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NetEase sports February 18th report: Beijing time on February 18th, in the all star dunk contest, Larry nance staged a tribute to the old people's feelings play, successfully qualify for the finals, and deducted 50 points out in the finals, but eventually lost to Mitchell. is this Nancy dunk contest topic character, his father old Nancy had won the dunk contest champion, although he has been known to the physical quality, but has not participated in the dunk contest, until now to meet the fans curious. He in the first round last stage, also made great suspense, magic two actors live performances, costumes from Knight Huanyi, warm up immediately replaced the old father Nancy in the sun's No. 22 retro, on the sidelines is very proud of the old people. wants to make his moves one handed circle, reverse dunk, like my father in 1984 to win the action. He finally buckled when he tried second times. He had a good sense of beauty, and the judges also gave 44 points, second. and his second buckle pressure i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s not small, he changed the knight Jersey, starting from the basket, he turned his arm into the air turn buckle, big radian, the difficulty is not small, eventually got a score of 49 points, successfully qualify for the finals, the opponent is Mitchell. Wait until the finals, the old Nancy is personally for his son to play the toss, buckle second and finally succeeded, he made the ball after a large windmill dunk action, finally got 46 points. But Mitchell was so good that he got 50 points for the first goal. second is a small South buckle plate self polishing buckle is characterized in that the air after he got the ball again the ball hit the board again, only the ball into the buckle, the audience saw the details of the playback are crazy and cry, the judges also conform to public opinion, given 50 points out. eventually Mitchell high two small Nancy eventually won, but a stunning button small or memorable nantes. origin: NetEase sports Author: Kewell responsibility editor: Ouyang Yan _NS4899of the Washington Redskins wide receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) has been absent because of injury in training this week, it was reported that he will not play in Sunday's game. this is reported by Diana - Marie - Luo Qianni (Dianna Marie Russini) on the NBC4 channel, and this Sunday they will face the Saint Louis rams. Jackson suffered a trauma in Indiana last week against the Colts and the leg, before the injury report is marked as available (Questionable). , the former Philadelphia hawks outside this season in the Redskins scored 47 receptions for 942 yards per catch average score, with 20 yards. And last season in Philadelphia, his 82 - time catch - 1332 - yard score created a career high., Tampa Bay pirates continue to transform the defensive group. The team announced on Wednesday local time that it had agreed with a former Dallas cowboy Bruce Bruce Carter on a 4 year contract worth 20 million 500 thousand dollars. In addition, the Vikings also sacked the defensive end Michael - Johnson (Michael Johnson), Sean - Goodson weidar safety (Dashon Goldson) and Anthony - Collins left Jiefeng (Anthony Collins). In the 2011 season, the cowboy picked up Carter with a two - round sign. In the past 4 years, Carter showed an overall performance and grew into a defensive backbone in the cowboy array. He performed well last season, completed 68 grappling, 1 escapement, and 5 copies of the team. Online piracy, pirates already have the best 4-3 Lavonte Davis in the league. Carter's joining will further strengthen the team's online position. cowboy, after losing Carter and Justin Durant (Justin Durant) two linebacker, the team needs to find a way to solve this problem as soon as possible. The team will continue to find the right players in the free market, and will not exclude the possibility of strengthening the position of the line through the draft.The official website of NFL | pony defensive striker at Jones | football season Indianapolis pony defense striker Jones (Art Jones) seems to be the ideal candidate to get into the short list of short-term injuries. The pony, who is in urgent need of the helper in the defense group, will seek help whenever and wherever. but Jones's ankle injuries are too serious. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that when he underwent surgery Friday, Jones was placed on the list of injured patients by the pony, which means he was reimbursed for the season. when he was healthy, Jones, 29, was one of the best players he was in, but health was an unpredictable concept. Jones since 2012 has 16 regular season attendance. After signing a $33 million 5 - year contract with , Jones was expected to be able to stabilize the defense team that has caused hinder to the pony in recent years. The defensive team was one of their biggest weaknesses when the pony was trying to hit the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. Jones will have to wait a year to get back to the game. It can be expected that the pony will be very active in the days after the downsizing day.

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