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The official website of NFL, the Carolina Panthers will perform external fifth years contract option, this Benjamin football nest The Carolina Panther will carry out the fifth year contract option for the Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin). The unsurprising decision of will give the Panther a $8 million pay for Benjamin in 2018. For Benjamin, this will give him a lot of salary increase. In 2017, his salary is less than 2 million 500 thousand dollars, and 8 million dollars is also lower than the league's average value for the top team player. in his rookie season finished 73 catches for 1008 yards and 9 touchdowns, Benjamin due to his ACL missed the second season. In the last season after his performance is not stable, the completion of the 63 ball 941 yards and 7 touchdowns. - Newton (Cam panther to Kham Newton) in the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping future transition to pass in the protection of network and the quarterback, the tall Benjamin can certainly help Newton. Without a complete injury during the off-season should be able to help Benjamin at the start of training camp to keep in shape and strengthen the understanding for offensive tactics. if Benjamin can cash in on his ability in the new season, his contract in 2018 will make the Panther a big cheapo. , of course, Benjamin can't improve if Newton can't keep fit. Although Newton will undergo a shoulder operation a few days later, the Panther expects him to be ready to attend the training camp. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The Arizona Cardinals running back Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) had a chance to become a contender this season "stage a Comeback Player" award, but injuries or will become the key factors hinder his progress. In this week's match, Johnson has a tibial fracture, and the team is still unable to estimate when he will return. this season, Johnson seems to be back to the top. In terms of technical statistics, if he can perform a whole season with such a performance, he will be expected to advance more than 1200 yards. It is worth mentioning that, in October, Johnson the ball size up to 5.9 yards, the figure in November dropped to 3 yards. Because of his age and stature, Johnson was unable to help the team in a short distance. with Johnson injury, after the Cardinals task will be handed back to Andrea - Ellington (Andre Ellington) and rookie David Johnson (David Johnson). David Johnson is expected to take more responsibility in the days of Chris Johnson's absence because of the poor performance of Ellington's injuries this season.The official website of NFL | pirates took over after drinking outside the wedding locked | Football Museum NFL's rest season will happen all the time. last weekend, the Jaguar runner in Jacksonville fell to the pool after falling asleep on the wheel. The Louis Murphy of Tampa Bay pirate took part in the museum after attending the friend's wedding ceremony in Lewis. learned that Murphy had taken part in the wedding of his college teammates and drank a lot of wine. After that, he woke up in the local museum yard. He had to break the window to attract the attention of the police in order to get out of the locked Museum. Murphy himself said, "this is unfortunate. No one was there for me. My only option was to break the window and get the phone for help. Now I am working for the museum to make sure everything is not broken by me. The good news is that Murphy was not prosecuted and not involved in the crime. Murphy as a 7 year career veteran, spent two seasons in the pirates, completed 41 passes and 2 touchdown, he was selected in the fourth round of 2009 by Oakland Raiders.The back neckline and a shirt under the small flag of Canada, stressed that the Vancouver whitecaps is a Canadian club. shirt cuffs also decorated with eye-catching sleeves emblazoned with navy blue, navy blue and white Club exclusive and blue tricolor alliance armband. Jersey side under the words "SINCE 1974" records of the first Vancouver whitecaps team set up the year, the expression of the teams and the Vancouver football history.

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