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The official website of NFL | shot again trading Bill football quarterback Cassell | A day after got a new powerful runner, it looked like Buffalo Bill got their next first quarterback through the deal. Bill announced on Wednesday that they agreed to trade with Minnesota Vikings to get the Viking quarterback Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel). Fawkes sports reports say Bill will send the five round of this year's draft and the seven round of the next year's draft to Cassell and the Viking's six - round pick of this year's draft. The deal won't go into effect until the new year of League year in March 10th. Cassell, a 32 year old , signed a contract worth 10 million dollars with the Vikings in March. He still has a one year contract and he will get a salary of 4 million 150 thousand dollars in the 2015 season, including the 500 thousand dollars left for the team prize this month. Cassell has played for the Vikings for the last 2 seasons. He first started the first three games of the team last season, followed by a foot injury at the end of 9 and was put in a list of injuries. In 10 years for the Vikings, the kkansas chieftain and the new Eng cheap nfl jerseys free shipping land patriot, he made a 33 - liter and 38 - negative record as a starter. The Patriot took him in the seventh round of the 2005 draft. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Bill Josh, a quarterback who had negotiates with Bill, was suddenly signed by Cleveland Brown, and the Vikings entered the quarterback market. Rapoport said Bill's goal in the past 2 seasons has been to let the young quarterback EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) learn. The old quarterback, Kevin Kevin Kolb, was signed for this reason. Last season the team signed another veteran quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) and allow him to play most of the season, but he was unable to complete the task as a teacher. Bill believes Cassell is the right person for them. Now Bill is suddenly different from 24 hours ago, and Cassell has become the most likely candidate for their first quarterback. This is the effect of the new manager, Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan).sometimes some behavior will move people who pay attention to you. Houston, Dezhou's four point guard, Sean, Watson (Deshaun Watson), gives her first match checks to the staff in NRG stadium cafeteria. "If you can do something, you have to do it," Watson said. most of these workers are more or less affected by Hurricane Harvey. Watson told them, "I hope you will support us in the future, whatever you need, and I will help you all the time." maybe Watson was influenced by the team leader JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) to raise 36 million US dollars, hoping to do what she can for the local people.The official website of NFL | agent: Manning knew the decision deadline | football Payton - Manning (Peyton from Manning) held the Super Bowl trophy and tell the world you plan to embrace the family drinking beer while deciding whether has been retired for almost a month, but we still don't know Manning, the decision for the future. Manning under the basic salary of $19 million in the next season will be the new year at the beginning of a Wednesday League income. Manning's agent Tom Condon (Tom Condon) on Friday told the media that Manning knew that the Denver Broncos need to make a decision before Tuesday. The contract would be a guarantee contract at one point, so they had to make a decision before that time, conton said. He fully knew that the team would make the contract a guarantee on a particular day, and he knew that he would have to help the team make a decision before that time. if Manning did not announce his retirement before that time, the Mustang would have to cut out the future Hall of hall of fame. According to the official website of NFL reporter Geoff Darlington (Jeff Darlington) pointed out that he and Manning in a telephone interview on Manning sounds like people ready to retire. I can't answer this question about whether Manning will retire, Condon said. I think it's better to ask him. I know when he decides what to do, he will let me know. But now, he wants to take it slowly, make a decision with patience and make sure he doesn't change the decision. ... let's face this, he likes to play. He likes to stay in the dressing room, he likes to play on the court, and of course, and the interaction with his teammates, he likes the game. In addition, Condon also not suggesting that if Manning did not choose to retire if he will join another team. no matter whether it is retired or not, the decision will soon come.The official website of NFL | rams quarterback Coach: | football competition Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) may no longer be the first choice for the Saint Louis rams in the 2015 season. As the former top player, he played 16 games in only 2 seasons. So far, he has only handed over a 18 - 30 - 1 - draw failure. In the past two seasons, he has been reimbursed for the injury to the cruciate ligament in front of his knee, and the team's patience has been gradually worn out. ??????????????????-???????Jeff Fisher?????????????????????????????????????????????|?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? At present, the goats have been unable to endure the continued playoffs, and they hope to make a change as soon as possible. Bradford is a talented player and he has proved his ability to lead the team in a healthy way. However, Fisher is reluctant to put all the chips on his health, and the team is hoping to cash in the talent and break out in the next season. now, there are quarterback Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) and Austen Davies (Austin Davis) in the RAM array. They also have the chance to attack the position of the first half quarterback. But more likely, the RAM will try to find a new face, a new hope.

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