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tiger July 10th news von Miller (Von Miller) is widely considered to be the best player in the alliance. but in the new season, Miller put his goal on another achievement: the league has made the most escapement. The honor now belongs to the Atlanta Falcon Beasley (Vic Beasley). Miller said on twitter on Sunday: "come to you, man," and @ Beasley. Beasley ranked first in the last 15.5 seasons of the season. It's the first league since 2010 when it was the 15.5 time of the 15.5 kill of Dallas cowboys. The reason why Beasley can rank the League first with such low data is that some famous J.J. J.J. Watt, Justin Houston (Justin Houston) and aldong Smith (Aldon Smith) have been injured or banned. The players have been ranked first in the last few seasons cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with more than 19 escapement. Miller's best career figures were 18.5 escapement in 2012. After that, he didn't catch more than 14 times a season. Miller can overtake Beasley in the 2017 season? Was Miller the best outboard player in the League when Watt was healthy? It's all a debated topic.Chongqing hong'ao Bowling bowling | June 2016 first week race solitary line of 1248 points to win the player in the forest. Chongqing honglink bowling alley No. L June 2016 week tournament held last night after 19:00 last night, brilliant players compete for the ultimate solitary line Lin Jun to score 1248 points to win the women's player Sun Hanyi won the lone line two; lone line player Zhu Ning won the third player Taofa; UFO bright, Chen Jun, Jiang just won fourth respectively; fifth in six.on Thursday U.S. time, the Seattle Seahawks signed kicker Blaine Walsh (Blair Walsh), that is to say the signing of Walsh will increase the free agent Stephen - hauska (Steven Hauschka) the possibility of not returning to the seahawks. Horska spent 6 seasons in the Seahawks, on the season 37 shots to complete 33 times, 35 times to complete the 29 additional points. But in October 24th against the Arizona Cardinals game missed 27 yards shot in the match tied. Walsh last season setbacks, shot 16 times 12 times, 19 times to complete additional 15 times, after being the Minnesota Vikings surrender, in 2015 when it was Walsh missed a 27 yard shot to the Vikings in the National League wild card race lost to the seahawks. is currently the Seahawks fans in online for the arrival of Walsh is a positive attitude.The official website of NFL | Raiders to deal | football Peterson Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on Friday officially resumed play qualification, can be assured that the next two weeks there will be a lot of rumors about his future. The Vikings in Minnesota have the opportunity to take the opportunity and have a lot of choice. One of 's options is to trade Peterson to the Oakland Raider. The NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Raiders were interested in getting Peterson, according to the news of the people. Rapoport described the Raiders as the periphery of Peterson's pursuit, but that was the choice they had already discussed inside. The Raiders have a lot of pay space and have made a clear pursuit of former Dallas cowboy Demarco Murray (DeMarco Murray) in the free agent market. maybe the interests of the Raiders are still very cautious because they know it's hard to bring Peterson to Oakland. A cowboy or the Arizona Cardinals may use for the championship competition opportunity for Peterson may accept a pay cut. It's hard to imagine that Peterson was willing to take a pay drop to the raider, no matter how much his agent believed that leaving the Vikings was in the best interest of Peterson. Vikings do not want to send Peterson away. A team that needs a high - level show and a big contract will get Peterson, and no team has said that at the moment. A team like the Raider has 2 weeks to move.

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