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Tennessee Titan has agreed to sign this year's top draft to Losangeles rams. 's amazing deal changed the show's players and was almost sure that the goats could be picked up to their next first quarterback. Titan has been compensated for a lot of talent. On the other hand, the goats have paid a huge price to complete the biggest spans in the history, and they jumped from fifteenth to first. Titan has been awarded the first round pick of the draft of this year's draft. The two second round pick of the draft this year (forty-third and forty-fifth CBITS), the third round draft pick of the draft this year (seventy-sixth CIS), the first round draft and third round draft of next year's draft. won the fourth round draft and sixth round of the draft in this year's draft.The official website of NFL | crow tried to trade the two round last year show | football linebacker Baltimore ha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s put the two round of the 2013 crow show Arthur - Brown (Arthur Brown) into the transaction list. The NFL official at NFL - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said the crow was willing to trade the line on Tuesday, according to a source of information. But they haven't negotiated with any team yet. Brown has obviously lost the trust of the crow coaching team. The former Kansas State University star players this summer in the starting position in the competition for the rookie Mosley C.J. (C.J. Mosley) on Sunday, and lost to the Cincinnati tigers game debut. According to professional football ProFootballFocus, Brown played 14 games in the rookie season, but only played 211 defense. He got 15 grappling, 0.5 escapement and 1 to force the ball out of the year. In recent years, the general manager of Oce Crow - Niusenmu (Ozzie Newsome) because of the selection of the player's vision should be praised. But in the selection of the total fifty-sixth ranking players only after 17 months to move him, this can be regarded as he makes mistakes. We expect the crow to get much back in trading the young player who has no position in the squad.The official website of NFL, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback in football for continuing to seek future wo The is also clear that Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) of the occupation career deadline is approaching. According to the general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) said, Palmer also intends to guide a young quarterback growth, so in the end of his career Palmer, seeking a successor is very necessary. therefore, the Cardinals also started to pick in this draft talent. They have recently been closely related to the quarterback Patrick Ma Holmes (Patrick Mahomes) of the Dezhou Polytechnic University, and may also be in contact with other quarterback. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said: there are five or six outstanding people arm this draft. We need to find out the quarterback, and we have to see if there is any potential, but a person who has been dragged behind by the attack group. in the past ten years, the cardinals in let veteran quarterback (Palmer, Kurt Warner) rejuvenated do good, but not enough rookie eyes (Matt rainert - [Matt Leinart] - [John Skelton], John Skelton, Ryan Lindelei [Ryan Lindley], Logan Thomas [Logan Thomas]), the transaction level is not ye (Kevin Cobb [Kevin Kolb]). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.[Photo] | bowling Thirteenth International Bowling Tournament classic old strong series of reports (one) opening of the thirteenth international classic open bowling match March 28th, the Thirteenth International Bowling Tournament in the classic old Zhuang the island of Taiwan New Taipei city's bowling alley in the grand opening, from China, the United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, Poland, Japan, Guam, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other 14 countries and regions. More than 240 bowlers attended the opening ceremony. 36 elderly bowling partners in Beijing, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Hubei, Nanjing and Guangzhou will participate in the men's and women's individual competitions, double matches and team matches. The top 20 men's all-round achievements and the top 20 women's all-around players will also conduct individual elite competitions. The competition will end in April 1st. Chinese athlete Beijing Heilongjiang Yunnan Hubei Nanjing Guangzhou entrance

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