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Pittsburgh Steelers still find no blockade of rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon way, the American League East other teams still find no way to catch up with the new England patriots, now any AP team wanted to find a way to go to Fort Fawkes in the playoffs. as the defending champion patriots Sunday 27 to 24 victory over the Steelers, the team finished ninth consecutive division title. 6 days before the Patriots lost to the Miami dolphins, Sunday they ended the Steelers 8 game winning streak, although the final Steelers touchdown catch was blown and make people feel much luck once again stood on the Patriot side. coach Bill Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) said, "we are just fighting to keep this game for 60 minutes. This is what you need to do to keep fighting." in the face of the Steelers when there seems to be no better than the Patriots team, Gelon 'occupation career Steelers game face showed the ruling level, before the game against the Steelers average can finish 99 yards of the ball, the game of his 9 receptions for 169 yards. After the match, he said, "I love the touchdown zone. It feels great. I really hope that 7 days a day, 24 hours a day is such a wonderful the Patriot coach Bill · Baile cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y Cheik's documentary "Rugby life", the first sentence is: "do you think you know Bailey Cheik?" Think again. "" in NFL, there are all kinds of coaches. Paul coach Rex · Ryan, passionate Seahawks coach Pete · Carol, and patriot fans most familiar and favorite, but all of them are hard to define: Bill · Bailey Cheik. he's very smart. But which bishop of NFL is not smart? he's very diligent. But which bishop of NFL is not diligent? he was lucky to Tom Brady ·. ???????????????????????쨢????????????????? Bailey Cheik is in NFL, like a fan. In 2000, Bailey Cheik, 48, resigned as a jet coach in only one day, leaving Bill ·, a teacher who had followed many years, and PA Sayles. note: Bill ·, PAM Sayles, American NCAA and NFL coach, have taught in New York giants, new England patriots, New York jets, Dallas cowboys and Miami dolphins. As New York giant coach, two won the Super Bowl champion. Passel J's disciples include Bailey Cheik, Sean ·, Payton (now saints coach), Mike ·, Zimmer (now Viking coach), Todd ·, Todd (now jet coach) . Bailey Cheik became the Patriot coach's first season, and the Patriots were only 5 - 11. It was the same as Bailey Cheik's coach in Cleveland, and no one could see the present Dynasty from the Patriots of the time. before that, Bill Cheik's track record as head coach was not good: he only entered the playoffs in five years in Cleveland; the second time as a coach is in New York jet: one day. and the Patriots were quite a bit of a problem at that time. him and Pa Sayers's shadow: for example, he would say: "this team is worse than I thought", or "we can't win", etc.. It's the same as coach Passel J. Patriot boss Robert · and find Bailey Cheik, said to him, these words No: "what you want to think is, what we do can make this team better. "" so, Bailey Cheik did it. Then in 16 years, the patriot, who was under his coaching, went to the Super Bowl six, winning four times. Bill · Bailey Cheik's father, Steve · Bailey Cheik, the Naval Academy's coach and scout. In the profession 〉Atlanta falcons took over Julio Jones (Julio Jones) to decide whether to play before the game. team leader Dan Dan (Dan Quinn) said so on Friday that he also said that the best offensive player of the team needed to run at full speed before the game to test his injured toes. The 7 - 5 - negative Hawk is close to winning every week, and will face 4 - 8 Losangeles rams in the next game. even though they may not need all the hands to beat the bad goats, the falcons hope the league's most difficult defender will be able to play. Despite the injury to the toe in the game, Jones scored 113 yards 7 times. tells the people who don't know that a toe injury caused by a sod usually makes a player absent for at least a week. As an external player, Jones actually had to endure sprained toe ligaments, change direction, accelerate and stop in every attack. It's not ideal for a team wishing him to play a role in the rest of the season. It won't be surprising to see Quin act carefully. even so, Jones has been doing well this season. He ranked the first in the number of hits (1253 yards) and more than 20 yards (24 times). He should be able to deal with the goats defense even if he can't play it.The official website of NFL | jet injured ankle fear season | HARVIN football New York jets wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) on Sunday played his best game in 2 years (6 receptions with 124 yards and 1 touchdowns). However, due to the heavy injury to his left ankle in the fourth quarter, it is possible to miss the rest of the season. HARVIN on crutches left the stadium, and said he would accept a comprehensive inspection. He said: I can't tell the situation further before the diagnosis. The injured and destroyed the lost return to Minnesota game harvin. He has played 4 seasons here after being traded to the Seattle Seahawks in the last season. Halven has become a victim of injuries. His right ankle injury season is reimbursed for the 12 season. The 13 season, the Seahawks only a regular season just increased the surgical repair of hip joint injury. Now, he didn't get the jet team to play in overtime, he said: I would like to play with the players. It's too disappointing. he was booed by the fans in the game and was also booed when he handed the ball to the fans after 35 yards of the ball. He said, "I'm not a man of weight, but it feels good to hear the boos and finally get the score." coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) commented: this performance out of the ordinary harvin. We have made a great contribution to the return of the attack and the reception. This is the embodiment of his ability. Since the transaction to the jet, HARVIN 6 games scored 25 receptions for 306 yards and 1 touchdowns. His contract expires in 2018, but it will take up $10 million 500 thousand of the jet in 15 years.

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