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The official website of NFL | week fifth Thursday night game preview: @ Dezhou rugby | pony in regular season is over 1/4, for the top places for partition and wild card has gradually warmed up for a top two division civil war is even more so. This Thursday night race will be the civil war in the southern area of the United States, which is in the most depressed season. Dezhou people (1-3) face the only two pony in the NRG stadium now (2-2). 's maximum view: the performance of Andrew - AndrewLuck (AndrewLuck) since the 2012 season in the league, every year have significant progress, however, the downturn at the beginning of this year to play a little so unexpected, failure of a surge, due to injury is hanging mianzhanpai. After two weeks of recuperation, though still unable to participate in all of the training, but the forecast will start the debut. Whether it is a temporary downturn in the trouble of injury or a career development bottleneck, the Dezhou people of the same zone are a good touchstone. German offensive team vs pony defense group called the Patriot two team, coach and assistant, there are a lot of players in the Patriot force background, two quarterbacks more is the former Brady bench, just Marlott and Heuer two is far less than the. Malotle 4 games (3 starts) 720 yards 3 touchdowns but each had 1 interceptions, try to pass code only 5 yards out. In addition to Andre Johnson to become the number one foreign succession took de Andre Hopki (31 - 409 yards and 3 touchdowns last week, 22 times as a pass, reliable target) passing target only two members over lieutenant Shorts and Washington (the contribution of 200 yards out). The ground offensive in the Ariane - Forster just Comeback (8 rushing 10 yards off the ball) case, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Bruce Polk the Rimes group of three people in the middle reaches of the league is not unexpected, and this will undoubtedly bear the main work with Forster, I hope he can recover at number one twice awarded the state. The same comeback in the last round of the all star left Jiefeng Duane Brown, on his return to the team to find the line dinghaishenzhen. pony defense offseason signing more veteran but no significant results, several main data is about 25. The overall impact was relatively average, and 5 players were captured 1 times each. Veteran Longford and two young teenager Parry, Henry Anderson - defensive front to prevent running, rushed pass hand except during Manning's locker room There remained but a single one. leader Robert Mathis, another first for many years and the effectiveness of Walden Trent Cole has repeatedly put pressure on but still no sacks record. On the interior side, Jay Freeman was unable to fight in a groin injury last week, and the 47 - time grappling veteran, De Kui Jackson, will shoulder greater responsibility. The defensive line, among the alliance first-class cornerback Feng tower - Davies and Butler, and the first partner Daliusi - 〉The official website of NFL | [five] thematic planning inventory NFL proximal front | Rugby today, Viking's close - end Kell Rudolf has renewed a five - year big contract worth $36 million 500 thousand with the team. Not long ago, the all star near end Jimmy Graham signed a super contract with a value of 40 million dollars over the past four years with the old club New Orleans saints, which has become the highest paid proximal end of the league. With the high number of contracts, more and more catching times and pushing codes, we can easily find that near front ends have attracted more and more attention in recent years, both at tactical level and fans level. Now, we'll take a look at the best 5 near - end fronts in the current NFL alliance. [what is the near end front? ] [5] - Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) - Denver Broncos Julius - Thomas is the Denver Broncos biggest discovery last season, the 2011 was selected in the fourth round of the players in the occupation career three years ago has been unknown to the public, until last season, he finished a large outbreak in the wild. The 65 shot, helping the team to push the 788 yards and completing the 12 array, is a report card sent by the Thomas regular season. In the wild horse attack team outside the stars, Thomas won the trust of the coaching team with his stable and efficient performance and became one of the important passing choices of Payton Manning. We have reason to believe that the player who has just passed his 25 birthday is heading for his own peak. [4] Jason - Leiden (Jason Witten) - Dallas cowboys 9 selected the 6 occupation bowl, selected the best line-up, tight end ball single season record holder, tight end single game record, the Cowboys catch history times, single game ball number holder, this series of honor, all belong to the Dallas Cowboys all star tight end - Jason - Leiden. In his 12 year career, Leiden became one of the greatest near - end fronts in NFL history. Though the impact of Leiden on the defensive team has been decreasing gradually over the past two years as the age increases, he will take advantage of his experience to win more yards for the team. In the 2013 season, he is still able to get 8 teams for the team. In the coming season, Leiden will still be the starting point of the cowboys. The 33 year old Leiden is moving towards the hall of fame step by step. 〉aside from political factors and national emotions, since the 90s of last century, the rapid development of Japanese football has been a model for Chinese football learning. The Jersey game player, with Swiss Design of the Japanese National Team Jersey has been a "special" existence. For the first time in the World Cup finals in 1998, Adidas has been a classic for every World Cup Jersey for Japan's Japanese national team. When the blue warrior is on the stage for the sixth time in the World Cup finals, Adidas has prepared a new home jersey for the Japanese national team named "Sheng se". It is hoped that the new robe that shows the traditional Japanese culture and the desire for victory can inspire the blue warriors to show their best performance in the Russian World Cup. The "new appreciation" in this period is with you to enjoy the 2018 home player version of the Adidas Japan national team. Here is a special thanks to YOYO football equipment to provide product filming. appearance: Compared with other from the history of the classic Adidas Jersey national team jersey, the new Adidas home court Jersey as "Blue Samurai" of the Japanese national team design does not continue from the classic shirt body based ideas, but will melt in the traditional Japanese culture. Unlike the previous Japanese national team jerseys, the New Jersey used the "Indigo" color appearance, compared with the previous Japanese national team's home jerseys, the New Jersey is more low-key tradition. The player's jersey uses a more body - oriented trim, so the size will be smaller than the fan version. However, as the domestic sale version uses a large size of European code, it can be purchased in accordance with the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of the size of your own day.when it comes to Michael Vick (Michael Vick) people will have a variety of topics, but there is no doubt that he is on foot to hot wheels". After the Randall Cunningham (Randall Cunningham) in 2011, he has been in the NFL's quarterback for three years. and on Sunday with the New York jets 20 to 13 victory over Pittsburgh Steelers game, Vick again reached a new milepost: he became the first occupation career to punch the ball more than 6000 yards. NFL in the Vic to punch the ball player rankings ranked 83, Calvin - Hill (Calvin Hill) and Cedric Benson (Cedric Benson), if he continues to serve as the jets starting quarterback, and at the end of the season up to 75 according to the current momentum in Sunday's game he rushed the ball 8 scored 39 yards. Vic once brought his play to change the NFL tactics into the league and reminded us of what was the purest football. And if the Vic had failed to get out from the shadow of dogfighting, he will continue his offense? Can he continue to keep the momentum that he had shown up in the Atlanta falcons? We will never know. Of course, the current reality is that after the renewal of the alliance, he is still active on the field, and enough for us to see his talent. and the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm is most active has a chance to catch up with vic. After three seasons, Newton scored 2289 yards before the first night of this season, enough to make him ranked twentieth in the quarterback, ranking between Mark Brunel (Mark Brunell) and Roger Strbac (Roger Staubach).

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