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Beijing time on Friday December 23rd at 9:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season second last week competition kicks off Philadelphia hawks on Thursday night at the Philadelphia Lincoln financial field, against the New York giants. The two National League East teams last met in the regular season in ninth weeks, when the giant in the 28:23 victory over the home court. The main staff, right tackle Ryan Johnson (Lane Johnson) will be lifted back, while the giants cornerback Norris Jenkins's James (Janoris Jenkins) will be injured, in addition to the giants defensive end Jason - Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) still can not play. now, the 5 - 9 Hawk has lost the possibility of the promotion of the playoffs, which is crucial to the giant of 10 - 4. Although the wild card is the seats have been giants in the bag, but if the giant game victory on the road, they will be a week in advance to lock a playoff spot, and keep the impact of the Dallas Cowboys National League top spot with hope. the game started, Blackburn giants attack first, and three out. The attack is the first attack group in the home court, the game the first ball, right tackle Ryan just after Johnson helped running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews) at the ball 17 yards. Quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - also short tight end Brent Sailaike (Brent Celek) 16 yards. Enter the giant half, 33 year old Wei Ran "little squirrel" Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) on the right side of 25 yards rushing touchdown, helping the team to lead 7:0. The giant att cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ack group again to play, quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) passing by nomadic guard Malcolm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) steals, Jenkins 34 yard touchdown return! Philadelphia took 6 minutes and 40 seconds to build 14:0's lead. After the two teams have been out three . Then the giant run guard Paul - Perkins (Paul Perkins) hit the ball down 20 yards, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) also completed the 30 yards of the ball. Into the red area, the giant did not continue to push, Chicago bear abandoned Robbie - Gould (Robbie Gould) hit 35 yards free kick, the score into 3:14. game in the second quarter, the eagles quarterback Carson Wentz out defensive players grapple long shot 40 yards wide receiver Brice (Bryce Treggs), special Leigesi giants cornerback Dominic Rodgers (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) Rome grams pedicle grab in Terre before Gus steals the ball. The giant offensive group failed to take advantage of this opportunity to score, the eagles offensive began to misfire, the two teams.Baltimore coach John Crow - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said that he believes the team's new offensive coordinator Mark tres (Marc Trestman) and Altman four Joe Flach (Joe Flacco) a perfect fit. Harbert revealed that Flach's opinion played a key role in the team's selection of coordinators. Harbert said: "Joe and the appointment work, he was very excited about it. He knows Mark's ability, and I believe they can get along well. The two people are all very smart, they all pay attention to details, and they are very straightforward in communication. " As Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak)'s successor, Treister Man faces no small pressure. This season crow scores 409 points, the cumulative number of attack code 5838 yards, two figures have set the team's record high. Compared to Kubiak, Treister Man's offensive system more offensive. Despite the outstanding passing ability of Flach, the team is also lack of excellent catchers. However, whether the team can completely change the way of attack in the short term still need to accept the test of time. Anyway, Harbert and Frank have found their satisfaction with the partner, this is at least a positive start for the team.David Johnson will undoubtedly be the best player in your fantasy game. You may love the wonderful performance of the Arizona Cardinals running back, but for him, all this is just the beginning. he is the kind of cute person. at the Street grocery store in Phoenix, he is often surprised by passers-by and tells him: you are our favorite fantasy game player! he and his wife, Meghan Brock Johnson, went to New York in the early November Hugh week. When they were walking in the Midtown of Manhattan, a middle-aged man suddenly came out and hurried to the best runner in the league, shouting, "what are you doing? Aren't you supposed to play ball!? You're going shopping here but it's going to ruin my fantasy team! " but the people who really love him are still those who work together in Arizona. It was not long ago on Friday afternoon when he was stopped by the old guard Mike Iupati when he walked under the dim light of the dressing room. He yelled, "this is the person who is going to be praised right away!" Stump Mitchell, the running coach on the side of , followed the nod. He looked up and down the 6 foot and 1 inches tall. 224 pounds of the running guard, and then happy smile. , if he is not hurt, David Johnson can break a series of League records in his career, "Mitchell said." in his offensive system, his performance is totally unexpected. He has the ability to sweep all the records, and he can play ball and catch more than 1000 yards each year. He was elusive, explosive and powerful, and his hands were steady. In addition to that, he makes himself stronger every day. " David Johnson ran off Washington Red Su'a Cravens while running the ball, Feinikesi University Arizona stadium, 2016.12.4 how good is the 24 year old NFL two player? Last Sunday, he has just become the second consecutive 12 player in the history of playing the ball over 100 yards. The last one who got the record is Edgerrin James, a former runner of pony, who spent 13 consecutive games in 2005. Johnson ran the alliance with the total number of 1709 yards and 15 array of data, while his 1005 yards of run numbers were also ranked in the League third. In any way, he's the best running guard in the fantasy game. "David Johnson is the best player in the history of fantasy, which is the closest to LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk." David Sabino, a longtime sports pictorial fantasy〉for Losangeles, it has been 20 years since the NFL team has come, but in the next 1-2 years this situation has a chance to change. , with the current discussion about the relocation of 1 or 2 teams to Losangeles, it has become a top priority for the alliance to establish a new stadium in Losangeles and find a temporary home. The Losangeles Times reporter Sam (Sam Farmer) - Moore law to share an interesting piece of news: "a difficult way to make NFL with Losangeles team: the Dodger Stadium is likely to become the temporary home court." then which NFL team is most likely to go to Losangeles? The voice of Oakland Raiders is the highest. They are also the only team to share a stadium with MLB's team, which is not very suitable for rugby match. The team boss Mark Davies (Mark Davis) is called a tragedy. He has been planning to move to Sanantonio, Losangeles or other cities. In the fire coach Denis - Allen (Dennis Allen), looking for a new start, to go to Losangeles to become the largest possible. , the owner of Saint Louis rams bought Losangeles 60 acres of land this year, and the ram is another team that could move to Losangeles. San Diego lightning is less likely to relocate to Losangeles, but they are difficult to be filled and home court and court to sign a lease year after the 2014 season, what could happen. actually, Dodge is not the only temporary home candidate that has been discussed, and the rose bowl and the Losangeles Memorial Stadium are all possible. If there was a real team to Losangeles, it would have been in 2015 or 2016.

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