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buffalo Bill's decision to disparage four point guard Rhodes Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) as a substitute was questioned. We can imagine that Bill's decision-makers are now hoping that they do not make this decision. 's first appearance quarterback quarterback Pittman (Nate Peterman) was caught in 5 passes in the first half of the Losangeles lightning games, which helped the lightning get 37-7 of the lead. Pittman has become the first rookie to pass 3 passes in the first first section since 2002. was replaced by Taylor in the second half. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) obviously watching the game. As the game he said on Twitter: "so they let my friend Taylor de Taylor on the bench and they replaced him with 10 minutes left in the first quarter had 2 times the pass was intercepted. It's a great decision. " Then he said: "the doubts in this game and how they would talk about Taylor de Taylor... Is a bad game he becomes a substitute. Will the new man be cut off after such a half - time performance? " It's hard for to feel sorry for Pittman. The five - round quarterback faced one of the best defensive teams in the league. And Bill's decision was naturally criticized.NFL official website, [] event reviews Smith two touchdowns, Emirates continued winning football nest Beijing 8:30 October 3rd, 8:30, 8:30, the Kansas City chieftain from the western part of the United States was at the main stadium, and met in the fourth week week night match of the regular season with Washington red skin from the Eastern League of nations. Since 1971, the two teams across the league team cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s only met 9 times, they last met in the 2013 season, when the chief 45:10 killed red; in fact, in 9 games, the Emirates has 8 wins 1 of the negative absolute advantage, red with a victory over the Emirates or in the distant 1983. road red attack group made a dream start: quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) after leading the team to advance over the midline, pass the right touchline outside over Tyrrell - Pryor (Terrelle Pryor), in which the star cornerback Marcus Pitts (Marcus Peters) head to complete 44 yard touchdown catch! This is Terrier - Pryor, the former quarterback, the first red leather career to catch the ball, helping the red skin 7:0 in the lead. chief of the offensive team here, quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) run fake pass, but Preston Smith rushed from red hand (Preston Smith) is not fooled, Smith will be captured and killed. The chief soon three out, moreover, their main force guard Lauren - Tadiff (Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in Deauville) also played because of injury. After the Sheikh abandoned the kick, the red skin got the ball on the midfield line. Thailand - Pryor first catches the ball to push 10 yards. Then face four gear 1 yards, kocessias himself rushed to push the ball 5 yards, to get the first attack. Before reaching the scoring line, however, the red leather failed to score on the 2 yard line. Only Dustin, Hopki (Dustin Hopkins), was sent to hit the 19 yard short distance free kick, the red skin 10:0 chieftain. The chieftain is facing 14 yards of 3 gears on the 13 yard line of the party. Smith passes the ball to find the unguarded near end front Travis Kelsey (Travis Kelce), advancing 32 yards. The game in the second quarter, Smith is not in the red half of the 31 yard line switching gear, instead of Matt - Yueanni Hughes (Matt Ioannidis) captured and killed, the chief was launched a free kick shot. After the two teams have played second games to abandon, day 5:01, chief of the offensive team debut, wide receiver Chris Conley (Chris Conley) with a 21 yard ball led the team into the red zone. It was the first time the chieftain entered the red zone in the game, and the near end Travis Kelsey brought the team with a 17 - yard ball. The chief is only 3 points behind 10:7. 〉The official website of NFL | giant hope can play the next game over two large | Rugby New York giants get one more day this week to prepare for a critical civil war against the Philadelphia hawks, and they may be in need of the day. in the 49 game against San Francisco giants in both the hamstring injury - Beckham Odell took over the small (Odell Beckham Jr.) and Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) on Monday accepted MRI examination, they may play in the next match in doubt. in an interview Monday, the giant boss Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said he hoped Beckham and Randall can be in the team Thursday Friday to return to training at least limited training. But he also said this largely depends on the treatment progress that the two people received on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Beckham was injured at the end of the third quarter and almost took the rest of the fourth quarter until the giant's last four offense came back to the field. It is not clear whether he can run at full speed in these attacks, but he did cause a key pass to interfere with the foul. After the game, Beckham said he thought the injury was not serious and it would not take long to recover. But he did not make a clear indication of the recovery schedule. After the game, Randall said that if the giant did not score in the final score, he would play, but it was clearly difficult to confirm. Victor Cruz took over in (Victor Cruz) is due to a calf injury indefinitely without, suggesting that Coughlin giants may from the training group or the free agent market in foreign over.Water polo | twelfth China Flower swim world cup ending | Chinese 1 gold 3 silver four historical breakthrough Cleveland September 19 Changshu Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) twelfth World Cup synchronized swimming competition tonight ending, Chinese team won 1 gold, 3 silver and second in the medal standings, hit four record. Russia topped the list with 3 gold medals. Canada ranked third with 1 silver and 3 copper. The Japanese team won only 1 bronze and ranked fourth. 's World Cup in four years has four gold medals in free selection, double, single, and collective. The ending date is to decide the winner of the gold medal collective. A total of 12 teams participated in the competition. The competition required that every team should complete two programs of technical self selection and free self selection, with 50% additivity of each program score to determine the final ranking. The optional in the morning of technology competition, China team with "007" play, this program is a famous film interpretation of the bond girl story. Compared with the previous use of music, rhythm and rhyme "007" was a lot faster, the girls strength has also put forward higher requirements, but they have a good grasp of the rhythm, the synchronization is also very good, this program they won 96 points, ranked in the world hegemony in Russia the team, behind in second place. The Russian team to win 97.30 points. China's free selection program is "rolling", which is a relatively slow tune. With the music, the girls did a difficulty of modeling, using more vast waters, and passionate performances, in addition to the first difficulty lifts slightly flawed, the action performed flawlessly, eventually they got 97 points, a total score of 96.500 points, for Chinese team again success is a precious silver medal, which is China flower swim team harvest in the world series collective project in the first one collective project. The Russian team scored 99 points to win the gold medal, and the Canadian team won the season with a total of 95.600. , at this point, the four - day world cup is all over. The powerful Russian team, which includes three gold medals in free, single and collective gold medals, topped the medal list. The Chinese team took the gold medal list of 1 gold, 3 silver and second, and all of the four entries they participated in all achieved a historic breakthrough. Jiang Wenwen / Jiang Tingting also won the first gold medal for the Chinese team in the double event. The Canadian team of 1 silver and 3 copper ranks third, and the Japanese team only won the bronze medal of the 1 double, ranking fourth. (finished)

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