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The Green Bay Packers recently made a decision: the promotion of Eliot Wolf (Eliot Wolf) as the director of the personnel department. 32 year old Eliot Wolf is a former packers general manager Ron - Wolf (Ron Wolf) son, Wolf joined the Green Bay Packers on 2004 by the Ministry of personnel assistant, his ability is widely recognized, is a popular candidate for the future manager of NFL. The packers renewed their last summer's Todd Thompson Ted Thompson until 2019, so if little Wolf wanted to be the next general manager of the packers, he would have to wait for more than 4 years without accident. At present, little Wolf with the Ministry of personnel, executive officer Alonzo Highsmith (Alonzo Highsmith) and college scout Blaine (Brian Gutekunst) with paleo Kangsite as senior assistant Thompson.Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) has reached a long-term contract with Washington red skin in a few days, but from the current situation, he may need to fight for another season under the privilege tag. according to the news cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , there are obvious signs that a long-term contract will not be reached, and both sides are not surprised at the result. Cousins's income in the 2016 season is close to $20 million, and if he continues to compete under the privileged label in the new season, his income will be up to $24 million. according to a former Redskins player said, seems to be cousins I am not willing to sign a long-term contract, this again and earlier news, cousins and their own hope Shanahan offensive coach Kell (Kyle Shanahan) together with the campaign, that is to say next season as a free agent, he it is possible to San Francisco 49 people.The official website of NFL | kousky Co. on Wednesday to participate in training | Gelon Rugby in the new England patriots in the local time Wednesday's training, the team nearly end rob kousky (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon Co. to participate in training, because of his knee injury is still. G Ron Kowski has not been affected by injuries since fourteenth weeks. He was absent in twelfth weeks because of a knee injury. a day ago, he did not take part in the team's training on Tuesday local time. Relevant personage thinks, although Gelon Sikorski may not participate in the full training this week, but not surprisingly he still will play in this week with the Kansas City Chiefs game. Quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) an ankle injury, but complete training. other injury limited training players include: Chandler - Jones (Chandler Jones), Danny Oman (Danny Amendola), Dora Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), Scott Chandler (Scott Chandler), Tangta - (Dont 'a Hightower Hightower), rob Ninkovic (Rob Ninkovich), Sebastian - Vollmer (Sebastian Vollmer).Water polo | swimming training center of Yantai City Sports Park Swimming and diving hall foreign business hours: at 9:00 a.m. every morning. urban residents take 23, 52, 10, 17 bus to the sports park station to get off. Yantai swimming diving hall brief introduction Swimming and diving hall in Yantai city membership swimming training center in Yantai City, is part of a key project of Yantai municipal government in 11th Five-Year to plan the Yantai sports park project, sports park is the only large comprehensive sports facilities, is the city's landmark buildings, the whole project officially completed in December 2006. Yantai swimming and diving hall a total construction area of 32188 square meters, divided into training game area, office area, living Rest Area, entertainment fitness area and teaching area, is a set of teaching, training, competition, accommodation, fitness as one of the Asian first-class sports facilities, swimming venues, can undertake the above national level swimming training and competition. It has successfully hosted the swimming competition of the twenty-first games in Shandong province. Every link runs normally, Yantai swimming and diving hall is the only standard 50m in our city, 25m competition pool, 25m, 21m diving platform and 16m, 50m training pool and all kinds of auxiliary facilities training and competition hall, which are all first-class from design style and function. Yantai swimming diver head: Kong Fankui contact phone: Sports Park panoramic Yantai sports park is one of the key projects of Yantai municipal government in 11th Five-Year, which is the only large-scale comprehensive sports facility in Yantai. It is also a landmark building in our city. The whole project was officially completed in December 200. Yantai swimming and diving hall is one of the most important stadiums, sports park is located in the northeast, north of the tourist road. The scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh. It is a holy place for sightseeing. Urban residents take 23, 52, 10, 17 bus to the sports park station to get off. swimming diving hall competition hall competition hall. The standard swimming pool and 25m with 25m, 50m deep water 2m, and the standard diving pool of 21m deep water 13m can undertake more than the national level swimming and diving competitions, which is the only well-equipped and functional swimming in Shandong province.

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