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The official website of NFL | cowboy arrangements in training camp rookie Collins at right tackle football | Dallas cowboys have great hopes for the rookie Rahel Collins (La 'El Collins), and the team arranges him to be the right - cut front in the training camp. As the starting right tackle Doug (Doug Free) the original training absent because of injury, Collins received the first opportunity of their own. Collins said: for me, this is a completely new place. I have to focus on the details every day, and so far I feel great. In the return to the team after the Cowboys will arrange for Collins to try right tackle position. Collins needs to compete with Ronald Ronald Leary if he wants to play first in the new season. was originally considered to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping have the first potential of Collins. He was eventually involved in the murder. After that, the cowboy agreed with him for a 3 year contract worth 1 million 600 thousand dollars. Had the best offensive attack this cowboy is a tiger with wings added. Collins naturally wanted to be one of the frontlines, and all he had to do now was to be familiar with the new position and to keep fit.A club Seattle recently introduced a new type of marijuana, in order to commemorate the Seattle Seahawks again into the super bowl, especially their super horse running back Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), named it "beast mode 2" , maybe you remember that same year ago, the same store. They introduced a kind of hemp called "beast mode", which was also commemorating Lynch's appearance on the forty-eighth Super Bowl. according to the boss of the club, "wild animal model" is a good sale, so growers have tried new products. The THC value of the "animal model" is 17.6, and the "wild animal model 2" will be higher. boss said, "it would be a great feeling, just like you were Lynch, strong and fast."The official website of NFL | blandas - Antonio won the coach | array to celebrate tolerance Rugby Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) does not seem to care about a Antonio - Brown (AnTonio Brown) touchdown celebration. according to an interview with reporters, said that even if Brown Tomlin to continue this celebration is not particularly worried about. A game Brown's celebration was a 15 yard penalty, although the team in the final 45 to 10 victory over the Indianapolis colts, if it was a close game in the game will not care to celebrate Tomlin such behavior? We don't know. But players like Brown do get more tolerance from the team. Brown has completed 20 matches for 222 times in the last 2 seasons. In addition to being efficient, Brown is very good at avoiding injuries. Brown hasn't missed any matches since 2012. Maybe that's why he can get tolerated.is always a tough season for the defensive team's new players. But in the crow's head, Weiss Webb (Lardarius Webb), teammates CJ- Mosley (C.J.Mosley) obviously did not have such a problem. Mosley made 7 defensive stops against the Panther, and did only 29 shots of the ball. Webb said, "when you see him playing on the court, it will be unbelievable. In fact, his performance reminded me of ray Lewis (Ray Lewis). " The data also show that Webb is not to boast in the team, according to the occupation football (Pro Football Focus) observation data show that as of the fifth week, his score at all inside linebacker behind Bobby - Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and Luke Kukeli (Luke Kuechly), but his presence when the number of more than two people. Mosley graduated from the University of Alabama, in this year's draft first round of seventeenth by the crow has been selected, the highest League pass 5 times destroyed all lines of Wei, and so far this season in the league only do 40 tackles, 1 steals, 1 times out of 1 times the ball making, snatch off the ball the players.

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