "Americans love football and baseball all the time. More than one hundred million of American adults watch or watch a NFL or MLB game on TV or on TV. The number of people watching NBA matches is less than forty million. The biggest annual sports event in the United States is the NFL's annual finals' Super Bowl ', and the ratings and advertising prices are far more than the NBA finals. How to promote the influence and appeal of NFL in China is the next step that sina sports will do. " Richard NFL, general manager of China NFL, said: "in recent years, NFL has been developing rapidly in China, and has more than 17 million 700 thousand fans, including about 1 million 500 thousand football fans. In China, NFL fans have grown ten times in the past 4 years. We are very grateful that sina sports can support NFL's activities in China as always, and they are our good partners. " On the scene of , Wei Jianglei exchanged gifts on behalf of sina sports and Mr. Richard, and Richard sent a NFL with an autograph of the star.Handball | again starting from Gutian, Chinese handball revitalization and development forum held | hand Association Luca China handball revitalization and development forum held in Gutian on December 19th in Shanghang County of Longyan City, Fujian province held a villa. At the meeting, there were more than 90 people in the National Sports Bureau, including the Chinese tennis handball club, the Chinese Handball Association Special Committee, the Provincial Sports Bureau project center representatives, the entrepreneurs representatives and the representatives of primary and secondary schools. this conference is hosted by the China Handball Association publicity and Development Committee, Beijing freshwater Valley culture and Art Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Greenstein education group. the theme of the meeting is Chinese handball - starting from Gutian. By reviewing the site of the Gutian conference, reviewing the spirit of the Gutian conference, reflecting on the way of Chinese handball development, unifying our thoughts, strengthening ideological and political work, mobilizing the enthusiasm of all walks of life, enhancing the confidence of Chinese handball, encouraging the handball players' fighting spirit and vigour in the whole country. , director of the center bangleiqiu hand song Lei made a keynote report, put forward the strategic design of Chinese handball, actively promote the cultural integration and promotion strategy, elite strategy, talent strategy; operation mode of development, improve the institutional mechanisms, give full play to the role of the Association; in handball all aspects and all levels of management mode etc.. I hope that through all aspects of efforts and efforts to promote the development and revitalization of Chinese handball, reshape the spirit of Chinese handball, plan the future development of Chinese handball, the common round handball dream. , on the China Handball Association competition referee committee consultant Li Changhai from the army and handball development of the exchange, China Handball Association Youth Committee Director Yao Sujie, Kunshan Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Experimental Primary School Principals Qian Yueli, Xiamen north shore primary school bell rich school from long youth handball development of the exchange, Chinese handball association board director Han Naiguo of the exchange from the development of Chinese national handball team, bangleiqiu hand song center oppau minister Xie Bin spoke from the development of intangible assets of Beijing handball, general manager of Qing Wan Bao Technology Co. Ltd. Yu Deren from the Internet and the development of handball exchanges, exchanges in various forms, with remarkable results. The conference launched the "handball world" WeChat public number, set up "China Handball Association entrepreneurs Union, Vale of Beijing Cultural Development Co. Ltd. director Sun left full paper. The center and association hope to promote the development of handball business by promoting the role of the Internet and the extensive participation and support of entrepreneurs.The official website of NFL | Zhuangyuanlang admitted not 100 per cent | football This year's show champion Klauni viand Jed (Jadeveon Clowney) this season has been the subject of a knee injury, repeatedly sidelined, but in the last week to the Cincinnati tigers Klauni said in an interview after his injury is still not fully recovered, he has not yet reached the best state. when a reporter asked whether the clowney contribution in the field due to the performance when he replied: the performance is not too good now, for some reason, (injury) I couldn't play a hundred percent, but I also try to do the best defense. due to knee injury has not healed clowney, already some people began to question Dezhou's draft, after all, this year there are a lot of exceptional performance all rookie first round. Maybe Klauni is the right choice, but at least we'll have to wait until next season to really see Klauni's value. But Klauni is heading for a good direction. In the face of Meng Hu's competition, he did a good job in the anti runway side. He also pressed the quarterback for three times to get out the ball quickly, but this is still far from what people expected for him.The official website of NFL CFL, President of Jonny - Manzel: welcome to Canada, playing football nest Canada Rugby League president Geoffrey Oli (Jeffrey Orridge) said to welcome Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) to play CFL. but Manzel has to assure the alliance that he is fit for the alliance's culture. we tried not to guess the situation, Oli told ESPN. I really don't guess too much about assumptions. But I can tell you the most important thing for us is to ensure the success of a player, and to protect and promote the purity of the league and the game. since Cleveland Brown cut him off in March, Manzel has not signed with any NFL team. If he can return to NFL at last, he has to accept the punishment of 4 matches. At the same time, social media and tabloid news reports Manzel lead a gay life. In the recent photo, Manzel seems to have been underweight. There is no sign in that Manzel is going to return to the game, whether it's NFL or somewhere else. But he is currently in the CFL negotiations in the list of Hamilton Ocelot, if his really interested in joining the CFL, which makes the lynx first in the CFL have a chance to sign him.

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