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The official website of NFL | restored Bradford worth looking forward to | football Philadelphia eagles in this offseason traded for conservative injuries quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford), from the current training situation, Bradford good recovery, the competitive state is also very good. The fans in Bradford and pray to God not hurt again, because of health under the state of Bradford has the ability to become leading the team offensive leader. first mentioned is the Bradford good at passing accuracy. In this regard he than with several other team quarterback was much higher. In his occupation career, has not been washed and air pressure from more than 5 yards passing yards, passing success rate of 66%, the bimark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) will be 5% higher than Tim Thibault (Tim Tebow) - up to 10%. At the time of the pressure, Bradford's precision in more than 5 yards of air pass code is close to 5, a 5% higher than the other quarterback of the hawk. no one expects Bradfor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d to become the league's top quarterback in the spring season, but he really wants to play a high season. The first attack group configuration neat, including Jason Peters (Jason Peters), Jason Cares (Jason Kelce) and blue (Lane Johnson) of Wayne Johnson, attacking the front level among the league leaders, as well as to Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is the first of the top running back, Zach Eerci (Zach Ertz) and Brent (Brent Celek) - cellac proximal front combination, and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Mathews) and other young receivers, compared to ram period, Bradford's attack pressure to be too young.Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) will not take part in the rest of the pre season. Manzel will make him a sore elbow out of the next season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and coach Mike - Cleveland Brown Pettine (Mike Pettine) said that taking into account the rapid rotation of last season against the Chicago bears before the match, he thinks Manzel also missed the game. said the original plan is Manzel Pettine facing the pirates starting in the second quarter, and half of the game played in the game against the bears. "You can't make up for the time," said pettine. "He will lose the experience of the real games, but we are very satisfied with his current status. If we really think, 'Hey, he needs to play and get those experiences,' then this would be what we would have planned to do. But we just think it will be a long year in the new season. Let's look ahead and let him play the rest of the pre-season to make sure that we can recover 100% when we go to New York for the first season. Pettine said the original idea is to give Manzel a "meaningful time" in the last two preseason games, but the team would be careful with his arm rather than aggravate the injury. At some point after the pirate game, the team will decide when Manzel will be able to pass the ball. Pettine said the decision depends on the team doctor and trainer. Pettine said Manzel did not protest the decision team. "I think he was disappointed he could not play," said pettine. "He was disappointed in himself to this point."of the Arizona Cardinals, this week, the biggest threat is naturally Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson). When asked how the team intends to stop Johnson, safety Mathieu Wei (Tyrann Mathieu) tylan gives the answer: "we have Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson)." Peterson and Johnson's duel will naturally become the focus of the week. There are few corner guards in the league, which can fight Johnson's speed and stature through strong athletic ability and unconventional height. But Peterson is undoubtedly one of them. "We believe in Patrick," Mathieu said. "In the past few weeks he proved himself through excellent performance, and he remained at a very high level. In the game, we'll leave Johnson alone to see Patrick that we know well. " Over the past 2 years Peterson and Johnson played 2 times, Johnson completed a total 16 receptions, with 237 yards with 2 touchdowns. Despite Johnson's personal data for 2 consecutive years of dominance, but the Cardinals won the game. This season, the Detroit lions Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) incurred under, it makes the team limited time can find a trustworthy second ball in Johnson. The game will be responsible for marking the state Huiyong Antonio - Rome (Antonio Cromartie) by G.The official website of NFL | Tennessee this year signed | football champion Titan lock , with the end of Sunday's game, Tennessee Titan lost to the Indianapolis pony 24 - 30. Titan won the top of the NFL draft this year with the league's worst record in this season. The last season with 2 wins and 14 losses, and in last year's draft took second place Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota), a year after their 3 wins and 13 losses, won the lottery. The team is currently on the list of many places need to improve, their second ever Heisman award winner of last year, starting 12 games to finish 19 touchdowns by 10 steals. and the same 3 wins and 13 losses in the Cleveland Brown court because the strong relationship was the pick. This draft will be held in April this year.

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