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in the first week of the game, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) a passing target 5 times, only the ball 1 times, 8 yards. The cowboy fans are naturally anxious about the performance of the star, but the four - point defense Prescott (Dak Prescott) doesn't worry about that. "We're going to finish the connection," said in an interview with Prescott on Wednesday local time. I will pass the ball to a better position and he will finish the ball. " In two people try to pass a long connection, Prescott's pass off target, so that Bryant could not complete the ball. Although had a slight match with the star, Prescott had a tacit agreement with the other players. Jason Witten (Jason Witten) 9 receptions for 66 yards, Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) 8 catches for 65 yards. Prescott stressed that he wanted to be able to let Bryant into the offensive, but will not be reluctant to pass the ball to him.Newton followed for five touchdown performance win unbeaten to the giant Panther , the Carolina Panther who has won the whole season so far this season, is still challenging the New York giants who are struggling for the playoffs. The game does not start to rely primarily on quarterback cam beyond all expectations, the Panther - Newton (Cam Newton) pass to receivers (Ted Ginn) - ted gold completed a touchdown. The giant in the next attack to tie the score: quarterback Eli Manning cross found wide receiver Reuben Randall (Rue cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ben Randle) completed a touchdown. But the match went into the tempo of the Panther. In the second quarter, the Black Panther first attacked the ball in the half court by grabbing the ball to attack the group. Newton and the near end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) then completed the 37 yard pass. At the end of the half finished Newton third touchdowns, this time he passes to take over German - Feng (Devin Funchess) chase completed 14 yard touchdown. In the second half, Newton finished 2 passes again in half a quarter, one time to Cory Brown (Corey Brown) and once again to Ted king. At this time the Panther is 35-7, and it looks like the game has entered the garbage time. But I did not expect the giant to blow the horn of the counter attack at this time. In the subsequent attack, Manning passed the ball to the near end winger Will Tye. The fourth section of the beginning of the giant run guard Rashard Jennings (Rashad Jennings) flush the ball 38 yards to complete the array. In the fourth quarter, half a half, the Black Panther kicked the ball, the giant grabbed the ball in the Black Panther red area. They didn't waste opportunities. Manning passed the ball to find Sean Shane (Flynn Vereen) to complete the touchdown. After successfully preventing the attack of the black panther, the giant tried to equate the score, and their efforts took over Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham)'s 14 yards catch up successfully. The giant equalised the score miraculously. But it left 1 minutes and 46 seconds for the Panther's attack team to advance to a free kick. After a lot of inaction, they got back to the giant's 25 - yard line and eventually hit a free kick shot at the end of the time. The Panther won the 38-35 victory over the giant and won 14 consecutive wins. Newton in the game 45 of 25 passes successfully gained 340 yards and 5 touchdowns and 100 yards. cousins heroics defeated Bill in the east of red leadThe two teams of met each other in the playoffs, but the red skin of Washington DC, led by Kirk Cousins Kirk, is obviously more in shape. They took a 21-0 lead in the first half. In the first three offense of the team, koxings passed twice to find Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed) and completed the 1 time 13 yards. In the second half Bill by scoring the kick in the first wave of the attack, but then the cousins found outside the pass over dechow 〉The official website of NFL | sixteenth week Saturday night race Red Eagle | football @ as the 15-16 season of the season is about to fall to the curtain, the playoff seats have also been bright. But the NL east still maintained a love to kill, the season second and last Saturday night race in the East civil war again, behind in the East, top of the Washington Redskins will travel to Philadelphia to challenge Philadelphia eagles. 6 wins and 8 losses in two after winning the Philadelphia hawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals strong home court last week. Although the record slightly behind the red, but as long as the rest of the game to win, so they still retain the country may qualify as. So the game of red skin at home will be very important. The two teams had a fight last season. Sam Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) played the best season's performance. They had 270 yards and 3 passes. The big Sam didn't have been cut off this season, but not much. I believe this time, he can bring more surprises at home. The key attack depends largely on the joint display three running backs: Murray DeMarco (DeMarco Murray), Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews), Darren J Powers (Darren Sproles) three people is very important. The eagles defense group of young although there is often dazzling play this year, but if you want to qualify for the playoffs even go further, they will remain stable in the next game, waiting for them is doomed eternally. 7 win 7 negative Washington red skin, quietly climbed the top of the east of the country. When the giant was tortured by the Olympic year's curse, the red skin took two consecutive wins and got the priority of the eastern line. After completely replace RG3, cousin Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) had a relatively good season in last week's home court game at Bill, cousins who won the team all the touchdown: not only came 319 yards and 4 touchdowns record, but also own red ball under a touchdown, to form the most perfect performance this year, announced the upcoming Red Crowned again in the East championship. In the absence of DeShawn Jackson day, near end Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed) has become the most dependent on the red red area of weapons, up to now the ball, the ball Reed yards touchdown number was up to the team. In DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) after the return from injury, with strange known receivers and brought many classic shows, for example, when the last time the Cowboys against the performance of self. But the most frightening thing about Jackson is the depth of his threat. If red skin wants to take a victory in Philadelphia, then he must try to help the team.The official website of NFL | Lebron said firmly support | Mansel Rugby Ohio super sports star Lebron James (LeBron James) publicly expressed support for her friend, Jonny quarterback Brown Manzel (Johnny Manziel) of Cleveland Brown. Manzel was abstinence treatment last Wednesday. In addition to supporting Manzel, 's marketing company also helps Manzel to promote positively. They have recently selected Manzel to restore treatment, and marketing has become a major event in Cleveland area. Lebron said: "I do not communicate with him, when I saw the news about your time, if a person in need of help, so his friends will stand up, I hope he will be better, including his family and friends, we all wish him better. Lebron and Manzel often interact with each other through social platforms, with a profound friendship.

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