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The official website of NFL | Vernon - Davies: get rid of the ball for | football Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) took off in the last two weeks of the game of the Denver wild horse. This week they will play against the tiger in Cincinnati. Davies believes he can get out of the downturn: I will be responsible for my disengagement, but I am more concerned about my progress, rather than being disturbed by the outside world. in last week's match, Davies missed a key catch, making the team lose the chance to get the first. Two weeks ago, 4 minutes left in the game, he lost his hand when the team tried the 4 shift, and the Mustang missed the chance to try the shot. In an interview, Davies admitted that it was not easy to learn the attack of a wild horse. Davies says: it's difficult. When you try new th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ings, you always have some obstacles. But the best players always go on. In the 7 games after he joined the wild horse, Davies had only received 20 times, advancing 201 yards and failed. In this stage, Erwin - Daniels (Owen Daniels) the ball 23 times for 303 yards, 1 touchdowns to that.Atlanta falcons receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) has just experienced a fantastic week, he finished 11 in the ball and the Green Bay Packers game, with 259 yards with 1 touchdowns. Despite the outbreak of personal data, the final result of the game is very disappointing for Jones and the team: the falcons lost the game, and Jones also had a hip injury in a confrontation. news show that Jones's injury is more serious than imagined, he is likely to miss this week with the Pittsburgh Steelers game. The coach Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) said: "the game is very antagonistic, and the players are trying to make use of their bodies. Not only Jones, William - Moore (William Moore) and some other players were all feeling the pain this morning. We are not sure how much impact their injuries will have, and we hope to catch up with the next game. talked about the team's training schedule this week, and Smith also said he could not get out an exact plan for the time being. The falcons will make appropriate changes to this week's training plan based on the player's physical condition and injuries. At the moment, they still have the opportunity to join the playoffs as a division champion, and the team hopes to finish the remaining 3 weeks with the most complete lineup.Even the whole network equipment Adidas football goalkeeper gloves series will return after the series Predator, usher in a new member. as Adidas Skystalker part Pack Skywalker set new Predator 18 Pro gloves will be launched in early December 2017. The proposed retail price is $140, flat with the current ACE series.The official website of NFL | Brice Brown: "I'm looking forward to playing football |" is really hard for Bill fans to understand why C.J. C.J. (Peeler Spiller) only played the 12 in the 69 attack of the team on Sunday's defeat to the new England patriots. Although he was not the only runner in Buffalo, we could not figure out why he could not be more involved in the attack. After traded with a hawk through a four round of pick up deal to Brice Brown (Bryce Brown), the three grade runner was not playing in six games because of her health problems. I'm looking forward to playing. I really want to play now. Brown said on Thursday that I want to go on to play after the preseason, but I don't want to play and leave. I don't want to do that. Brown played 4.6 yards in the 32 match of the hawk, but Bill coach Doug Malone (Doug Marrone) didn't want to use him. He told reporters that he had been here for a while, and I didn't consider him. The general performance of in the secret service group led to Brown's idle time, but the performance of Peeler and Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) also made him do not seem to have much time to play. Back in August, a report at that time pointed out that Brown was like a one, and it did look the same as he was now. There is a trade rumor that Peeler is going to be a free player, and Brown will soon be able to build.

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