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Robert (Robert Turbin) - Turbin last week in the Seattle Seahawks against the Saint Louis rams 10 minutes before the game was called to coach when full health, because the first full guard Derek - Coleman (Derrick Coleman) when the warm-up hurt my feet. Although never played full health, but Tulbin still enough to let the Seahawks rushed the ball in normal operation, to replace Coleman Lynch he gave Ma Sean (Marshawn Lynch) open circuit performance is also good. When it comes to offensive coordinator Tom - Wednesday Kaibo: "Coleman was injured in the warm-up before the game, we have no ready. I told Turbin to let him sit down and think, 'what are we going to do', obviously this is a chance, and that Turbin also took the challenge and finished it well. " Let the veteran Grieg - Jones in the trial when the Seahawks Tuesday, but the effect is not ideal, still feel that the current temporary Turbin guard or serve as a good choice. And he himself said, "I just want to win. I want to do my best to help the team win. I'm a part of the team and I don't have to complain if the team needs me in the next fe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping w weeks as a whole. " Coleman is expected to take at least 4-6 weeks after a fracture of his foot. Because Turbin as a full-time full health, so the Seahawks also can not use a lot of their usual double running back tactics. Although Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) traded to the New York jets, Seahawks because in this year there are 2 draft wide receiver Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson) and Kevin Norwood (Kevin Norwood), there are more opportunities to participate in the attack. But due to the lack of the traditional health, will force the Seahawks more let Lynch alone in the backcourt ball of the red.The official website of NFL |NFL to accelerate the international promotion of Mexico | football market in Germany The potential for 's return to Losangeles is likely to occupy the media headlines at the opening of the NFL conference early this week. In the conference room, the bosses learned that the alliance's ambition was not only in the United States. , of course, NFL's promotion efforts in London are still the most important, but this is just part of the efforts of the alliance to expand the territory in the international arena. As the alliance hopes, the next group of countries to focus on is Mexico, Canada and China, and their efforts will not stop here. what we are doing now is asking, 'how can we accelerate the promotion of Mexico, Canada and China?' Mark - Waller (Mark Waller), the executive vice president for international affairs, says Mark. It's our next stage, and we have offices in all three countries. Then, what should we pay attention to after these countries? I think we have come to the conclusion that Brazil and Germany will be the next frontier market, which is the source of the easy access idea for the professional bowl. Union did consider the February 2017 occupation bowl moved to Brazil, which is to the world's first more than 5 countries introduced this movement and star. On the other hand, the number of rugby spectators in Germany is no longer required for preliminary promotion. What will soon be considered is a regular season competition.the latest news, defensive tackle Damm - Miami dolphins hole en Su (Ndamukong Suh) will not because of the Washington Redskins running back Morris Everard (Alfred Morris) head contact behavior punished. NFL related person in charge told reporters: "this behavior has been replayed repeatedly, showing no excess behavior, Sue's behavior does not belong to kicking." this scene occurred in the second quarter of the game, Morris completed the 9 yard running ball, was caught by Sue, and when Sue started, he had contact with his opponent's helmet. Su, who used to be fined 420669 dollars in the past in Detroit, was all due to dangerous movements in a variety of competitions.The official website of NFL | Mario will not play in the next game to determine the tower | football ?????????????????-???????Ken Whisenhunt?????????????????????????-?????????Marcus Mariota???????3??????????????????????????-???????Zach Mettenberger???????????? Mario Kobita was absent from a week of training because of a sprained medial collateral ligament in his knee during the last match. He was depressed because he wanted to play, and Vicente Hunter spoke about Mario Kobita. correctly handled the team Titans quarterback, this let them play in defeat to Miami dolphins game let Mario Kobita stay in the field with more puzzling decision. Mario Tabern earlier in the week was optimistic about his play, but according to the official website of NFL reporter Rand Gatlin (Rand Getlin) reported that the Titans know whether Mario Taddeo has to protect his competitiveness, they didn't let him go. Mario Kobita was very hot at the beginning of the season. He got the 158.3 point quarterback score in the first week, but in the past few weeks, because the defensive team adapted to his passing tendency, it led to his bad performance. He scored only 67.6 of the quarterback in the last game. Berg MAGOTAN is a capable backup quarterback. He has a strong arm, but over the last season due to slow and defensive opponents often read in yet to get rid of the defense made a problem badly and decided to pass. Berg MAGOTAN in his rookie season achieved a 59.8% passing rate, averaging 201.7 yards passing. He had 8 passes, 7 passes and 83.4 quarterback. Last season, Titan lost all of his first 6 games. news: Mario tower's absence training hopes to be able to play

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