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The official website of NFL | pirates rookie tight end touchdown celebration | said I do not know rules football Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie tight end Austen - Lee - Jenkins (Austin Seferian-Jenkins Saiph) that does not know he has violated the rules of what caused by penalty. And he does not know what is the reason he was coach Smith (Lovie Smith) - Levin two lessons. Jenkins said he didn't know it was irregularities before he knew that he had a single step on the ball. He said in an interview with the Tampa Bay times: it was a wrong decision. I don't want to stir up this hype, and I don't want my coach to explain what I do on Monday. , but obviously Smith was very annoyed, not only annoyed with the subsequent punishment, which greatly helped the Atlanta Falcon's final killing, but also dissatisfied with Jenkins's post released pictures on social media. So he severely criticized cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the new rookie. Jenkins said: I released this picture at Instagram after the end of the day, and I shouldn't have released it. We are 1 - 8 at the moment and I can see people depressed, and what I want to do is to let myself forward. I want to talk to the performance on the scene, not the performance I have after the score. I can't hype it, I need to be more mature, and when the presence is very intense, enjoy it. Do good and enjoy it. , of course, part of the court is the rules and regulations, just as the trampled event is judged to be irregularities.Dallas Cowboys lost DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray), still did not pick any running back in the draft, the team a total of 4 running backs: Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden), Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle), Lance (Lance Dunbar) - Dunbar and Ryan Williams (Ryan Williams). even though the fans were worried about the cowboy's running problems, the team seemed full of confidence in the existing lineup. Recently, the team legend Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) also gave his opinion, he thinks the cowboy's existing running guard is enough. Smith said, "Mcfadden, this is a running guard that you have to respect. We all remember his performance in the Oakland Raiders, and the Raiders did not have a strong offensive front like a cowboy. Cowboys have the best offensive frontline, and the excellent quarterback and extra player can help Mcfadden do better than ever. for depth running back position, Smith also expressed optimism: "he has proved his strength, the team needs him, he can do more for the team." Smith is very confident about the attacking front of the cowboy, and he expects Mcfadden to return to his peak and become a new leader in the cowboy ground against pirate Falcon second, German Hester completed a touchdown return, this is his occupation career twentieth punt return touchdowns, touchdown broke the League last touchdown record. Hester graduated from University of Miami was 2006 at the end of the 2 round by the Chicago bears selected last season, a move to Atlanta falcons, and signed a contract for 3 years, before he has maintained the highest NFL punt return records, and return the highest single season average record is created by him, the data is an average of 14.06 yards to the Chicago bears the 2006-07 season.Houston Dezhou people found a long - term trust in the team's right - cut front. NFL official network reporter revealed that Dezhou people have reached agreement with Derek - Newton (Derek Newton) on the renewal of the contract. It was reported that the new contract lasted 5 years, with a value of $26 million 500 thousand, of which 10 million were guaranteed. In this contract, Newton will get 13 million 750 thousand in the first two years and 17 million in the next 3 years. , 27, has made 46 games for the Dezhou people in the past 3 seasons and has performed well in the opening way. According to the PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, Newton's score was nineteenth in all the offensive fronts and sixth in the right - cut front. is the 7 rookie of the 2011 season. Newton, who was originally considered to enter the free market, has attracted the attention of many teams. Washington Red Leather has been most active. In the end, Newton decided to stay in Dezhou and the team believed he still had the potential to continue to progress. With the renewal of Newton's contract with the Dezhou people, the offensive cut-off in the free market is becoming more and more scarce. To get to the first level cut front, the rest of the team must come up with a higher offer.

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