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The official website of NFL | Seahawks quarterback Boykin bench was sentenced to probation for a year due to arrest | football Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) arrested for misdemeanor charges not incident in the defense in the last year. As part of the plea agreement, was sentenced to a year of probation, during which he had to take a course in alcohol and anger management. In addition, he was asked to pay a fine of $1500, to submit a letter of apology to his officer to arrest him and to complete a 80 hour community service. Boykin was arrested in the morning of December 31st last year, and he was accused of beating a patrol and involved in a bar fight. He paid $5000 bail and was released on the same day. Before reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor, Boykin was in the face of a possibility of being accused of attacking public officials, a three - level accusation. after being caught, he could not attend due to violation of team rules in the Alamo bowl of Dezhou Christian university. He was not selected in the draft in April this year, he was subsequently signed by the Seattle seahawks.tipper June 17th news the New Orleans saints' attack team got bad news at the end of the mini training camp. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the saints left Jiefeng Armstead (Terron Armstead) - Trent will accept the surgical treatment of shoulde cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r labrum tear on Monday. Rapoport said on Wednesday the Armstead injured in training and accept the examination on Thursday, confirming the shoulder labrum tear. The recovery time of is expected to take 4 Armstead to 6 months, which he may be at the end of the October to December return. the news is a heavy blow for the saints, center Max Unger (Max Unger) has accepted the foot surgery in the offseason. Since the in the third round in 2013 was selected since the saints show great potential armstead. His offseason with the saints in 5 years last year signed a $65 million 250 thousand contract. He missed 9 games in the last season. The Armstead injuries could keep the first round of this year's show Ryan Lem Cheik (Ryan Ramczyk) or veteran Barnes Reeve substitute (Khalif Barnes card) at the start of the new season in the starting lineup. The saints would have left guard Andrews Pitt (Andrus Peat) as Zuo Jiefeng.Kobe's jersey retire. This is one of the most important things for the Lakers this year. The audience's expectations for the half-time is much higher than the match itself. Not easy to look forward to the end of the half game, at this time, the whole scene rounded the voice of Kobe and MVP, Kobe's retiring ceremony is also officially opened! first, a set of animations was played on the scene. This is an animated comic Kobe in a letter to basketball to write, is all about basketball playing since Kobe experience. When we look at this animation, the tears are about to collapse. The scene of the scene and the people are afraid to miss any of the scenes and any of the words. After , Kobe entered and stood at the center of the court. The Lakers took the lead in the "magician" Johnson speech. The magician said in the first sentence that Kobe was the best player in the history of the Lakers, placing Kobe in a higher position than he was. Then it began to count the brilliance of Kobe's career. Two robes, 5 champions, 81 points, 20 years, and the last one and 60 points! After the magician finished, Lakers boss Jeanne bass came on the stage to thank Kobe's two jerseys, which has contributed to the Lakers and the Losangeles city in the past twenty years. With his whole body injury, he had been playing for twenty years and had a chance to go to other teams to create more brilliance, but Kobe chose to stay in the Lakers. The next step is Jersey, 8 No. 24 and No. two shirt up, the scene also sounded the voice of MVP. Then Mr Kobe, the first is a modest, salute before retired Jersey Lakers legend. When Kobe said that everything in his career was for the fans, the live and live fans really had to tear down. finally Kobe said an unknown thing. Last year, the war of retirement, originally Kobe was very nervous. But his wife Vanessa the day before the match, finishing a lot of legend and active players evaluation Kobe, Kobe realized that he should be the Ares like Black Mamba, so Kobe only played the last 60 minutes of battle performance! The scene is also given to Vanessa mother and daughter, very warm! finally Kobe said the manba out, and the Kobe shirt was officially retired. Later Kobe also called his wife and children together to take a photo. Kobe's basketball career is completely over, but Kobe's life is long, and wishes Kobe and his family to live a happy life in the future! read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the InternetThe official website of NFL | ends fully suppress the Seahawks easily abuse | Rugby bear home court Beijing time on August 23rd, the 2014 season NFL season for third weeks, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks by virtue of the strength and the devil home court advantage, to visit the Chicago bears down 34-6. both sides played the main force in the first half, though they were only pre-season games, but the defending champions didn't let go. They opened the first offensive, and finished the 7 yard touchdown to Sean by Marshawn Lynch. Headed quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Werwilson pass with running, make flexible use of the bears defense impossible to guard against the game he made, a total of 202 yards forward, 2 touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdowns, led the offensive group a stride forward singing militant songs. The defense team also effectively suppressed the bear's counterattack by 2 escapement. The offensive group bears are not willing to be zero closure, Brandon - Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Arshin Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) in the Seahawks have tight detonation Legion called defensive line under 8 times still struggling to take the ball on the best combination of receivers. In the first half of the last moment, the bears once through the proximal frontal matru Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) to catch quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) of the long distance passing advance to the Seahawks 1 yard line before the end. But the Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Ryan (Jeremy Lane) after Cutler steals the ball, let the bears work not completed. At the end of the first half, the Seahawks have made 31-0 big score advantage. The second half of was on the bench. Hai Ying came four vezha Jackson Wallis (Travis Jackson) and Puyol (Terrell Pryor) - Terrell is clearly less than two people Wilson skill, a total of only 65 yards passing forward and 1 interceptions, Hai Ying in the second half will only get 3 points. The score behind the bears is uninterested in noise, the Seahawks fans home court, the bears offensive team the game had appeared 6 times before the kick-off of the offensive foul, tactical communication problems often arise. It was not until the fourth quarter that the kicker Robbie - Gould (Robbie Gould) hit 2 free - balls to save the face. The game finally ended in 34-6, the Seahawks team achieved a victory home court.

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