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even-even soccer equipment network classic Japanese manga captain Tsubasa "(- field communication department," called "wing) - the fields of communication, Department of for TA Ka Wing; ~ no leak, and forms of organization for the new mobile phone and ~" football game. The game is developed by mobile game developers, , KLab , and the role of big air wing, Hinata Kojiro, and Lin Lin Yuan three will be turned into players' cards, allowing players to group their own dream team with them. Players are more likely to play their own role in order to make the classic killing skills, such as curve shooting and tiger shooting, appear in the comics, while the game's way of image presentation will also be faithful to the original, and find the voice players of the comics to play duer for the game characters. Players can play on the line more, understand the strength of the team. The game is already in Japan iTunes and Android on the shelf, let the player be the chance to be the leader!Toni - Tony Romo's back injury is still the biggest uncertainty in Dallas Cowboys now, and it's still a question this week. Even if this week can play, also will be no small trouble, in the face of tough rushed passed the Arizona Cardinals, let Luo Mo take the rest of the week is the most secure way. by is undoubtedly the most important core cowboy, his basic passes without obvious defects, whether it is 0-9 yards short and 10-19 yards from 20 yards long and ab cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ove, Romo can be very good control, the three ball scores were +3.7, +7.8 and + 4.8. And by substitute Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden)? Last season, Vuitton ball precision is more than 68.2%, in the face of red pass under the pressure of the ball precision ratio plunged to 50.8%, ranked 41 in the countdown to the third quarterback. Good at Vuitton in the distance passing, last season in the distance passing score for +11.5, only +0.2 long is not satisfactory, it is only a bad -5.9. If the Vuitton play, coaching should develop more in the long ball tactics. but passing attack protection cowboy this season to do front is not in place, the total pass cover only score ranked twenty-fifth in the league, and given out rushed transmission technology is far less than the competition this week by Vuitton, the cowboy is most likely to increase the running back Murray Demark (Demarco Murray) attack ratio.The official website of NFL | tiger attack coach expect Dalton to play well | football quarterback is now the playoff time in Cincinnati in the past three seasons, the playoff time merely means that the people of Cincinnati can enjoy a week of football, will begin after the 7 month long off-season. however, this year Cincinnati tigers for their offseason will not be like in recent years so early optimism. They have different reasons for each of these emotions. , for attack coordinator Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson), is a trust for his quarterback. He believes that the tiger will win the Indianapolis pony in the next match, and has entered the final week since the 1990 season. His expectation is that the team will go further. I'll see a quarterback that can win, that's what, Jackson said in an interview Monday afternoon. It's time to win. It's the time to win. He also said. We know the taste of the loss. Let's try the taste of the winner. when the tigers last won the playoffs, the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) was only a 3 year old. Even the patient Jackson, the offensive coordinator, who could get the opportunity to get the main coach a few years later, was just starting his career. In January 1991 when he was working in the California State University, California State University Fullerton young coach a green hand. made Jackson confident that Dalton would play well in the next game because the quarterback understood his role in the tigers attack team. The tigers' attack system relied on the punching ball in the last few weeks, relieving Dalton's enormous pressure on his shoulders. The tigers have more than 100 yards in 6 games in the last 7 games. In 2 of them, their number of punched balls was more than 200 yards. While attacking the ball, the tigers became a real fault machine in the passing of the ball, and Dalton had 4 passes in the last 3 games. In 17-27 minutes against Pittsburgh Steelers game, ACE Green (A.J. Green A.J. and took off the ball) be inopportune or inappropriate for the team made the first offensive one after the ball, this should be able to sustain the momentum of the tiger. still believed in his quarterback other than Jackson's vowed to solve. Andy - Dalton is an excellent quarterback with a bright future, Jackson said. I know he was a lot of criticism, I also know that when things go wrong and he will be under great pressure. He should also be under pressure. He served as a quarterback. He knew that, and he knew it. We understand that the players in this position have to do well to let us win these games. He's going to have a good performance. when the playoffs are discussed naturally 〉The official website of the Seattle Seahawks NFL | trading to the New York jets football | HARVIN New York jets have not yet given up their season. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the jet to a change according to the conditions of medium picks (ESPN message for the two round to the four round between the Seattle Seahawks) traded wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin). Fawkes sports reporter Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) first reported the deal, two teams have not yet officially announced the news, but CBS reporter later confirmed that Halven had been informed that it would be traded. Rapoport on twitter that the Seahawks these last few weeks have been rumors in the transaction seeking HARVIN, while the NFL website reporter Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) on twitter said HARVIN's temper is one of the reasons leading to his being traded. was a shocking news for the players for the two teams. In , the Seahawks spent a lot of time in the offseason to change their tactics to maximize the manual as a catcher and HARVIN unique gifts from the back ball attack. But his performance in the 2014 season was not satisfactory, half of his 22 ball held from the open ball line. He received 6 yards of data every time he received the ball, which was the lowest NFL in the hands of at least 5 hits. However, HARVIN brings real talents to the offensive team of the jets, and he could have proven themselves excellent offensive ability of wide receiver Eric Dirk (Eric Decker) to assume the responsibility of the attack. The Seahawks before the start of last season with a round of shows and two low ranking draft from the Minnesota Vikings to deal after they only saw HARVIN, from jet engines get so surprisingly little return. Brill noted that the next four years, HARVIN's salary will be $41 million 500 thousand (but it is worth noting that Rapoport referred to the end of the season after his salary will no longer contain security income), he stressed that the jets general manager John ezroch (John Idzik) is willing to take a lot of space in the team's salary cap HARVIN to take a gamble but, in the Seahawks abandon him before the 2 season he only played 6 regular season games.

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